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Scarlet Vs Aksana

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:07 am
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [8/10/2015]

OOC: Yeah I would get called into work on my only day off. Hope it's enough.

Crimson Prologue: Scarlet has lost to Stealth Elf. Does that mean her claims of Stealth Elf being a fake wrong? Where was Scarlet Last week? And why is Scarlet in a dark match this week? Perhaps we shall soon find out.

-Scarlet- Hello Boss man sir. What can I do for you?

Michael Jensen had called Scarlet into his office in Albion New York. He was not in a good mood, no.

-Michael- Where were you last week?

Scarlet thinks. Where was she last week? She giggles.

-Scarlet- I haven't the slightest clue boss man sir.

She smiles and Michael just looks at her sternly.

-Michael- I think you're starting to forget our little deal.

Michael leans forward in his chair, lacing his fingers together.

-Michael- I know you're secret Scarlet. The one thing you do not want anyone else to know.

Scarlet laughs historically.

-Scarlet- That's rich, that's real rich. I wonder if it is I who wants to hide. I am fine with people seeing just who I am. But will they care? NO!

Scarlet shouts as she dances around laughing all the way. Finally she gets in Michael's face.

-Michael- Perhaps. But I do know you value you're freedom.

This causes the smile on her face to face some. She inches back.

-Michael- Tell me Scarlet, What would you do if you didn't have the rules I've set for you? How far do you really think you'd go before they locked you up in the insane asylum and threw away the key?

Scarlet smiles again.

-Scarlet- But I got powers.

She jumps on his desk and began to raise her hands and making pew pew noises.

-Michael- And I know every single one of them. Not only I, but there are others.

Scarlet looks at him again. She hops down and shrugs.

-Michael- Now you have issues boiling inside of you. Issues that only these matches can help you with. I won't tolerate putting my people at risk when they work with you.

Scarlet giggled.

-Scarlet- They are afraid of me aren't they?

Michael shakes his head no.

-Michael- Only the few people I've sent to interview you. Everyone else thinks you're just a joke. Take Josie Wales...

-Scarlet- That Faker....

Michael silences her with a stare.

-Michael- As I was saying, Take Josie. Did she fear you? Take you're supposed death threat seriously? No.

Scarlet thought to herself. The wheels in her head spinning.

-Scarlet- Then, I should take it up a notch. Kill someone on live TV!

She smiled at the idea.

-Michael- I said no killing.

Scarlet giggles.

-Scarlet- Relax boss man. I know.

-Michael- I don't think you do.

Scarlet giggles in reply. Michael's tone grows more serious.

-Michael- You think this is a joke? Fine. On Chaos 200 I'm moving your match to a dark match.

Scarlet's jaw hangs open.

-Scarlet- No TV? No cameras?! All by myself?! That's no fun. No fun at all.

-Michael- You should of thought of that.

Scarlet drops to her knees as she is in perfect begging position.

-Scarlet- Please Boss man, I learn my lesson. I be good girl. I promise.

Michael doesn't even look at her.

-Scarlet- But boss man, Aksana's beating must be televised. It must sir.

Michael starts doing paper work ignoring the groveling Scarlet. She pleads a few more times before she gets up. Then just laughs.

-Scarlet- It makes no different. Aksana is a fake. The world doesn't need to see her dive into oblivion. No she is already there. She is nothing but eye candy and I'm getting the munchies. No one will see her fake beauty when I tear it off. She craves attention, like when she was with those Mexican bull fighters. She wants all eyes on her. But she got dumped again by the man who can speak 5 languages, then who can see her now?

Scarlet giggled.

-Michael- Are you still here?

He didn't even look up from his paper work. How rude.

-Scarlet- You're right. Lots to do. I need to prepare my canvas. Maybe get a new paint jug for all the delicious scarlet liquid I'll be collecting.

Michael didn't look up. He knew Scarlet was only saying that to get him to notice her. Scarlet pouts then turns to leave.

-Scarlet- Fine, I see when I'm not wanted.

She mock pouts before slinging her robe to show she was better than all and left.
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Re: Scarlet Vs Aksana

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:08 am
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