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Open Meetings with Kristy Jensen Empty Open Meetings with Kristy Jensen

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:12 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/open-meetings-with-kristy-jensen-t1573.html#p22147534

Show: CD RP [4/23/2015]

Some day during the week, Kristy Jensen was in her office in EWE HQ in Albion. She was working on paper work for different items. While she does this the door begins to open as...

[TBC: Anyone]

(As she does her paperwork, there is a knock on the door and before she can call out, the door opens and in walks Vespertine. She is dressed in all black with her usual black trench duster. She stands in front of Kristy's desk and while Kristy does paperwork, she starts to talk)

V: Been waiting in the wings for a while now. Just waiting for Jensen to get back so to speak. Not like I have been gone or anything, just waiting. Biding my time I guess. But now, I want a match. Could you get me in on something at Wrestlemania?

Kristy looks up from her paperwork to look at Vespertine.

KJ: So let me get this straight? You claim to have been waiting for my husband to return, yet he's been back for nearly 3 months. Which not only implies how much you've really have been keen to returning, but it's also an insult to me as I was running the company by myself while we were having issues. Then after all that, you come to me before the final Chaos before WrestleMania, after the cards allready been booked, and you ask me to book you at the grandest stage of them all?

Kristy's words weren't mad but there was a slight 'are you serious' tone to them.

[TBC: Vespertine] [unless someone wants to interrupt]

OOC: Yeah you're right. Guess I"m not ready to come back (if at all) sorry about that.
(Yeah that's all she put.. :/. and no one else replied.)
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