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Kristy Vs Serena Lopez Empty Kristy Vs Serena Lopez

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:07 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=2392

Show: Summer BreakDown 2011 (PrePay-per-view show) HeatWave

*The scene opens to a locker room of Kristy Jensen. She had just finished her last match and was had just gotten out of her wrestling attire and into her normal clothes.*

Kristy: Stupid JC... couldn't tell me the right opponent...

*There was a knock at the door and Ramona comes in.*

Ramona: Where you talking to yourself?

Kristy: No... Just making an out of character comment about JC's lake of ability to tell me the right opponent.

Ramona: But you won did you not?

Kristy: She no showed and based on what happened with Emma...

Ramona: Emma Watts? What's she got to do with this?

Kristy: JC said she had my opponent and I had hers.... but thanks to that Emma lost her match.

Ramona: I see... Well you sure that the judges want to hear you ranting in OOC?

Kristy: No I guess not.

Ramona: Good so let's stop wasting the words of this RP and go do something.

Kristy: you know that was an ooc comment, besides my role plays never really get close to 3000 words.

Romoan: *Sighes* can we just go? I'm not sure if the judges like these ooc comments and you really shouldn't open up a RP with them.

Kristy: Fine let's go.

*The two of them leave and the scene fades.*

*The scene opens to Kristy entering the training room of the Jensen Mansion. Inside Ramona was waiting for her.*

Ramona: Well, good news.

Kristy: What?

Ramona: you've got a match coming up.

Kristy: In the payperview?

Ramona: no the heatwave pre-show.

Kristy: Oh, well who's it against?

Ramona: Serena Lopez.

Kristy: Serena Lopez? Hmmm... Where have I heard that name before…? Any chance she's related to George Lopez?

Ramona: I have no idea. But you've probably heard of her cause she was on a federation called Full Force Wrestling.

Kristy: She any good?

Ramona: What am I you're personal information getter?

Kristy: all the pros have one.

Ramona: *sighs.* No, but I do hope you're not taking this match too lightly.

Kristy: I'm not. Just a little tired.

Ramona: Then it's time you got to work. Now we can begin with a Hiroshima snot rocket…

Kristy: *eye brows goes up.* A himo what?

Ramona: *smiles* just a joke. Now start warming up. We got a long day ahead of you.

*So kristy begins to warm up by doing some stretches eventually she gets to the warm up exercises like jumping jacks and pushups.*

Kristy: *doing a push up.* so anything you can tell me about Serena?

Ramona: She enjoys fame.

Kristy: fine I'll just have to knock the fame right out of her... or better yet she can get famous for her defeat.

Ramona: Now don't go heal on me.

Kristy: I'm just saying that if fame's she's after then there's other ways she can get it. I've decided that I'm taking this federation by storm. I don't care who I face. I'm going to show them all that I'm not the same as I once was.

Ramona: Good for you.

*Kristy's work out got more intense as she thought about her up coming match. She strained herself hard to get the most out of her work out. For she knew that she needed to be at her best. For this may have been just a normal match but to Kristy it meant a chance to prove herself. It meant that she was going to stop being the Kristy she once was. She was going to be a winner. These thoughts continued through her head as she eventually finished her work out.*

Kristy: man I'm pumped.

Ramona: but you just finished your work out.

Kristy: Can't help it. Just the thought of my match gets me pumped up. Now spar with me...

Ramona: All right then.

*So the two spared, With Kristy’s enthusiasm she continued out wrestle Ramona time and time again. The scene then fades.*

*The scene opens to Kristy's locker room. Kristy had not lost any of her Zeal for her up coming match as she was already changed and in her wrestling attire. There was a knock at her door and she answered it to see Tirxy with a cameraman behind her.*

Trixy: hey Kristy.

Kristy: Hey.

Trixy: say why didn't you schedule an interview like you normally do?

Kristy: Sorry, I've been to training for my match.

Trixy: Oh well could you spare a bit of time for one now?

Kristy: Sure.

Trixy: *turns to the camera.* Hello this is Trixy from eWe and I'm here with Kristy Tiger...

Kristy: Jensen.

Trixy: *looks around.* Where? Is he finally back from his leave?

Kristy: *Sighs.* No... You said Kristy Tiger... I'm Kristy Jensen now.

Trixy: Oh right... sorry. *Turns back to the camera.* I'm here with Kristy Jensen who's here for her second match since coming back to eWe. *she turns to kristy.* so tell us Kristy how do you feel?

OOC: Must resist putting a shrink joke here.

Kristy: I feel prime. As in I'm in prime condition. I've been getting my body into just perfect shape and I'm ready to go and give Ms. Lopez’s a warm welcome to eWe... from the flat of her back.

Trixy: *raises eyebrow* George Lopez’s daughter in this match?

Kristy: *sighs.* Serena Lopez.

Tirxy: Oh right I knew that... I guess I'm still mixed up from getting your opponent wrong last time.

Kristy: its ok....*thinks murderous thoughts about JC.*

OOC: :O should I be fearful for my life?

Trixy: Anyways, any words you have against your opponent Serena Lopez.

Kristy: yes I do. You see I know that Serena's new and I also know that she's been from another federation. But if she's going to come here and think that her first match will be an easy one then she's badly mistaken. I'm here to make a statement to every Diva in eWe that I'm not the girl I used to be. So you'd better bring your best Serena or your debut will end in failer.

Trixy: I see. Well any final words.

Kristy: Yes, I'm here to say that it doesn't matter what my past record was. I've changed and I'm here to show everyone that too.... Welcome to a new Kristy, Kristy Jensen that is.

Trixy: Ok that's all we have time for. *turns to the camera* this is Trixy signing off.

*Trixy says good bye to Kristy and her and the cameraman leaves. Kristy closes the door. She was ready. Both mentally and physically.*

Kristy: ~Watch out Serena, I'm coming for you.~

(The scene fades.)

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Kristy Vs Serena Lopez Empty Re: Kristy Vs Serena Lopez

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:08 pm
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