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Kristy Vs Crystal Taylor Empty Kristy Vs Crystal Taylor

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:17 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3640

Show: Girls Night Out [6/??/2012]

GNO Pay-per-view

Kristy Vs Crystal Taylor

Kristy Vs Crystal Taylor Kristyssig2

OOC: I'm not going to type out curse words. So I'll do a *beep* instead

*The scene opens up to the Scottrade Center arena. There the titantron lights up as it shows Kristy outside somewhere in St. Louis. Her attire was that of an expensive designer outfit for going 'out on the town'.*

Kristy: Why hello there eWe. I'm out here in the streets of St. Louis, after all this is Girls' Night Out.

*Kristy then indicates her attire.*

Kristy: Do you like my outfit? Wouldn't you say it top of the line. After all it does bring out my...

*Kristy stopped abruptly Then gave off her psychotic grin.*

Kristy: What am I talking about. I don't care about fashion. To me it's just glorified wrapping on prey.

*Kristy licked her upper lip.*

Kristy: Speaking of which, Let's bring this conversation to my next victim, Crystal Taylor. You see Crystal, I was more than irritated that I didn't get a chance to quench my appetite for blood with Ms. Kitty McCool. You're mistake was bothering me with your stupid *Beep*tching about you clothes getting a little wet.

*Her eyes light up with a slight anger.*

Kristy: Never get in the way, when a Tiger looses out on a meal, princess.

*Kristy tilts her head to one side.*

Kristy: Hmmm... pretty princess. *Grins* I like the sound of that.

*Kristy straightens her head.*

Kristy: So, pretty princess, remember that your fist match was against some cat. But this time you may break more than those precious manicured nails of yours when you go up against a vicious blood thirsty Tiger.

*The scene fades to Kristy grinning.*


*Some time later the scene opens back up to outside of a night club. Kristy was standing across the street from it.*

Kristy: You remember my last little one on one right? I said that the diva's division was nothing but whores and Psychos? These Diva's want nothing more than to prance around in their fancy outfits while getting into all sorts of drama.

*Kristy grinned as she held up a hand.*

Kristy: Exhibit A, Crystal Taylor. Now don't let the fact the she's married fool you. She's just as much as a attention craving beauty queen as her crazed husband. You see Crystal, you better cut out for places like the night club behind me. But alas, your hear and honestly I kind of like the fact. Because now I can rip apart a petty little crystal tailored princess.

*Kristy grinned once more. The blood lust in her eyes.*

Kristy: This Girls' Night Out will not be another fashion show for you my dear prey. Unless bloods the new fashion. For yes, there will be blood. Lots of blood. So I hope you don't faint at the sight for if you do, pretty princess, I'm going to smack you awake and continue my onslaught. Get your camera shots out of the way for I'm coming.

*Kristy Smiles.*

Kristy: One thing I love about Girls' Night Out. Is that while you people are out there having your fun whoring around. You won't see this tiger sneaking up from the shadows. I'll strike with utmost precision. But It won't be quick and painless. *Kristy Shakes her head.* No, it'll be long drawn out excruciating pain. I've got an itch that I need scratched. An itch for blood and it just so happens. I'm in the mood for some pretty little princess.

*Kristy laughs an evil blood thirsty laugh as the camera fades.*

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Kristy Vs Crystal Taylor Empty Re: Kristy Vs Crystal Taylor

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:18 pm
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