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Kristy Vs Britney "Sugar" West Empty Kristy Vs Britney "Sugar" West

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:46 am
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=955

Show: Chaos [9/13/2010]

Results Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=977

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Sunday(12th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(12th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(12th)/Monday(13th) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(13th) 1 am
UK: Monday(13th) 6am

Kristy Tiger vrs, Britney sugar West

Kristy was Jogging down the street for this was a part of her new training program that she had come up with. Kristy was pushing herself now for her recent loss has made her relise that if she was to be taken siriours in this company she'd need to start winning. This opertunity to become Women's champ had passed but she was bown determinded that when the next time came she'd be ready. She was out to show everyone that she means buisness and she was going to come out and show every single opponent she had that she's come to win, Starting with Britney West.

As she continued her jog her phone began to ring with a 'Can you feel the love tonight' ring tone. She knew who it was, it was Micheal Jensen. But she didn't want to answer it. Not because she didn't care about him anymore, but she knew that he'd distract her from her training. but it had all ready been the eleventh time he's called. So she connected those cell phone headsets to her cell phone and answered the phone.

"hello, Micheal, " Kristy said.

"Good you answered this time, " Jensen said, " I was about to send out a search party."

"Sorry, " Kristy said, "but After loosing my chance at being number one contender I've decided that I really need to focus on my matches."

"I understand, " Jensen said, "But you know you could have told me."

"Yeah, well I thought that you might try to.., " Kristy said, "You know take control. And this is something that I need to do myself."

"So does that mean the opera tickets I got are going to go to waiste, " Jensen said.

"I'm afriad so, " Kristy said, "But we can do something on a week I don't have a match."

"You know that probally won't be for a while, " Jensen said, "due to the small amount of wrestlers."

They were silent as kristy continued her jog.

"How about after Chaos is over?" Jensen susjested, "That way you can focus on your up coming matches, and it'll be before the next card."

"That'll work fine, " Kristy said, "And thanks for understanding."

"No problem, " jensen said, "see you."

"See you, " Kristy said and hung up.

Kristy continued on her jog putting her focus back on training for her next match. Now that Jensen understood, her reason's there was nothing to disract her, nothing at...

"Hey kristy, " A voice sounded from a behind Kristy.

Kristy turned around only to see Blitz 1 whiteTiger.

"Blitz? What are you doing here?" Kristy asked confused.

"Me and my friend Thend have been on a road trip for some time now, " Blitz said.

"Road trip? I thought road trips normally stayed in their borders?" Kristy said.

"Not are, " Blitz told her, "My brother was with us for a while but he had to leave."

"I see," Kristy said.

a silence fell on them. an awkward silence, because the last time they saw each other it wasn't a very nice visit. Suddenly, Blitz broke the subject.

"Look, I don't want you to stay mad at me, " Blitz said, "I still don't know what I did exactly, but can't we be friends."

"You were, trying to keep my powers to yourself, " Kristy said remembering why she didn't like Blitz any more, "plus you lied about Micheal involved with kidnapping me all because you got it in for him. He told me how you stole something from him."

"I didn't steal anything from him, " Blitz said.

"Trixy told me you did, " Kristy said, "She even helped you."

"um, that was a error on JC's part?" Blitz said, "when he was writing that role play he forgot that me and trixy basically stole something from Dalton, not Jensen. But I'm still not to happy about Jensen."

"Oh, " Kristy said, "Well, then I geuss we can still be friends, as long as you don't mind me dating Jensen."

"Sure, " Blitz said, "You still have my number?"

"I kind of deleted it," Kristy said.

Blitz dug into his pocket and dug out a small card.

"Here you go, " Blitz said, "If you need anything just give me a call."

"Since when do you have a card?" Kristy asked.

"Oh because JC didn't want to make up a number for me to have, " blitz said with a grin, "I'll be off then you'd better get back to training for your match."

"How did you know I have a match, " Kristy said.

Blitz gave a classic Blitz grinn, "Just a hunch, later." And with that he was off.

Kristy stood there for a moment then shrugged, time to get back to her work out.


Later that day, as Kristy was in a public gym working on one the the machines, Kelly the chaos interviewer came up to Kristy with a cameraman.

"Hey Kristy, " Kelly said, "care for an interview?"

"I'm a little bussy here," Kristy said as she continued her workout.

"but it won't take but a few seconds, " kelly said as she signaled the cameraman to begin rolling.

"Kelly here as we see Kristy training for her match coming up on Monday, " Kelly said as she faced the camera then she turned to Kristy who was still working out, "So Kristy, this change in your work out schedule, does it have anything to do with you loosing your change at getting at stap at the women's championship title?"

Kristy stopped and turned towards the camera.

"I'm going to tell you now, " Kristy said, "I've decided that I'm going to step it up, in eWe. So the next time I get another shot at the Woment's Championship title I'm not going to mess it up. I'm through loosing. I'm starting with Sugar, then I'm going up. Right now you could say I have a sweet toothe, so Britney, bring on the sugar."

"And there you have it, " Kelly said turning back towards the camera, "I'm Kelly, signing off."

Kelly turned back towards Kristy who went back to workout.

"Thanks for the interview, " Kelly said then she and the camera man left.

Kristy continued her workout.

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Kristy Vs Britney "Sugar" West Empty Re: Kristy Vs Britney "Sugar" West

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:52 am
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