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Finding Stealth Elf (Roller Brawl's Part) Empty Finding Stealth Elf (Roller Brawl's Part)

on Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:32 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/finding-stealth-elf-t1505.html#p22146766

Show: CD RP [4/1/2015]

OOC: Off camera still.

It was some time later as a swat team van pulls up to an old multi-story building. They get out as they each get ready. Among them was Michael Jensen and Roller Brawl. Both wearing bullet proof vests. Roller Brawl even had her helmet but no skates as they wouldn't let her bring them.

-Swat Leader-
"Now remember, you do as we say. You stay behind with the group and do not move forward unless we give the all clear. Understood?"

-Roller Brawl-
"Yes sir."

-Swat Leader-
"Good, now let's move."

So the swat team takes positions at the entrance. After finding the door was open they headed in, followed by Roller Brawl and Jensen. The group begins their tour of the place, but it has a run-down look to it. Even red stains in places. Roller Brawl stayed with the group and such as they proceeded on. Everyone extra cautious as they continued. Giving all clears after each room was searched. Finally, the first floor was all cleared.

-Swat Leader-
"looks like were moving up."

Jensen nods so they check the elevator... only to find it a-jarred and some remains of flattened individual in the elevator shaft. Apparently not all of it was cleaned up.

-Michael Jensen-
"The elevator must be on another floor. We'll have to take the stares."

They nod as they locate the stairwell. They head up, cautiously as always until they notice, a note on the door to the floor. It read: Not this one.

The swat team looked at it and glanced back to Jensen. Jensen shrugged.

-Michael Jensen-
"He's still doing his tricks again. So it's possible she's not on this floor and it'll lead to some booby trap. Or he's playing with us and she's there."

The Swat leader nodded.

-Swat Leader-
"Let's check the other floors first. If you're right he may have a note to which floor she's on."

Jensen nodded so they proceeded upwards. Roller Brawl was still trying to figure out what kind of man this guy was who'd go through all this trouble, to play mind games. But that didn’t matter right now. There was an ankcious feeling in her stomach and she hoped they found Maya, and not what was left of her like in the elevator shaft.

So they moved on till they reached the next floor. Once again there was a Note: "You're getting warmer".

-Michael Jensen-
"We'd best check all the floors entry ways first."

-Roller Brawl-
"What if time is of the essence?"

Jensen looked to her knowing she was worried.

-Michael Jensen-
"Don't worry we'll find her. Besides, this way will be faster, since we don't know exactly which of these floors she's on."

Roller Brawl nodded as they proceeded upward once again. The next floor landing had a note that said "You're getting warmer." They just proceeded onward until they reached the next floor. It was the second from the top floor. This floor had another note saying "Jack-pot"

Jensen looks to the swat leader as he nods. They might as well check this floor. So they got a safe distance in case of a trap and they opened the door. As it opened into a very large training facility. Though it was broken and warn out. The ring was intact but multiple patches could be seen. Seems the only light that was currently on was that, that hung over the ring. Yet, inside the ring was a single figure, laying in what looked to be a pool of blood. The figure was green.

-Roller Brawl-

Roller Brawl yelped as she tried to run to her. She was scared out of her mind not knowing if she was dead. Yet, she was held back by the Swat team.

-Swat Leader-
"Wait till we clear the room."

Roller Brawl didn't want to wait. She had to get to her sister. But Jensen laid a comforting hand on Roller Brawl's shoulder as it helped her, a little bit to at least not rush over there. So Roller Brawl watched as the swat team cleared the room. Making sure no traps or even someone with a loaded weapon ready to shoot. Finally, they moved to the body in the ring. He checked for a pulse. Roller Brawl's heart probably froze as she waited with fear, hoping that she was still alive. The swat member seemed to nod as Roller Brawl took it as a good sign. The swat member then double checked for any short of trap where the body laid before holding up his hand.

-Swat Member-

Roller Brawl took that as a whistle going off as she quickly ran over to where the figure on the floor was. She gasped though at what she saw. It was Stealth Elf but she was badly beaten, even looked like she had been cut on as well.

-Roller Brawl-
"Maya! Maya wake up."

Maya didn't. She just laid there. Roller Brawl looked to the swat member.

-Roller Brawl-
"Why won't she wake up?"

-Swat Member-
"She's barely alive. She needs medical attention right away."

Jensen, who was did something on his phone, nodded.

-Michael Jensen-
"Already done, they'll be here in 10 minutes."

Roller Brawl looked back to Jensen and nods.

So 10 minutes later, the medics arrive and they got Maya on the way to the hospital. Jensen stayed behind for the moment as he looked to the swat team.

-Michael Jensen-
"Tear this place apart. I want to know who this guy is and why he's targeting my family."

-Swat Leader-
"We're on it."

So the swat team got to work as Jensen left heading to the hospital.

[TBC by Stealth Elf]
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