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Kristy Addressing HFO Televixen Title Match Empty Kristy Addressing HFO Televixen Title Match

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:02 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/kristy-addressing-hfo-tv-title-match-t798.html#p22090573

Show: CD RP [1/1/2014] (This was in results... But since results were summed, I went ahead posted the full scene as a CD RP)

(OOC: ok so I'm putting this here for reference since I did type out the full segment. Yes you need to decode it Muhahahaha!!)

Johnathan Steele: JS1

Justin White: JW1

Kristy Jensen: KJ1

S1 Chaos Rolls on as "I'm Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky hit the PA speakers as a Kristy's new entrance video plays on the titontron. A moment later, Kristy is seen coming out from the back and heading down to the ring. She was wearing a nice buisness like dress. Once down in the ring she rose the microphone to her lips. S2

KJ1 "So I looked at the card earlier this week and found that a certain Grace Moretti had decieded to change her mind about who's going to face the teleVixen Championship. But whatever, I tried being nice and see if she'd do the right thing and book the match. But I guess I was wrong." F2

S1 Kristy shook her head at it. S2

KJ1 "So, I'm going to do what Grace should of done. but even better. So Ladies and Gentlemen, at Hell Frozen Over. It'll be Michelle McCool versus, Stealth Elf!" F2

S1 The crowd cheered at the anticipation of the exciting match. Kristy nodded as she had said her piece and left for the back. as the camera's panned back to the comentating table. S2

JS1 "So it looks like we have another great match for Hell Frozen Over." F2

JW1 "Yeah and it looks like Mr. J's getting lucky tonight." F2

JS1 "What do you mean?" F2

JW1 "Must I spell it out for you? Kristy's gonna seduce her husband so he'll make the match." F2

S1 Steele sighes as he shakes his head. S2

JS1 "She doesn't need to do that. After all she is the Vice Chairman. So she has the power to book any match she wants." F2

JW1 "If that's what you wanna call it. Sure."

S1 Justin does a face palm as the scene fades. S2
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