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Frost Elite Vs Harvey Danger & LaRusso (Mizore's RP)

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:02 am

It’s a strange sight indeed in Glasgow Scotland. Speeding down the road to the hospital is Maya Jensen’s mother Kristy Jensen and Maya’s girlfriend Mizore Payne. Kristy is behind the wheel, pushing the car to it’s limits and swerving around slower moving cars. She says a few words here and there to Mizore but Mizore if off in her own little world. How could she have let this happen. Maya always wants her to travel with her. But the travel schedule was hard on her not to mention clashing with the special training she’s been getting from her mother. But this was a show she should have gone too. Specially after the warnings. Amber Ryan isn’t exactly high up on her buddy list. But if a women like that tells you to fear a man, it should be taken notice of.

{Mizore Payne}

I should have gone. I should have been there for her.

She says this more to herself, barely audible. Kristy says something in return but Mizore doesn’t hear it. All that she can think about is how she constantly fails Maya. Maya is so loving and caring to her. And sometimes she feels like she doesn’t return it like she should. Of course she isn’t use to getting so much love from a person. She was raised her entire life in an orphanage. She watched as the other kids she knew got adopted off or grew up and moved on. But for some reason, parents didn’t want her. She never understood why. Of course she loved Cindy and Dwayne like they were her parents, unaware that her real mother was so close for so long. She jumps as Kristy lays on the horn, serving past a slow moving car and calling them some pretty not nice names.

{Mizore Payne}

You should slow down a little bit. I want to see Maya not share a room with her.

Kristy has some kind of sarcastic response but Mizore ignores her. Her and Maya have came a long way as a couple. From two unknowns who became unlikely friends to one of the most renown tag teams to come out of the eWe. And two divas who are quickly looking to be the future of HSW and maybe even the wrestling world. She already proved herself when she won the HSW title despite turning around and losing it two weeks later. And even though she knows Maya hasn’t quite had the same luck, it’s only a matter of time until she finds her groove and she will have the same success. Mizore knows this to be true. But this setback, this could be disastrous.

{Mizore Payne}

He will pay. One way or another, I’ll make sure Elisha pays for what he did.

Mizore slams her fist down on the seat next to her, making Kristy jump slightly. It’s one thing to dislocate a shoulder like Eighteen did to Maya. That can heal quickly. But blinding her. That is something she might not recover from. Mizore isn’t sure how Maya can even still be in the business with that setup. This could be the end of her career. Of course Mizore won’t abandon Maya. Not in a bit. Even if that means she has to take care of Maya for the rest of her life, she is more than willing to do it. But not until she faces off with Elisha. Not until she does more to him than just blind him momentarily. She snaps back into reality as Kristy pulls into a parking spot. Mizore is out of the car in a flash, almost before Kristy can even put it into park. She got a text from Annabelle earlier with the room number. She goes right through the waiting room, ignoring the people’s calls to her and right to the room in question. She bursts through the door, causing Annabelle to fall out of the seat she was resting in. Mizore finds Maya laying in bed, her eyes taped up. Mizore falls on her, hugging her tightly and crying on her shoulder. Maya groans lightly coming out of her sleep at the suddenly weight on her.

{Maya Jensen}

Mizore, you made it. I’m so happy you are here.

Mizore isn’t sure how Maya knew it was her. Maybe it was her smell or maybe it was something more. Mizore pulls back slightly, keeping her hand locked in Maya’s hand. She looks at the tap surrounding Maya’s eyes. A rage is building inside of her. Maya’s grasp on her hand becomes a little tighter, almost like she can feel the rage coming off of Mizore.

{Maya Jensen}

It’s okay baby, it’s not as bad as it seems. I have a lot to tell you, please have a seat.

Mizore sits down on the edge of the bed, keeping her hands locked with Maya. Maya begins explaining to her everything she went over with Annabelle before she arrived. Mizore sits there and listens, offering her help in any way. But despite what Maya says and wants there is only one thing on Mizore’s mind. Revenge.

The Fontaine Saint-Michel fountain in Paris France is the scene. The water falls from the fountain as a few people stop to take pictures before walking on. Suddenly with a white flash, the statue is frozen solid, the water solid ice. Standing under the statue of the griffin is Mizore Payne. She has on a white plaid skirt over white striped socks and her white jacket with the dark blue sleeves. She is looking forward at the camera, a blank look in her face.

{Mizore Payne}

I know what you people think. You think that I’m just some young little girl, still fresh in this business. Five foot seven one hundred and twenty pounds of sweet, innocent little girl. Even with the knowledge of who my parents are, I am shrugged off here. Of course you don’t know Jeff Payne or Android Eighteen of eWe lore. But you know the surefire way of getting under my skin is hurting the women I love.

Mizore looks back at the fountain behind her. She looks back at the camera, still not smiling.

{Mizore Payne}

The Eiffel tower. Notre Dame cathedral. Louvre Museum. The Arc de Triomphe. Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. Luxembourg Palace. These are just some of the places that I had planned to bring Maya in one of the most romantic days I could come up with. Dad actually teased me that I was setting the bar pretty high for his and Hollie’s honeymoon. But all of that was ruined thanks to Elisha. What kind of man do you think you are? Trying to take away the sight of Maya for no good reason. You have no idea what you started. I’m not just the Ice Queen. I am a monster. I am a Yuki-Onna. Your time is coming Elisha. I won’t rest until your corpse is rotting buried deep in the snow.

Mizore actually smiles now. She takes a step forward, walking on the ice.

{Mizore Payne}

Of course that is not important right now. I’m far too much of a veteran to overlook my next match. The Frost Elite in action against Harvey Danger & Lance LaRusso. Harvey Danger. Makes me think of a guy named Danny Danger I use to watch when I was younger. Wonder if you two are related. I’m guessing you still think that the Frost Elite will be easy targets. Even after you found out that Maya is going to be blind in this match. Silly little Harvey. I’ve dealt with your kind before. And in the end, they ended up buried in the ice. I hope you like the cold Harv, because that is going to be your new home. Maybe your mommy can invest in a heater or a nice warm blanket for you.

Mizore steps down from the fountain and walks across the sidewalk. She looks back at the fountain where all the ice breaks away, restoring the fountain to its former glory. She looks forward and smiles as she pulls a sucker out of her pocket and pops it into her mouth.

{Mizore Payne}

Lance LaRusso. Any relation to Lash LaRoux? There’s you something to google. Maybe Lance Storm and Vince Russo did a fusion to become one person. Giving the young snowbunnies a lot of names to google now. All joking aside Lance, I hope you don’t think I’m afraid of you and your little potty mouth. You know dad always said the more a person cusses when they talk, the lower their IQ is. You must be hitting single digits by now, huh big guy? You talked any longer and we might have to break out the fractions.

Mizore just chuckles lightly. She shakes her head.

{Mizore Payne}

I hope you boys realize that this is not your run of the meal diva tag team you are facing. We have tons of experience as a team. Even without her eyes, me and Maya will run like a fine tuned machine. And if you think for a moment you have the advantage because of that, well maybe my IQ insult wasn’t that far off. When Evolution comes to a close, the two of you will be face up on the mat, wondering what went wrong. And the Frost Elite will be celebrating just another easy win. And I hope that Elisha is paying attention. Because you two jokers are just scapegoats. You will be the first line of welcome to him, buried deep within the ice.

Mizore walks off down the street away from the camera. She soon disappears in the crowd as the camera returns to the fountain, watching it for a few moments before fading out.

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