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Kristy Vs Amy James Vs Alicia Q Vs Sugar Empty Kristy Vs Amy James Vs Alicia Q Vs Sugar

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:30 am
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=934

Show: Chaos [9/6/2010]

Date: September 6th, 2010
Venue: Ernst Happel Stadion - Wien, Austria

Standard Match
Green Arrow vs Stefan King

Standard Match
Alpha Male vs Christian King

#1 Con. For Women's Championship
Fatal Four Way
Amy James vs Alicia Q vs Britney "Sugar" West vs Kristy Tiger

Non-Title Match
Dean Winchester� vs White Knight

Standard Match
Snake vs Mr Man

Non-Title Match
Johnny Chaos vs Abdul Q�

EWE Championship
White Tiger� vs Kurtis Porter

[9-6-10] Amy James vs Alicia Q vs Sugar vs Kristy
#1 Con. Women's Championship

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Sunday(5th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(5th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(5th)/Monday(6th) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(6th) 1 am
UK: Monday(6th) 6am

Kristy Tiger walked up to Jensen's study.  As she got closer she started to here voices inside.  She could make out someone on the inside yelling, Kristy got up to the door and knocked.

"Who is it? " Jensen said in an agressive tone.

"Kristy," Kristy replied a little taken aback by Jensen's tone.

"Come in," Jensen said his tone more softer.

Kristy entered the room to find Jensen standing behind his desk and one of his security guys in front of Jensen's desk.

"That'll be all, " Jensen told the security guy.

The guy left and shut the door behind him.

"What was that all about?" Kristy asked.

"I was just talking to him about whatever that Jynks virus that his Chaos last monday, " Jensen said.

"It's called the Jynks virus?" Kristy asked.

"I don't know, " Jensen admitted, "We've been calling it that becuase of the letters that appeared on the Titantron."

"So do you have any leads?"  Kristy asked.

"I have a few ideas, " Jensen said, "But otherwise nothing.  Who ever made that virus was very cleaver, too cleaver. He left no trace that could lead us to him.  Atleast as of right now."

"Who do you think did it?" Kristy asked.

"I don't think you should worry about it, " Jensen said, "You should be focusing on your next match."

"But what if whoever sent that virus does it again?" Kristy asked.

"I have a feeling that the virus was a one time thing, " Jensen said, "Whatever they were trying to get rid of they accomplished it."

"You mean you know what they were after?" Kristy asked.

"No, " Jensen said but Kristy thought she dected a slight hint that he did know, "The Jynks corrupted all files at eWe. As well as destroyed all the video files.  So I'd say he's done his job."

"We'll eWe be able to recover from it?"  kristy asked.

"eWe well be fine," Jensen said, "Leave those things for me to worry about, you just focus on your match.  It is a number one contender match."

"It is?" Kristy asked, "Who my up against?"

"Didn't you read the card?" Jensen asked back.

"No not really, " Kristy admitted.

"Well you up agianst Alicia Q, Sugar, and Amy James, " Jensen told her.

"Amy James again?" Kristy said.

"Right, " Jensen said, "But remember just because you beat her last time, don't think you will be able to defeat her easily this time."

"Right, " Kristy confirmed, "becuase this time I'm also going up against two other divas besides her and their all gunning for the same thing, I shot at the Women's Championship title."

"Exactly, " Jensen said, "You need to go in there and so them that your running hot."

"I know that I'll win, " Kristy said, "It's time to start my up word climb in eWe, It started with Amy James last week, and now this week it's going to be for the number one contender for the Women's championship."

"Now, " Jensen began, "I'd like to ask you to come with me to a ball."

"A Ball?" Kristy asked confused.

"Yes you know where you go dancing, " Jensen said with a smile.

"I know what a Ball is, " Kristy said.

"So you'll join me?" Jensen asked.

"Sure I'll join you," Kristy said, "Just tell me when it is."

"Tonight at seven," Jensen answered, "I'll come pick you up."

"All right then, " Kristy said as she turned to leave, "see you then."

And with that Kristy left.


