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Kristy Vs Amelia Andrews Empty Kristy Vs Amelia Andrews

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:52 pm
Kristy vs Amelia Andrews (faught her before)

*The scene opens to a work out area. In this work out area there were state of the art equipment as well as a ring in the middle of the room. Inside the ring was Kristy Jensen has she was training on a punching bag that was suspended from the ceiling. The punching bag was removable so the ring could be used normally. There was also a radio near by. The radio was currently playing the song 'DJ Got Us Falling In Love again' by User ft Pitbull.*

*As Kristy continued to train the camera pans around to see that the punching bag had the face of Amelia Andrews taped to it. Kristy did this to help get just that much more mentally prepared as she continued practicing her strike attacks on the punching bag. A couple of times she threw in a couple of running strikes as she'd run to the ropes as she'd lean back and propell herself then using her speed she then exicuted a Flying Wheel Kick. The force of the impact caused the punching bag to swing on the swing on it's henge. Kristy then caught the punching bag and stopped it. She then performed the Cyborg Rush on the punching bag. With her work out finished she left the ring to where she had her gym bag and she grabbed a towel. After wiping her face with it she placed it back down as she grabbed up her water bottle and took a drink. As she was doing this however, her cell went off in her bag and she reached in and answered it.*

Kristy: Hey Trixy.

*Kristy paused as she listened to what Trixy was saying.*

Kristy: No, I can't say I know where Leo is.

*Kristy paused again as she listened.*

Kristy: I see.... Say since you called how about scheduling an interview?

*Kristy listened as she then smiled.*

Kristy: Sounds great, See you then.

*Kristy hangs up the phone as she then picks up her bag and heads out the room.*

*The scene then cuts to later as Kristy's heading out the front door of the mansion. She was pushing a kind of stroller that had both her kids in it. She was heading to a limo parked out front. One of the butlers had the door opened for her has she placed the stroller into the Limo. She was just about to get in herself when something shot threw the air and landed right besides her foot. It was an Arrow with a note attached to it. Kristy quickly retracted her foot as she began to look to who shot the arrow. Ofcourse, there was only one person she knew of that'd used a bow and arrow and that was former eWe superStar Green Arrow. Kristy didn't see anybody even though the security guards were trying to rush her along. But Kristy made to pick up the arrow then she got into the limo and the limo driver drove off.*

*Kristy unwrapped the note from the arrow. The note had a single date on it. The date of WrestleMania. Kristy pocketed the note and put the arrow in a safe place.*

*The scene cuts to an interviewing room where we see Trixy in her usaul spot in front of the camera. Then there was a knock on the door.*

Trixy: Come in.

*The door opened and in walked Kristy Jensen pushing her stroller with her two kids in it. Trixy looked at the kids and smiled.*

Trixy: Awe... they're so cute.

*Kristy smiled as she then had a seat.*

Kristy: shall we begin?

Trixy: Ofcouse.

*Trixy pressed a button on a remote as the interviewing camera came to life and began recording.*

Trixy: Trixy here with eWe Diva Kristy Jensen.

*Kristy gave a small wave.*

Trixy: Now Kristy, you're going up against Amelia Andrews who I believe you've faught before.

Kristy: Well, honestly I can't remember. Because I remember a match I had some months ago was a bit of a mix up. I prepared for one person but ended up facing the other. But I believe I won the match though.

Trixy: Yeah, I remember that one too. Let's just blaim Jay and move on.

Kristy: Sounds good to me.

Trixy: Ok, Now, dispite the mix up during that time, how do you feel now?

Kristy: I'm prepared. I've been working out both physically and mentally. I've studied her moves and technicues so that no matter what she throws at me I'll be right there waiting for the exact counter needed to put me in an advantage.

Trixy: So after what people found out last time do you think you'll still be able to balance, kids, work, and eWe? I mean do you think that the pressures will ever get to be to much?

Kristy: Don't worry, I've got it figured out. You see, I love my kids and my job is a responsibility for me that some of the other Divas and superstars haven't known about. eWe has just been something of a passion of mine. Even when I was away I just couldn't keep my self compeletly away as I'd check up on things. Now I don't know what kind of background Ameila Andrews comes from but for me eWe is something I just can't go without and when I get in that ring I'm going to show Amelia what true passion is by winning that match.

Trixy: I see... well with WrestleMania coming up, do you have any plans of trying to get in?

Kristy: I'd like to get into WrestleMania, who wouldn't. The best that I can do now is show that I'm worth being put in it by winning matches. The opponents have increased so far as first I went up against someone completly new to the eWe scene. But now I'm up against someone who's been here awhile. I'm not about to loose. If I'm going to make it to WreslteMania I've got to win. So sorry Amelia but I've got to win this.

Trixy: Allright so any final words before we close this up?

Kristy: Yes.

*Kristy faces the interviewing Camera.*

Kristy: Amelia, come Ladies Night your are my opponent. Now I don't care if you try to bring up my old match history because you know what? I'm a changed women. I've trained harder, I've studied longer, and I'm ready. So don't come expecting the old Kristy Tiger because you'll come to a shock when Kristy Jensen shows up.

Trixy: ok, that's all we have time for. Thanks for watching.

*Trixy turns off the camera as the scene fades.*

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Kristy Vs Amelia Andrews Empty Re: Kristy Vs Amelia Andrews

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:52 pm
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