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Kristy and Stealth Elf Vs Android 18 and Mizore Empty Kristy and Stealth Elf Vs Android 18 and Mizore

on Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:24 am
Kristy and Stealth Elf Vs Android 18 and Mizore SBD2015-MDTag

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/mother-daughter-tag-match-t1836.html#p22150774

Show: Summer BreakDown 2015 [9/13/2015]

(Yeah No Kristy Layout so This'll have to do.)

-Scene 1-

A lone figure makes her way through the Jensen Mansion in the middle of the night. This figure would be none other than Kristy Jensen as she's wrapped in a robe to conceal her night clothes from anyone who could be up at this hour, not to mention it did provide a bit extra warmth from the minor cold inside the walls of the Jensen Mansion. Kristy soon reached her destination, which was her study. Once inside she made sure to lock the door before she pauses slightly. She glances down at her trembling hand yet it wasn't from the previously mentioned slight chill. Kristy stares at her hand before clinching it shut to stop the issue. Finally, she turned around as she walked to where her desk sat in the back of the room. She walks over and turns on the desk lap before sitting down in the chair. She hits the power on the desktop computer on the desk. As she waits for it to start the glow illuminates her face as her usual guard had slipped revealing her worry and fear. No one was around and the door was locked so she didn't feel the need to hide behind the mask that so many were accustomed to seeing.

Finally, the computer finished it's booting as Kristy navigated to her recording software as she was set to record yet another entry into the video diary she had been keeping for a long time now. Once it was all set up she hit the record button as she looked into the web cam of the computer.

-Kristy Jensen- "August thirtieth, two thousand fifteen."

Kristy's voice is slightly shaking due to letting her hidden emotions finally show themselves. Her hand again twitched slightly but she paid it no mind at the moment.

-Kristy Jensen- "...I feel as if I'm losing everything close to me."

The somber words echo into her voice. Even her eyes were watering up ever so slightly as she proceeded to speak her words.

-Kristy Jensen- "My husband... He's getting so attached to Phe. I can see it in his eyes. Sure he says that things are going according to plan yet, he keeps on hiding things from me. Things that I don't understand. He won't even let me see Phe at all. Is this part of his plan? I don't know any more."

Kristy sighs as her head drifts downward.

-Kristy Jensen- "We're supposed to be equals in this. Yes I know he's higher up than me but when it comes to things like this, and the Industry, We're supposed to be Co-leaders. So why do I feel like I'm being swept aside? Like I really don't have any authority at times? Does the EWE really know? Or do they just see me as a power hungry boss who's trying to feed off her husband's reputation. Am I just a joke to them? Do I need to prove that I'm serious? That I can do what I say?"

Kristy shook her head as her own questions haunted her. Yet there were just so many of them jumbling around in her brain that it was hard to make since of it all. But she let the notion pass.

-Kristy Jensen- "Why should I let this bother me? I know it's pathetic and I know I'm letting my emotions get the better of me. In fact, I'm probably over exaggerating a lot of it. Justin still seems to know who I am with his commentating and Grace also knows a bit. But I can't let this bother me so much."

Kristy looked at her hands again as one was still shaking, the other was more stable though.

-Kristy Jensen- "Yet I can't get this out of my head. Like how I feel like I'm losing Michael. After all not many know this but what's happening with Phe is so similar to how me and Michael got together."

Kristy glances back up as her memories reminded her of the events.

-Kristy Jensen- "Back then, I was nothing but a project for Michael. It was a simple matter of me gaining his trust so he could continue with the plans he had for me. But during that time, those feelings changed. He grew to abandon those plans as his feelings grew on me. And soon, those old plans were a thing of the past and the rest is history..."

Kristy let's out a deep sigh as her worries took over again.

-Kristy Jensen- "So close to what's happening with Rogue and him now. I can see the signs, his quest isn't changing and I don't know what the outcome will be. Will he leave me for Phe? After all we've been through, we even have kids together... he'll just get up and go."

Kristy couldn't help but cry a moment. Her fears were building with each passing day. Yet she can't bring herself to talk about this with Michael. It just wouldn't work.

-Kristy Jensen- "And that's not all I'm losing. I've been losing Roller Brawl for some time now. I've been trying to be a good mother to her, I've been doing what I think is best yet the more I try the more she seems to regret it. She' being such a rebel and I just can't understand why. Though maybe she's always been that way, I don't exactly have the memories of it."

Kristy looked at her desk where a picture of Roller Brawl and Maya stood next to a full family portrait. Her eyes then shifted to the green skinned one.

