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Kristy Vs Michelle McCoole Empty Kristy Vs Michelle McCoole

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:15 pm
Kristy vs Michelle McCool

Notes: McCool is about even may have a few more losses than wins.

Kristy Vs Michelle McCoole Kristyssig2

*Kristy wakes up a hospital room. She looks around a little confused as to where she was. There was no one else in the room. A memory surfaced as she remembered blacking out and waking in a hospital earlier as Michael Jensen told her that she was on leave of absence. Kristy pondered as she couldn't remember why she had blacked out nor why she couldn't remember anything past Michael leaving the room. Kristy looked to her left and noticed her laptop on one of those hospital tray things. Kristy pulled it closer then opened the lid of the laptop. The laptop then displayed the match card for the next Ladies Night. She then found it a bit confusing as she was set to face Michelle McCool. Kristy scratched her head. Did Michael really put her on leave of absence? Kristy then looked down as she located the call nurse button. Kristy pressed it then waited. She didn't have to wait long when a nurse came into the room.*

Nurse: Ah, you're awake.

*Kristy looked at her. Confusion written across her face.*

Kristy: What do you mean?

*The nurse frowned slightly as she crossed the room so that she was closer to her.*

Nurse: Well, you've been through a very traumatic event. A couple of traumatic events as a matter of fact.

Kristy: Really?

*Kristy then turned the laptop so that it was facing the nurse.*

Kristy: Do you know why I'm booked for a match?

*The nurse shrugged.*

Nurse: I couldn't tell you.

*Kristy turned the laptop back towards her as the nurse began to check on the equipment. Everything seemed in order.*

Nurse: I'll go inform you husband.

*Kristy nodded as the nurse left the room. Kristy looked back to the laptop. Suddenly, without warning she blacked out.*


*Kristy awoke to find herself laying face down on the ground she seemed to be covered in something. She sat up as she noticed that she was in a subway. She looked at her arms and saw that what she was covered in was blood. She looked around quickly to see if someone was there but the place looked deserted. She then noticed a video camera on a tripod next to her. Kristy got up and took a look at that camera. On the screen was a sign that read, signal disconnected. She checked it and apparently, it had been broadcasting to eWe. Just what was going on here?! Kristy checked as the Camera still had copied whatever was sent. Kristy then pressed play as she watched the video.*

Begin Video

*The video opened as it showed Kristy coming from behind the camera then walking a few steps back. Kristy then gave a grin but this grin seemed more crewel.*

Kristy: eWe, how good of you to join us.

*Kristy paused her evil and almost crazy like grin showing through.*

Kristy: As you know, I've been booked once again by my good for nothing husband. I had thought that I was unfit to compete. I had thought that I was to traumatized to even begin to think about having a match.

*Kristy titled her head sidewards as she let out a psychotic chuckle.*

Kristy: *Still grinning psychotically.* Then again, do I seem traumatized to you?

*Kristy then straightened her head then titled it slightly the other way. Her ever psychotic grin still present.*

Kristy: But that's not why I'm doing this here one on one with you eWe. This is about my opponent Michelle McCool.

*This time Kristy laughed a sickening crazed laugh.*

Kristy: Ms. McCool. The former WWE Diva... what's the matter McCool, not getting enough at WWE that you had to switch? Then again there's probably plenty of crazies here willing to do you right on the spot. *Kristy held up three fingers in a W shape.* Traded the World for a taste of extreme pleasure eh? *She shifted her hand to the side as she said extreme to form an E shape.*

*Kristy tilted her head to the other side as she put down her hand.*

Kristy: Or perhaps you just decided that you weren't good enough in WWE that you decided to join this poor excuse for a Wrestling federation, just so you could big among us.

*Kristy straightened her head but kept her psychotic grin.*

Kristy: Then again, if you've checked the card, it's full of psychos and whores. After all, didn't you see my last opponent? A crack job gender confused man. That she-male thought he was just crazy enough to win with his simply terrible moves.*

*Kristy grinned even wider.*

Kristy: I had no trouble watching him squirm under my power.

*Kristy chuckles psychotically again.*

Kristy: I've had a taste of blood, McCool and I want more. Jaylina didn't even come close to scratching the itch. No, I need someone else. Someone who I can really make bleed.

*Kristy licked her upper lip.*

Kristy: So, don't think you're safe here in the Diva division, where you can wear your slutty clothes and get into little cat fights, those days are over. I don't do drama and I'm not another sweet innocent kitty in this division. I'm a Tiger, and you are my prey little kitty.

*Kristy licked her upper lip again grinning after she finished.*

Kristy: Truth is, I'm not sure if I can wait til our match. It's way to long of a time to wait. So I believe I'll settle for a little appetizer.*

*Kristy then walked off screen. Suddenly, you could hear the sounds of a muffled man. Then the sound of a muffled scream followed by blood splatter coming into view of the camera. Soon, Kristy came back into view. Blood splattered all over her but mostly there seemed some around her mouth as it was dripping down. Kristy rose an arm and wiped her mouth so that the blood stopped dripping. She then grinned one final time.*

Kristy: You're next Kitty McCool.

*she then walked up to the camera and turned it off.*


*Kristy stared at the video with shock. What had she done? Kristy looked around again but didn't see another person. But now she noticed a spot where there was a pool of something she originally, thought was oil, in the dark light. Kristy then noticed the time and date stamp on the camera, it was time for Ladies Night. She had to do something. Suddenly, Kristy began to feel woozy.*

Kristy: What's going...

*She didn't get to finish as she suddenly, passed out. Falling to the floor. She stay like that for a few moments, then suddenly, she got up and grinned a psychotic grin.*

Kristy: Here Kitty, kitty. I'm coming for you.

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Kristy Vs Michelle McCoole Empty Re: Kristy Vs Michelle McCoole

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:16 pm
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