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Addressing Grace Moretti Empty Addressing Grace Moretti

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:04 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/addressing-grace-moretti-t987.html#p22102973

Show: CD RP [2/25/2014]

The camera opens up to the office of Kristy Jensen. She seems quiet aggravated but she was doing her best to keep her composure.

-Kristy Jensen-
"I warned you. I suspended you. I even agreed with my husband to bringing in another General manager to try and keep you in check. But still, you constantly ignore me and continue to act as if you can do whatever it is you want."

Kristy's tightened her fists showing off her anger towards Grace.

-Kristy Jensen-
"I should fire you. But that's just not good enough any more. No, you won't learn even from that. And there needs to be some much needed retribution, but not just for myself, but for Stealth Elf who you've had a problem with from day one."

Kristy nodded towards the camera, an anger and seriousness to her tone. She laced her fingers together as she continued on.

-Kristy Jensen-
"You and your group want to fight huh? Fine, I'll give you a fight. For at Last Stand, It will be my three against your three in Six-woman elimination Tag match."

If this was watched Live, this would be the time where the crowds would cheer anticipating a very interesting match.

-Kristy Jensen-
"And don't think for a second that you get to pick which of your three gets two participate in this match. For I, your boss, have already made the decision. For your three will be Josie Wales, you're prized student, Raven, the one who has been making the biggest problems, and Michelle McCool, who sign up for this match the moment she stole Stealth Elf's diary."

Kristy glared at the camera after that last point, but she calmed herself before continuing on.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Now this will not be a simple match to where once it's over, you can go about continuing what you've been doing. For if you lose this match, you will be demoted to Vice-General manager and any and all decision you make in that position must be approved by either myself or Brooke McGuire."

Kristy nodded as to confirm what she just said. She was just about finished when she went on.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Oh and if I see you, Milana, or any other person out there at ring side, to interfere or anything, the losing stipulation will automatically be enforced, rather you win or not. And yes, that includes Paul Heyman, for it's wouldn't be the first time he's interfered in a match. That is all for now."

The video fades to black as it displays the EWE logo before ending on that.

Grace Moretti "The Doll of Deviance"
All I hear out of your mouth is blah, blah, blah. Nag, nag, nag. Blah blah blah blah nag nag blah. There's a reason that I don't "listen" to you, and that's because you're a psychopath. You are single handedly KILLING Women's wrestling, by supporting failed abortions, like Stealth Elf.

Grace stated, in response to Kristy Jensen's outbursts, and continued as such.

People like her, and the old hags from other companies that jump in and clog good roster space, with pitiful performances are what I aim to get rid of. But, my question is, how come I'm the only one who has to make a sacrifice, because of your pathetic roster? How about if your three loses, then you have to step down, and start getting into the ring? Maybe then, you'll learn that I'm a necessary evil, and you are a fool for thinking otherwise.

Kristy Jensen could be seen in response to Grace Moretti. She seems a aggravated as she speaks

-Kristy Jensen-
"Oh you'll just see that Stealth Elf does have the skills to be a top billed diva. If not for you constantly messing with her. As for your Stipulation, fine it's added. But only to show you that there's not a doubt in my mind that Stealth Elf, Mizore, and Anya Makarov can and will win that match."

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