-Kristy Jensen- "Then there's Maya.... I, I don't know what I did wrong with her. I've cared for her and shown her a great example with me and Michael, unless maybe she's seeing the signs I have. She could be confused thus latching on to someone she's connected to in the wrong way. Or maybe Mizore really is a bad influence on her. I can't really say I know her all that well, despite how often she's here hanging with Maya."

Kristy suddenly slams her fist on her desk as a rage overtakes her.

-Kristy Jensen- "How dare that girl turn my daughter into a lesbian? But no, I refuse to allow that to happen. Lesbians are the worst things on this planet, just broken girls giving up on what's normal and right for an easy way out and if not that, they're simply no true attachment at all and they just want a way to have sex when there's no boy in the picture. They're discussing individuals."

Kristy looks to the webcam of her computer again her rage only settling slightly.

-Kristy Jensen- "But all will be fixed. After all I have this feeling that Android 18 has found out too. So that's something I can use to my advantage and I've already taken some action on the matter."

Kristy grinned slightly as she recalled what happened. Yet she frowned slightly as her rage began to subside back to her sorrow.

-Kristy Jensen- "I do feel bad about what I did. Causing Maya to accidently hit Mizore with that chair like that. I mean it was all timing so I knew it would happen. But I knew Android 18 was there watching and I knew that she would use it to her advantage to further my cause and get doubt in Mizore. It was wrong, I know, but I will go to whatever it takes to make sure my daughter is over this homosexuality phase then its good. And yes even if it means making sure they stay out of contact."

Kristy sighs again. It was eating her up inside after all she knew they had a bond, a bond of friendship. After all that's why Mizore was the only one who was able to assist Maya when she had panic attacks after being kidnapped. Kristy just believed that Maya has let that bond be twisted to something it was never intended to be. But with all these conflicting emotions Kristy let out a frustrated outburst.

-Kristy Jensen- "I didn't want to have to be the bad guy here, not with my family. But it's being forced into my face. I have to protect them even if they don't realize it. I know it'll hurt them, but they just have to understand. Well, I know they won't now, but in the future, they'll thank me for it."

Kristy felt she did enough as she stopped the recording and saved it to her encrypted cloud files. She sits there a moment as her eyes drifted across the room and fell on an outfit hanging on the wall. It consisted of a blue top with a matching blue skirt and shorts underneath. It was her old wrestling gear and Kristy hung it up there to remind her of the good ol' days. The days when she used to wrestle. Or was mentally fine to wrestle. But now it served as a reminder to what was coming up. And her resolve to fixing her daughter's problem.

-Kristy Jensen- "... Whatever it takes."

It was a bright sun shiny day, which meant that it was time for some outside training. So that's where we find Kristy and her daughter Maya Jensen as Kristy watched as Maya was currently in the middle of doing some push-ups. Kristy walked up to Maya as she knelt down so she could easily hear her.

[color=#00FFFF]-Kristy Jensen- "Tell me Maya, who is the Enemy?"

-Maya Jensen- "Wh-what Enemy?"


Kristy slaps Maya across the face after she said that. Maya stopped to hold her sore cheek only to be met with a furious glare from her mother.

-Kristy Jensen- "Did I say you could stop?"

-Maya Jensen- "But you..."

-Kristy Jensen- "It's all part of your training, Maya, or did all the last sessions make you forget?

[color=#4E9258]-Maya Jensen- "No Ma'am."

Maya got down and back to starting her push-ups. Her training was getting harder and harder since Kristy had taken over her training routine. In fact, they had been training just about every waking hour of the day, giving Maya little time to do anything. Didn't help that Kristy confiscated Maya's cell phone to prevent her from texting Mizore.

-Kristy Jensen- "Now, who is the enemy?"

-Maya Jensen- ".... Uh."


-Kristy Jensen- "What'd I tell you about hesitating?"

Maya wanted to rub her sore cheek but she continued to do her push-ups.


-Kristy Jensen- "That wasn't rhetorical."

Maya had let out a yelp but had to reply despite her stinking face.

-Maya Jensen- "Hesitation shows fear, Hesitation shows doubt. Jensen's don't show fear. Jensen's don't show doubt."

Maya repeated the phase that Kristy had drilled into her on previous training sessions.

-Kristy Jensen- "Who is our enemy?"

-Maya Jensen- "Android 18."

Maya braced herself for another slap but this time one didn't come.

-Kristy Jensen- "And?"

-Maya Jensen- "I dunno..."


Maya had to do her best to keep from stopping her push-ups and hold her reddening cheek.

-Kristy Jensen- "You Dunno? How many times have we told you that 'dunno' is not a word?"

-Maya Jensen- "Sorry... But I don't know..."


-Kristy Jensen- "Mizore! Eighteen and Mizore is our Enemies."

-Maya Jensen- "Mizore isn't..."


