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Blitz Shows Footage Empty Blitz Shows Footage

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:56 am
(the scene opens up to Kristy lying on her couch. She was bored because she won't be having a match for a while, plus she was also thinking about something.)

Kristy: Could it be true? Could Jensen really, have shot Leo's girlfriend? Nah, it couldn't be true.

(There was a knock at the door.)

Kristy: Come in.

(the door opened and Blitz walks into the room.)

Kristy: (sitting up) Blitz, nice to see you.

Blitz: were you talking to someone?

Kristy: No, I was just monologging

Blitz: ok, so hey, I brought something I want you to see.

Kristy: What is it?

Blitz: a video.

Kristy: Well, go ahead and play it.

(Blitz moved to the TV in the room and put in a dvd. he pressed play and joined Kristy on the couch. The video started and it was some security footage of what happened before retribution.)

Kristy: What's this?

Blitz: You remeber back before retribution, when you were captured. Well, it took me a while but I managed to get this footage. Check it out.

(the video showed the following scene.)

Begin video
(The video opens up to the arena that Retribution was held at. Blitz and Kristy we're standing in the hall talking. Just then Jensen came walking by.)

Jensen: Hello.

Blitz: Hey, Jensen.

(Jensen stopped walking.)

Jensen: So you have a Retribution match on Sunday?

Blitz: Yep against Spider, for his Mid Eastern Championship belt.

Jensen: I see...

(Jensen caught a glance at Kristy, then a look of shock appeared on his face.)

Jensen: (Shocked) What are you doing here?

Kristy: Do you know me?

Jensen: Well... (Jensen paused for a moment.) Yes, I do know you.

Kristy: Good, can you tell me who I am?

Jensen: Of course, if you'll kindly come to my office.

Kristy: Great. Come on Blitz.

Blitz: right behind you.

(Jensen looked at Blitz and for a second looked as if he didn't want Blitz to come along but he turned and started walking to his office.)

Jensen: So how did you and Blitz know each other.

Kristy: Well, I ran into him on the road. He's been helping me, since I've got amnesia.

Jensen: Is that so?

(The three of them continued to walk. They finally reached a door. Jensen took out a key and opened it.)

Blitz: Hey, I thought your room was...

(But suddenly, Jensen signaled two guys inside the room and they came out and tackled Blitz. Jensen then pulled something from his pocket and touched Kristy
with it. A static sound was heard and Kristy fell down.)

Blitz: (Struggling with the two men.) What did you do?

Jensen: She is property of Jensen Industries and I'm taking her back.

Blitz: No!

(The two guys managed to push Blitz into the door they came out of it and shut the door. Jensen looked through the door's window.)

Jensen: Don't worry, You we're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(The two guys picked up Kristy and they, along with Jensen Walked off.)

end video

(Blitz hits stop on the remote and turns to Kristy. Kristy's look was that of shock and bewilderment.)

Blitz: I told you that I wasn't lying.

Kristy: That... Micheal, lied to me?

Blitz: Yeah.

Kristy: but, why would he do it?

Blitz: he's trying to use you Kristy. He couldn't get you then so he wanted to try keep you with him, so he'd be able to get another chance at putting a controling chip in you.

Kristy: But why hasn't he done it all ready?

Blitz: Dr. Warlin, the scientist that turned you into a cyborg, is curently in jail now. My geuss is that he's going to wait, till he can get Warlin out, or get someone else who knows how to do it, before he puts in the chip.

Kristy: Oh.

(the two sat in silence has Kristy try to absorb this new information.)

Blitz: You see, Jesen is not a good guy. He manipulates people into doing what he wants and if they don't he, makes them pay. You were working on a case against him and some Ilegal Super soldier project he had. Jensen didn't like it, so he kidnapped you and made you apart of his project.

Kristy: How do you know about this?

(Blitz pulls out a CD from his pocket and hands it to Kristy)

Blitz: I managed to get a hold of your files, from that cop guy we met after I rescued you.

(Kristy Staired at the CD Blitz gave her.)

Blitz: So, would you like to make sure, Jensen can never, manipulate or turn anyone into a cyborg again.

(Kristy continued to stare at the CD. How could Jensen do that to her. She thought Jensen loved her. Kristy looked at Blitz.)

Kristy: (Sirously) Tell me how.

Blitz: It's time for you to pick up your old case.

(The scene fades)

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