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Kristy Vs Torrie Wilson Empty Kristy Vs Torrie Wilson

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:55 pm
Kristy vs Torrie Wilson

*The scene opens to the back yard of the Jensen mantion. We see Kristy out back with a servant with a plate shooting machine. Kristy didn't have a gun but she seemed to have her hand out, palm outstretched.*

Kristy: Pull!

*The servent fired a plate into the sky. Kristy took aim with her hand then a lazor came out of her opened palm and hit the plate dead on.*

Kristy: Pull!

*The servant fired another plate has once again Kristy destroyed it with a lazor from her hand. If you noticed she didn't seem to happy.*

Kristy: Pull!

*Another plate in the air and another shot from Kristy destoying it.*

Butler: Right this way.

*A butler came around to the back followed by Spangled.*

Kristy: Pull!

*Another plate, followed by it being destroyed. Spangled walked up to Kristy.*

Spangled: Hey Kristy.

*Kristy turned to Spangled and an angery look of "what do you want" flashed across her face. Spangeld raised his hands in defense.*

Spangled: Hey no need to get angry. Just came by to make some adjustments to the software I gave you.

Kristy: Then go do it. I'm not stopping you.

*Kristy still didn't sound to happy. Kristy turned back to the shooting range has she signaled for another plate.*

Spangled: I also came by to see if you're ok.

Kristy: And what makes you think I'm not?

*She fired again at the plate destroying it.*

Spangled: For one the angry plate shooting. I mean don't normal people use pleetes?

Kristy: You're point? Pull!

*Another plate up in the air.*

Spangled: I'm just saying you're angry that's all. As for what? I'm not completly sure... but I can bet it's a combination of your loss last Ladies Night and...

*Kristy shot down another plate.*

Spangled: ...and the fact that Blitz hasn't been seen since waking up from his small comma.

OOC: remember for those who have read my Blitz rp this takes place in between Blitz leaving the hospital and him arriving for his match on Chaos.

*Kristy pauses for a second.*

Kristy: Pull!

*Another plate in the air.*

Spangled: Though I'm pretty sure the fact that Blitz got attacked and may have amesia like you did is also bothering you.

*Kristy then rounded on Spangled angerly.*

Kristy: It's nothing like my amesia... Mine was surgically removed... Blitz's was beating out of him. And... that stupid Leo!...

*Kristy turned back to the shooting area and even though the plate had allready landed she still fire at it.*

Spangled: You're mad at Leo's promo?

Kristy: well, yeah. I why would he say those things about Blitz? Aren't the two of them friends?

Spangled: He's just saying what's on his mind... though I don't believe Leo ever called Blitz his friend.

*Kristy went over to a seat outside and sat down.*

Kristy: What ever, I don't want to talk about it.

*Spangled looked at her and could tell she did but decieded not to risk ending up like one of those plates. So he casually walked to a seat siting opposite Kristy and sat down.*

Spangled: Then what do you want to talk about?

*Kristy sat there for a minute looking out over the shooting area still fumming.*

Spangled: Ummm... how about your match on Ladies Night?

*Kristy does a small grunt but continues to fume.*

Spangled: ok... it's against Torrie Wilson... Some seem to think that you'll win due to Torrie Wilson's lack of ability to ... I believe they used the word try.

*Kristy turned torwards Spangled.*

Kristy: I read them too and majority of them didn't even care... saying it was a bunch of no bodies facing off.

Spangled: You were gone for a while... and before that, even longer. Plus the fact that you've never held a title...

*Kristy glared at Spangled.*

Kristy: You're not helping.

*Spangled only shrugged it off.*

Spangled: I'm only saying that you can't blaim them for thinking you're a no body.

*There was another reason Spangled knew of but given Kristy current state of mind he deemed it best not to bring it up. Though Kristy took note of it.*

Kristy: And?

Spangled: And what?

*Spangled only gave a small indication that there was a another reason but he hid it well after that so he was a bit surprised that she cuaght on to it.*

Kristy: What's the other reason?

*Spangled debated his choises and decieded to go ahead and tell her.*

Spangled: Well the other... don't shoot me... but the other is because of you're affliations with Blitz...

*Kristy's face turned mad as she fired a very large beam up into the air with a yell.*

Kristy: What is with these stupid people... I'm getting sick and tired of everyone basising their stupid bias towards us because some previous losses. Can they not see that we've changed? I mean I may have lost my last match but I won my first one back and I've got just about half wins and half losses on my record same has Blitz... is that not pretty good? I've made it past the first round of King of extreme as and I've wn most of my one on one matches. So how can they just say that I'm still a no body. I only stopped in the first place because I wasn't able to compete due to being pregnant. The other time was because my job and home life started becoming to strainuous so I had to leave for awhile. But that's all taken care of.

*Spangled just sat there and let her rant. Good to atleast get it out of her system.*

Kristy: I try my butt off and just because I've gotten busy in the past makes them think that I'm a no body? Oh they have another thing coming to them. I'm sick of it up to here. If they want me win just to show I'm something? Fine.

*Kristy then looked at Spangled.*

Kristy: Now go I got work to do?

Spangled: ... huh ok...

*Spangled got up and left. He didn't need to update the program he made for Kristy, manuelly. Kristy got up still fumming. She walked into the middle of the field and began to do a few basic stretches.*

Kristy: Oh I'll win all right.

*Kristy dropped down and began some push-ups.*

Kristy: I'll win so bad they'll have to take notice.
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Kristy Vs Torrie Wilson Empty Re: Kristy Vs Torrie Wilson

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:55 pm
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