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Addressing The ALA Empty Addressing The ALA

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:04 am
-Insert Banner here-

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/addressing-a-l-a-t884.html#p22094523

Show: CD RP [1/24/2014]

The EWE.com video begins to with a shot at of an Office. Sitting behind the desk is one Kristy Jensen. She had her hands down on the desk with her fingers laced as she adresses the Camera.

-Kristy Jensen-
"This message goes out to the two members of A.L.A."

Kristy pauses a moment more to make sure they were paying attention.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Now, I'm here to inform you that I found out about the Flight attendant that was working for you. And we know that she had been given you some information about what went down in a private conversation between myself and another invidual."

The look in Kristy's eyes showed she wasn't to happy about that.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Under the circumstances, I could have you fired right on the spot. After all, me and my husband value our privacy and we will not have you using the information you may have gathered any further. So, if you do, we will personally fire you from EWE and take you straight to court."

Kristy waited to let what she said sink in. So she continued.

-Kristy Jensen-
"I have personally taken it apon myself to fire the flight attendant allready. If you try to do that again, you can kiss you're EWE career good-bye. Not to mention have a legal battle on your head that you cannot hope to win."

Kristy still had that stern look in her eyes. Showing how she wasn't happy at all with the situation.

-Kristy Jensen- "
That is all. And let's hope this doesn't happen again."

The scene stopped as it was the end of the video and Kristy hadn't added any kind of ending fade to it.
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