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Kristy Vs Kendra Steel Empty Kristy Vs Kendra Steel

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:55 pm
Kristy Vs Kendra Steel KendraKristy

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/4-29-13-kendra-steel-vs-kristy-jensen-t104.html#p22040991

Show: Chaos [4/29/2013]

Part 1

In the living room of the Jensen Manor, a women and her two kids were sitting on the floor. The floor had lush carpet which made it quite comfortable for both the two year old twins and the mother. Scattered around on the floor where they sat, was an assortment of different toys. However, the toys weren't getting as much attention as on the large flat screen TV was the cartoon, Dora the Explorer. The boy, the girl, and the mother watched as a fox like cartoon character began to sneak up Dora and her small group. The boy simply watched with a looked eyes wide wondering if Dora would notice the fox before it managed to take it's targeted item. The girl however found the need to warn her hero of the sneaking fox.

Girl: Watch out, Dora!

Almost as if on cue, Dora turned around and noticed the the fox.

Dora: Oh no, it's Swiper the fox. Come everyone you know what to do.

Both the girl and the boy knew what to do as they called out the phrase to stop the nasty fox from stealing. Even the mother joined along but more for the encouragement of her children.

All: Swiper, no Swiping! Swiper, no Swiping! Swiper, no Swiping.

The fox then looked down in defeat. They had sad the words so now he couldn't take that item he sought.

Swiper: Awe man.

The kids cheered as the mother joined them as Swiper the Fox left in defeat. As they were listening to Dora go back to their adventure at hand, one of the Mansion staff came into the room.

Staff: Mrs. Jensen?

The mother looked up at the lady. She knew it was one of the maids that not only helped take care of the house but also to look after her kids whenever she or Mr. Jensen couldn't.

Kristy Jensen: Ramona's here right?

The lady gave a nod.

Staff: Yes Madam. She's waiting for you in the training room.

Kristy gave a nod with a slight sigh in it as well. She then turned to her two kids.

Kristy: Mommy’s got to go.

She Gave each of them a kiss on the forehead before standing up.

Kristy: Be good you too.

Kristy then headed to the door way as the lady took a seat with them. Kristy gave one last look towards them before she headed off. So Kristy made her way through the manor eventually arriving at the training room. She went inside as she already could see Romana waiting.

Ramona: I see you didn't try to start without me this time.

Kristy nodded as she began to remove her outer clothes revealing an attire more appropriate for exercising.
Kristy: I was spending some time with my kids.

Ramona: Well that's good.

Kristy gave a nod as she went ahead and started doing some warm up stretches.

Ramona: Anyways, after were done here, you can check out Kendra's promo.

Kristy: She already did one?

Ramona gave a nod.

Ramona: Yeah. I haven't viewed it yet myself so I can't tell you what she said.

Kristy: It's fine. I'll find out for myself soon enough.


Part 2

Later that day, Kristy was in her study, scrolling through eWe.com. Her search brought her to Kendra’s promo. Kristy's hovered her mouse over the play button. Did she really want to here what she had to say? Kristy did know that part of her job as an eWe Diva meant watching promo's as well as making them. Of course, she knew watching her video would help give Kristy something more to put into her own promo. So Kristy clicked the link and began to watch.

Kendra Steel wrote:
Well, eWe as you all can see I just signed not long ago and now have a match against Kristy Jensen. I dunno much about her other then she's facing me cause being new to the company I know very little about everyone but I am sure she'll be a tough opponent and probably teach me a thing or two and that's OK. I am new to the business and still learning things so I am taking this match as a learning experience.

Kristy: If only you knew.

Kristy leaned back in her chair as she continued watching the video.

Kendra Steel wrote:
Don't get me wrong I wanna win and trust me I have the goods to do it but unlike all these people wanting to hate on each other and kill each other and yes I am including my brother there, I am not about that. I wanna face Kristy at her best but then after the match maybe we can hang-out and become friends. Yeah, I know that's un-heard of in this business but it can happen.

Kristy nodded her head.

Kristy: Finally, someone with a good mentality in this division.

Kendra Steel wrote:
I do have to say something in a bit that's gonna be hard to say and I am waiting as John will be here for that. Just a heads up things might get rocky. Anyways, Kristy, I hope you give me everything you have and more so when I get the win I will know I beat you at your best. I don;t really care if your a psychopathic killer, a clown, a fearless flier, or powerhouse I am gonna give you everything I have and more. I plan to win this match.

Kristy eyes went wide then narrowed with rage when she heard the last bit. Her fists clinched in anger as she leaned forward rewinding the video to just the right spot.

Kendra Steel wrote:
I don;t really care if your a psychopathic killer

Kristy rewound it again.

Kendra Steel wrote:
psychopathic killer

Kristy's anger increased. Then she shouted at the video as if the Kendra on screen could here her.


Kristy continued to watch the video her rage barely in check. She watched as Kendra's Brother, John Steel, arrived at the pool. Her eyes widened a bit as she heard her tell her brother that she was not only into girls but was also in the porn business. Kristy watched her rage not subsiding at all as she almost wished John Steel would of done more than just telling her not to hit on someone named Melina. Finally it neared the end of the video as Kendra went to say her final piece.

Kendra Steel wrote:
Well, Kristy I don;t have much to say except may the best woman win and I plan to win. I am a little out of whack so forgive me if I do things to you I normally wouldn't. Kristy, Chaos is gonna be a night you and I tangle and no mater the out come I know I am giving my all can you say the same thing? I have the weight of the freaken world on my shoulders but that's not gonna stop me from kicking some ass in that ring. I am not the best in the business but neither are you so let's just do what needs to be done and be done with it. You wanna go psycho on me go ahead I've had my head split open and left for dead so do your worst because it's not gonna be enough. Send me home in the meat wagon and I'll be right back on your ass. You wanna use a chair on me and wrap it around my head go ahead. Do what needs to be done but know in the end you will receive a Big Apple Drop.

Kristy just sat there as the video ended. Her anger remained the same as she just stared at the frozen final image. Finally, she couldn't hold back any more as she exited the video and turned on the computer's web cam. After making sure it was shown her on screen she hit the record button.

Kristy: I can't take it any more Kendra. I watched your little video and quiet frankly I'm P***ed. You really say at the beginning that you're not like the other Diva's in this company. But let's face it. You're just like all of those other glorified, slutifing, lesbians, B******. The only difference is that they're not afraid to act like themselves in eWe. They're pretty much turned this division into a something it was not meant to be. This is why I can never let my kids watch the shows or any of the promos you people put on.

Kristy's fist clinched in anger.

Kristy: But you know you got problems because your brother found out that your just like the others in this company, that your out of whack and have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Ha don't get me started. I've been through so much S*** that it doesn't even compare to your little problem. I've been kidnaped, lost my memories, been through a not so normal pregnancy, and even been tortured to the point of loosing my sanity that I've only just recently got over. So if you think that you got problems, you're not even close to me.

Kristy Paused letting her anger settle a little.

Kristy: At the start of your little video I thought finally, here's a girl that I can compete with in the way this sport was meant to be. But of course, I was wrong. Your true colors finally showed and all you see me is who I was, a Psychopath.

Kristy anger rise again as she leaned closer to the web cam.

Kristy: Call me Psycho one more time and I garintee that there's nothing you'd be able to do to stop me giving you a beating of a life time. And if you think that Big Apple Drop of yours will save you, I'll make you eat it.

Kristy hit the stop key to end the video. Then she got up still fuming.

Kristy: I need to hit something.

With that she left her study and went to the training area.

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Kristy Vs Kendra Steel Empty Re: Kristy Vs Kendra Steel

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:56 pm
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