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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:46 am
I'll be adjusting this better.  But for now I'll just link my profiles I have in the 3 companies Maya's in.

HSW: http://hswefed.x10host.com/Roster/Profiles/MayaJensen.html

CWF: https://cwflives.wixsite.com/cwfwrestling/jensen

LAW: http://law2013.proboards.com/thread/2330/m...1&scrollTo=5684
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on Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:21 pm
OOC Information

Your Name: JC Kane

Best way to contact you: PM on here.. or Skype (Search JC-Kane@hotmail.com) and that's also my email.

How you found L.A.W.: Extreme Wrestling Entertainment Affiliate

Wrestler Information:

Name: Maya Jensen

Nickname(s): (If any)

Gimmick: (nothing that I know of...)

Pic Base: Crystal Liu Yifei / Crystal Liu / Liu Yifei (they're all the same person)

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches

Weight: 110lbs

Hometown: Albany, New York

Theme Music: "World Without Danger(Instrumental)" by Subdigitals

Common Entrance: Maya is blind thus she is lead down by her manager, Annabelle. She also wears a blindfold over her eyes.

Alignment: Face

10-15 Common Moves:

1) Spring Board Shooting Star

2) Various spring Board attacks

3) Spear

4) Lionsault

5) Huricarana (all variations)

6) Bull Dog (all variations)

7) Diving Cross body

Cool Phoenix Splash

9) Drop Kick (all variations including Missle Drop kick)

10) Russian Leg Sweep

11) Flashback

Trademark Moves: (3 Max With Descriptions or Video links)

Tiger Spirit Kick: Flying 'Spinning sole Kick 2(from WWE 2k17)'. Basically, Maya springboards and while in the air hits her opponent with the move Spinning sole kick 2 (from WWE 2k17)

18 Waves of Pain: STF Camel Clutch 2 (from WWE 2k17)

X-Blade Crash: Flying Spear

Finisher: (2 Max with Descriptions or Video Links)

Frigid Ice Wall: Code Breaker

Green No More: Step-up Enzuigri (from WWE 2K17)

Fighting Style: Hardcore, brawler, Martial Arts

Manager Information: (If you don't have a manager, leave it blank)

Manager Name: Annabelle Jackson

Manager Pic Base: Molly Quinn
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on Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:09 pm

When Maya began her wrestling career, she had no memory of her past.  Including with this was that some kind of cosmetic surgery was performed on her that forced her into looking like an ugly green elf.  Eventually, Maya met Kristy Jensen who brought her into the world of wrestling under her wing.  Maya had trouble fitting into the company thanks to her looks but she slowly built up wins.

Eventually, Maya found out who she was as it was even a surprise to her as well as Kristy as it turned out that Maya was Kristy's daughter.  Maya soon moved into her mother's house while she continued to compete in EWE.  She also had formed a team with Mizore, a girl she had a crush on.  Maya eventually told Mizore of her crush and eventually the two started dating.

During Maya's time in EWE, Maya managed to win every title the Diva's Brand had to offer, crowing her the 3rd ever Diva's Grand Slammer.   After an incident, Maya took a break from EWE but before she could fully recover, the federation closed down.

During the incident, Maya's mother Kristy, who had grown more harsh over towards the end of Maya's time in EWE, forced Maya into the surgery to allow Maya to return to her natural look.  Maya hadn't done so before due to a number of reasons but one of which was due to her fear of the surgery.

After a recovery, Maya returned to the wrestling world in Ladies All-Star Wrestling (LAW). There, Maya had 3 matches before eventually leaving due to needing to focus on the other fed she had joined during her time there.  After a few months absent from the fed, Maya eventually returned as the tag team partner of Abby Addiction.  This team lasted for 2 matches before Abby left the company forcing Maya into singles competition.

Two weeks after her first match in LAW, Maya joined High Stakes Wrestling (HSW) which was owned by a former wreslter of EWE.  A lot of the old main stays of EWE returned to HSW so Maya joined up with her Girlfriend Mizore.  Maya worked hard to do well in the company but after a downward spiral, Maya started to have difficulties.  She failed out of winning the Tag titles, twice.  She failed to make it to the semi-finals of the HSW World Championship Tournament, and failed to get ahold of the Diva's championship thanks to her sister getting involved at the end.  Maya was set to compete in HSW's 2nd PPV in a match against Annie Fugate in order to win Diva's Championship however, the fed closed it's doors before the PPV was even aired.

At some point while still wrestling in HSW, Maya participated in a special Battle Royal that one Championship Wrestling Federation was putting on.  Maya lost but had decided to join the fed afterwords.  Mizore even decided to assist her in tag matches during this time. Maya made a splash but never was able to win a big match as she lost in the Tag Titles match during the Halloween PPV and lost during her match at the winter PPV the following month.  However, it was before the winter PPV that Maya had a match with a devastating individual who through some kind of chemical into her eyes.  The results of which caused Maya to go blind.  Maya attempted to continue in all three feds she was in at the time, but after learning there wasn't a chance for her to recover, Maya decided to go on leave of Absents so she could get special trainng to fix her eyes.  Ofcourse, during which time LAW closed it's doors before Maya could return.  HSW had closed it's doors on what was supposed to be Maya's last match there until her LOA.  

As for LAW, when the higher-ups found out about Maya's sight not having a chance to return, they fired her instead of allow her to return at a later date.

At this point, Mizore had decided to retire from wrestling after HSW closed its doors.  Due to this, Maya gave up on her special training and officially retired as well.  It was during her retirement that her mother, Kristy Jensen, was still working on finding a way to fix Maya's eyes due to a specialist.  She finally finds a specialist who is able to fix Maya's eyes but it was after finding out about the news that Maya got into a car crash, forcing her into a coma.  During which time Mizore returned to wrestling.

Before Maya woke up, Kristy had the doctor's perform the eye surgery on her, much to Mizore's annoyance as she feared something bad would happen.  After nearly 6 months in the coma, Maya woke up and had decided to also return to wrestling, so she began to train to get back into shape after her extended stay in the hospital.  Including any mental tole the coma had on her.

Ofcourse, it wasn't too long after Maya woke up that Mizore's father had a heart attack, thus Mizore went to stay with her father due to being worried about him.  As Maya looked to find a new federation to return too.
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