Time seemed to drag on after Kristy arrived back at her hotel room.  Kristy tried to occupy herself with some training for her match but thoughts of going to the ball with Jensen seemed to come up.

I'm going to a ball, Kristy thought, an actual ball.  

Kristy had never been to a ball before, but then again with her Surgical amesia she really couldn't tell.  But time seemed to stand still as Kristy waited.  She'd just sit there on her couch and look at her watch, then she'd sit for what seemed like two hours then check her watch agian only to find out that five minutes had gone by.  Then with an 2 hour left to go she got a phone call.

"Hello, " Kristy said into the reciver.

"Dective Tiger?" The guy at the recieving end asked, his voice sounded nervous.

"Sorry I don't go by that name anymore, " Kristy said not noticing the man's nervousness.

"I see, I see, " The man said, "We need to meet."

"huh?" Kristy started, "Who is this."

"I-I-I-I... You kn-kn-know I can't discuss that over the phone, " the man studdered.

"Listen you, " Kristy said agitated, "I don't know what kind of joke your playing but it's not in the least bit funny.  Good-by."

Kristy hung up her phone.  What was that all about, Kristy wondered. Kristy checked her watch agian to see how much time had past.

"Rats, " Kristy said, "only five minutes.  Whatever I'm going ot start getting ready."

Once she was ready she waited once again on the couch.  Finially a knock came from the door.  Kristy got up and opened the door to find Jensen in a tuxedo.

"Ready?" Jensend asked.

"Yeah," Kristy said.

They both walked down and out of the apartment building. When they got outside Kristy gasped.  For sitting outside was a horse a buggy the kind like the one from cinderalla.  They both got in and a driver in front had start the horses. The horse lead the buggy all the way the place the ball was being held.

Now I won't bore you with all the details but Jensen and Kristy both had a great time.  They danced, they kissed, the woo hoo'd... No wait that doesn't happen till later.  *wink wink*  but all in the same they were both happy and in love when Jensen dropped Kristy off at her apartment.  Kristy entered her apartment, which is a place way out of my price range.  But any woo, When Kristy enters she walks in with her mind wrapped in the event of that night.  Saddly her happy time get ruined as she sees a strange guy inside her living room wearing a hood.

"Who are you?" Kristy asked.

"We need t-t-to t-t-t-t-talk, " The guy stamered, "I thought the c-c-c-case was over when y-y-you disap-p-peared, but then I saw your picture in the paper, how that you dating Mr. J-j-j-jensen. So I take i-i-it that the C-c-c-ase is still on?"

"What are you talking about?" Kristy said, then an unseen light balb turns on above her head as she relises somthing, "you the guy from the phone."

"Y-y-yes, " the guy said.

"Well, You'd better listen to me real good, " Kristy said her irritation rising, "I want you to get out and stay away from me."

the guy stood there unsure.

"W-W-What?"  the guy studered, as if I really need to type studered, you can tell that he's doing that. Can't you?

"I said get out! " Krsity yelled then hissed... Ok fine she didn't hiss.

The guy stood there for another few seconds then trimpled out the door.  He he  'trimpled out the door', that's a good one.

Kristy went to the door, Non-studering in all, and placed a hand on the door.

"And if I ever see you again I'll get my boyfriend, Micheal Jensen to deal with you, " Kristy said, you could see the guy mouth the words "Boyfriend?", yes with a ?, when Kristy slammed the door... Maybe I should correct myself, since obviously you can't actually "see" him, you have to read it and picture it in your head... oh wait you "see" it with your minds, nevermind then.

Kristy turned and went to her couch, which is apparently her favorite spot.  She sat down and sighed.

"With that out of the way, " Kristy said to no one at all which is really wierd, but then again this is a role play, "I can bring my full attention on Amy, Alicia, and Surgar because I am NOT going ot loose that match."

and with those 'words of encouragment', I shall end this role play with the classic...

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Kristy Vs Amy James Vs Alicia Q Vs Sugar Empty Re: Kristy Vs Amy James Vs Alicia Q Vs Sugar

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:49 am
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