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Kristy Opening CD RP Empty Kristy Opening CD RP

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:18 am
Diva Name: Kristy Tiger
Pic Base: Kristin Kreuk

Kristy Opening CD RP Kristin_kreuk_headshot

HomeTown: New york City, New York
The Contract
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 100 ibs
Entrance Theme: "I'm Still Alive" Lisa Miskovsky
Alignment: Face(Good)
Manager: Mr. Green.

Primary Finisher: Cyborg Blast
Description: Kristy will use her opened hand to hit her opponent hard in the chest, by doing so she'll force her opponent down to the mat. Once there she hit them a second time then proceeds to the pin.
2ndary Finisher: Tiger bomb
Desription: a Mountain Bomb
Signature Moves:
- Body Slam
- Atomic Drop
- Arm Bar
- Wrist Lock
- Arm drag
Fighting Style(s): technical, Brawler
Handler Info
Handler Name: JC
Way of Contact:JC_Kane_Game_Master@yahoo.com just e-mail me I'll get to you or JC-Kane@hotmail.com

Sample RolePlay:

(The Scene opens up to the inside of a dark house. The camera is facing the doorway. There is the sound of the door being unlocked. A second later the door opens. And Kristy Tiger walks into the house, along with eWe superstar Blitz. Blitz reaches for the light switch by the door and flicks it on.)

Blitz: so this is where you live?

Kristy: That's what the guys at the police station said. And besides, the key unlocked it didn't it?

Blitz: Yeah.

(Blitz and Kristy walk a little ways into the house. Examining different items. The two proceed up stairs. Up there they found a door that lead to Kristy's bedroom.)

Blitz: (entering the bedroom with Kristy) (whisles) Man, you sure are tidy.

Kristy: I don't think I come home very often.

Blitz: Makes since. Well, come on, we have to find a suit case, to throw some of your stuff into.

(Blitz walked over to Kristy's closet and opened it. Blitz ducked in, to search for a suit case.)

Kristy: So you still havn't told me what you thought of me joining eWe.

Blitz: (Still in the closet.) Well, I think that your going to do a good job. Espeacially with me helping you out.

Kristy: Well, acording to some your not doing so good in your matches.

Blitz: (Pulling out a suit case from the closet.) Found one.

(Blitz drug the suit case to Kristy's bed)

Blitz: Well, I'm going to be working on that, Don't you worry. Right now I think you need to start thinking about what your going to do. For instance... (Blitz picked up the suit case from the floor and placed it on Krity's bed.) What's in this thing? It must way a ton.

Kristy: I'm not sure. Go ahead and open it.

(Blitz unziped the suit case and opened it. When they saw what was Kristy eye's widened a bit. Inside were alot of fire arms, of different kinds.)

Blitz: (Whistles) Man, Kristy I know your a cop but aren't these all a bit much?

Kristy: (Digging in the suit case) Well, I uh... I hope I have a permit for all these.

(Kristy finally found a group of papers inside and she pulled them out. Kristy quickly scanned them.)

Kristy: It looks like I do have a permit for all of them. (She hands the papers to Blitz)

Blitz: (reads scans through them) Yeah I geuss so. You going to take any with you?

Kristy: No! I'm a wrestler now, not a cop. Besides, the station put me on temperary leave, till I get my memories back.

Blitz: Which we know is impossible, becuase Warlin took out your memories. The only way you'll get them back is to find out what Warlin did with them.

Kristy: Yeah, I know. But honestly, I'm not sure if I'm going to try to get them back. The dectective, is no longer me. I'm now a eWe Diva.

(Kristy looked down at the suit case.)

Kristy: (quieter) and besides, I don't know what it'll do with the way I feel now.

Blitz: Well, it's your chose.

(Kristy looked up and Blitz, who looked right back. They stayed like that for a breif moment.)

Blitz: (Breaking the gaze) Well, uh. I'll go ahead and take out the guns while you go get the things your going to pack.

(Kristy got up and smiled then walked over to her closet. Blitz stood there for another moment, then quickly took the guns out of the suit case. The scene then flashes to Kristy putting the last thing in her suite case and zipping it up.)

Kristy: There, that's every thing.

Blitz: (Looking at the guns) So what are we going to do about those?

Kristy: ah just put them back in the closet.

(Blitz and Kristy bent over to pick up the guns at the same time, but wound up knocking their heads together.)

Blitz and Kristy: Sorry.

(The two smiled at each other then, Blitz picked up some of the guns and walked to Kristy's closet then Kristy did the same. The took a few trips but managed to put all the guns away.)

Kristy: Well, that's everything. Time to go.

Blitz: Right.

(Blitz walked over to the door to the room as Kristy picked up the suit case. Blitz then opened the door and gestured for Kristy to go through.)

Kristy: (in a joking way) your a real charmer.

Blitz: Why thank you.

(Kristy step through the door. Blitz then exited the room shuting the door. the scene then fades.)

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Kristy Opening CD RP Empty Re: Kristy Opening CD RP

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:18 am
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