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Open Meetings with Kristy Jensen #2 Empty Open Meetings with Kristy Jensen #2

on Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:22 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/open-meetngs-with-kristy-jensen-2-t1758.html

Show: CD RP [7/16/2015]

OOC: quick note here.. this is open to anyone. If you ant to 'schedule a match' I can talk to Jay or Mike/Scar pending on brand. Don't expect things to go your way too. This is just for fun but yeah could lead to a match for next show. Going to try and do these each time.

We open to Kristy in her office as she's on the phone. There's a camera in there as well but it's not rolling at the moment.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Come on Phe pick up..."

Her tone says she really wants to get ahold of Phe but the phone just rings and rings until once again it goes to her voice mail. Kristy sighs as she hangs up. She's tired of leaving voicemails for Phe to call her back.

-Michael Jensen-
"Voicemail again?"

Her husband, Michael Jensen, was also there in the room with her as he looks to her. Kristy nods her head as she lets out a sigh.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Yes... I don't understand. She never seems to pick up when I try to call her... How am I supposed to let her know stuff if she doesn't answer?"

-Michael Jensen-
"Well you can always relay the message like you did with Scarlet..."

Kristy looked up at him confused.

-Kristy Jensen-
"What message?"

-Michael Jensen-
"Letting her know about we would like them to go after Diva's Tag Team."

Kristy didn't quite understand still.

-Kristy Jensen-
"I never told Scarlet to tell her that."

Michael Shrugs.

-Michael Jensen-"
"I see."

Kristy just sighs.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Well maybe she thinks I'm avoiding her or something. I mean I haven't spoken to her since the Slumber Party, and I have a feeling I left on a bad note. I even tried to contact her but... no luck."

Michael nods.

-Michael Jensen-
"I'm sure things will work out."

-Kristy Jensen-
"Right... But you know I'm beginning to wonder if she'll even care. I mean, She technically told me to stop looking into what happened to her... but well I just let the guys continue to investigate.... and now we have a solid lead but with the way Rogue's been acting... And her troubles with other things... I'm beginning to wonder if she would even care..."

Kristy looks up to Michael.

-Kristy Jensen-
"You talk to her more often, what do you think?"

Michael's about to reply when there's a knock on the door. Kristy sighs.

-Michael Jensen-
"Seems your first visitor's here. We'll talk more when you're done."

Kristy nodded as Michael went to the door and opened it as Kristy used a remote to turn on the camera. Michael left the room as the person comes into the shot to discuss something with Kristy...

TBC: Anyone

What are you DOING here. You're supposed to be doing what you need to do. You're losing it. You're defaulting.... this is exactly why I shouldn't have a fuckin conscience.... as it ruins EVERYTHING.

The thoughts in my head were getting worse and worse with each given day. I shouldn't have been surprised though, I knew one day it might come to this. I would be going into this arena and office probably smelling the fresh pencil shavings and freshly brewed coffee maybe for the last time if my thoughts got it's way...

I entered the office with a stumble, roughly brushing my wild hair out of my red, tired eyes as i headed towards Kristy. She had been calling me non stop but due to the fact I barely saw her nowadays, i thought it would be better to go to her as a courtesy call. I fall down into the chair facing her desk as i sniffle, wiping my nose with the back of my hand before slowly looking at her.

~The Firebird~
No, I'm not drunk. I'm just stressed out.

I explained as i gave a soft sigh. I had this.... headache. That didn't seem to go away and i just wasn't in good condition right now. My boyfriend had dropped a huge bombshell on me during the taping of Total Divas and I STILL was processing it. When he made a decision, he never backed down from it. It was one of the things I loved about him but it was also something that was affecting heavily.

~The Firebird~
Don't worry, I havent been ignoring you. I've just been neck up in stuff I have had to handle. And if you're upset about what I said about your daughter then i apologize, but she shouldn't have disrespected me.

Are you REALLY apologizing for.... THAT?? Yeah. It's official. I'm DONE with you. You have to do it now, you have no choice.....

My phone begins to ring as i declined the call hastily, fumbling with my phone before shoving it in my sweatpants pocket.

Kristy gave a slight sigh of relief. Guess she didn't need to worry so much. But finally she reaches to a file on her desk and slides it closer for Rogue to see.

-Kristy Jensen-
"I know you said to stop digging in to what happened to you. But considering all that's been happening to you... maybe you'd want some good news... as we've found a solid lead."

I stare at the at the manila folder in front of me on the desk with a blank stare. On the outside, i was expressionless but on the inside, i was fighting a bloody battle with my conscience. I reached out for the file but then pulled my hand back, unsure of what I should do. My conscience was saying to take it, open it and continue to put the pieces of the puzzle together. But the me I was keeping locked up behind my conscience wasn't having it.

We do NOT have TIME for this! WE need to be worried about Ales. Royal Flush will be here in two days, we need to make sure he is well rested and focused for his match. It's been a rough week, we NEED to worry more about our man and worry about the car accident later on when Ales is mentally 100% in a good place.

My hand begins to shake as i battled with should i reach back out and grab the info containing this lead Kristy said she has found or should i worry about the pressing matter at hand. I opted for reaching for the file but just laying my hand on top of it as i look at Kristy, taking a few deep breaths to try and get myself together and focus.

~The Firebird~
I appreciate it, Kristy but I have put looking into what happened to me on the backburn. My man is still mentally, physically and emotionally messed up coming from that brutal attack Jack laid him out with and I have to worry about making sure he is ready for the Pay Per View. Plus I am sure you have heard the rumors about him leaving the company if he does fail to obtain the Undisputed Title come Sunday.

I was still upset about that last part. I had mixed feelings about Ales' unexpected decision to leave EWE if he didn't win at Royal Flush. I had been blind sided by it to the point we had a huge argument over it. I guess a part of me felt if he left the company, he was leaving me too. It was all just a huge stressful time for us right now with me being traumatized by the attack, nursing him back to health and just trying to calm him down, especially at night. Because of Jack, Ales was having potato nightmares.

~The Firebird~
I am here to tell you that the rumors are true. I know people take my man as a joke and don't take whatever he says seriously but I am here to tell you now that he is dead serious about this, come Sunday, he may be done.

The office door of Kristy Jensen flies open again. The Show-Off steps into the frame. He sees his BFF but just walks right past her. He wasn't trying to be rude but he had something he needed to get answered and answered now! Dolph plants his hands on Kristy's desk with pure rage. You hear the loud thud, it even startles Ms. Jensen.

Dolph Ziggler... Kristy, what the hell was that? Huh? Please tell me I'm not the only person who saw Ceno hit the ground first! I'll admit I hit after him, I did. I lost I respect that. But Eli should have for sure won! Not Ceno! You see two things either happened here. One... Your predictions you did on EWE dot com were true and the Industry played a part in the outcome. Or two... James Ceno is a fraud and gave the officials compensation to see him the winner! Which is it, Kristy? And don't give me some bullshit answer, trust me, you wouldn't want that.

Dolph stands with his hands on his hips as he gazes into Kristy's eyes, waiting for her antiphon. [/color]

(Yeah, I didn't reply apparently)

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