-Kristy Jensen- "Mizore is a failer of a human being. She has corrupted you into thinking dating another female is ok. It is nothing but discussing habits of the broken and sex crazed lunatics."

Maya didn't even know what her mother meant by that last part. But bracing herself for another slap she had to defend not only herself but Mizore.

-Maya Jensen- "It's nothing like that... Mom why can't you..."


Kristy's hand struck even harder at that.

-Kristy Jensen- "Oh it's exactly like that. Who do you think Mizore is anyways? For starters she's the daughter as that arrogant Eighteen. You can't tell me that you haven't seen traces of her mother in her?"

-Maya Jensen- "She's nothing like..."

Again the resident slap goes across Maya's face.

-Kristy Jensen- "Don't play dumb. Mizore's arrogant and she only cares about being number one. Why do you think she's always for the two of you facing off? It's because she fears that you might be better than her, so she wants to constantly prove that she is the superior of the Frost Elfs."

Maya shook her head. That wasn't Mizore. Sure she was more ok with the two of them facing than Maya was but what Kristy was saying just wasn't true... right?

-Kristy Jensen- "In fact that's the only reason why Mizore keeps you around. She knows that she's not as close as you are to the Diva's Championship. So she wants to be in the spot light in any ways she can, and while she knows Hollie Winder's not capable of tagging to win gold, she knows you are."

Maya is starting to get upset at her mother. Why was she trying to do this? Ok sure she knew that it was inevitable that she'd be mad when she found out about her and Mizore dating, but this wasn't even close to what she thought she'd do. Maya gets up to leave but Kristy glares at her.

-Kristy Jensen- "Just where do you think you're going?"

Kristy moves so that she's now sitting on Maya to prevent her from getting up. She leans closer to her head as Maya yells out in frustration.

-Maya Jensen- "Let me GO!"

-Kristy Jensen- "No, Not until you realize just how broken your partner is. Why do you think she's even in to you in the first place? She's from a broken family where her parents placed her up for adoption. Neither of them wanted her when she was born. Her mother still doesn't want her, that sick twisted beast she is."

-Maya Jensen- "You got it Wrong!"

-Kristy Jensen- "Wrong? How many times has Android 18 spoke in public or to Mizore that she wasn't her daughter? Where was Jeff when she was in that orphanage home? Tell me?!"

Kristy yelled that part out as she was trying to convince Maya that Mizore's feelings were only based on her problems. She didn't care if she had to tear Mizore down in the process.

-Maya Jensen- "Get off me!"

-Kristy Jensen- "Not until you understand. Mizore's lesbian feelings are wrong!"

Finally, Maya seemed to snap emotionally as she actually began to cry.

-Maya Jensen- "No you don't understand, mother.... I... I started it all."

Kristy stopped as that was shocking news.

-Kristy Jensen- "What?!"

-Maya Jensen- "I had feelings for her first... she just saw us as friends until... until I admited my feelings towards her."

Maya was now balling as Kristy sat in stunned silence. She had been wrong. It wasn't Mizore who started this, it was Maya? The question that she needed to know now was...

-Kristy Jensen- "When?"

-Maya Jensen- "... When?"

-Kristy Jensen- "When did they start?"

Maya felt weird, but maybe she was finally reaching her.

-Maya Jensen- "... They started... the first time I saw her on TV, during the first TeleVixen Championship Scramble match... It just started building after that..."

-Kristy Jensen- "Back before you got some of your memories back?"

-Maya Jensen- "... yeah."

So that was it. Now Kristy understood.

-Kristy Jensen- "So it's your amnesia then. That's the problem."

-Maya Jensen- "... What? No."

But Kristy shook her head.

-Kristy Jensen- "No that's exactly what it is. These feelings, they're all a mixed reaction. Your mind was confused, it didn't know what to really think, so it started making pathways and connections, no matter how wrong they were."

-Maya Jensen- "That's not it at all..."

Maya had hoped Kristy finally understood but it was all for not.

-Kristy Jensen- "Don't worry Maya, we'll have you fixed. When we're done, you'll see Mizore as nothing but another girl. I haven't failed you as a mother yet."

Kristy smiled actually. Things were going to work out well. And if Android 18 does the part she knows she will, despite not realizing she's part of Kristy's scheme, Maya's homosexuality will be done with.

-Kristy Jensen- "Let's get back to training."

Kristy gets off of Maya who actually stands up rubbing her back.

-Maya Jensen- "Haven't we done enough for today?"

Kristy shakes her head.

-Kristy Jensen- "We've barely even started. Now come, we've got more work to do."

With that Kristy takes Maya's hand and leads her to another area to do more training. In her mind she couldn't help but know that this would either all work out.... or she just has one less daughter.

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