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Scarlet Vs Stealth Elf

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:05 am
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [7/27/2015]

OOC: JC asked for 1k each. He really needs to stop procratinating.

~Crimson Stained Prologue~ Been to long since the great Diva that is Scarlet has had a match. Not since losing to Josie Wales in Round 2 of the Queen of the Ring Tournament. Many questions have been shot around from Scarlet's last video which were explained some time afterwards. Scarlet now takes on the green little girl named Stealth Elf. Perhaps we shall finally see why Scarlet costed Stealth Elf the Shining Star Championship at WrestleMania.

When does a warmly lit room give you the creeps? When you hear the voice of Scarlet's muffled voice coming from up ahead of the den. The cameraman gets closer to the high backed chair overlooking the fireplace. The closer he got the camera began to pick up what Scarlet was singing. Sounded like a lullaby.

~Scarlet~Hush little darling don't say a word, Momma's gonna buy you a Diamond ring.

The camera gets closer, crossing over to the side of the chair. This causes the man to pauses as in Scarlet's lap was a human head, the same human head of the girl that was decapitated earlier.

~Scarlet~And if that diamond ring don't shine, Momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird....

Scarlet caresses this head. She smiles before she suddenly stops singing and looks to the camera. She places her free hand to her lips.

~Scarlet~Shh she’s sleeping.

Confused? That's understandable. Scarlet looks back down at the decapitated head of the woman, red stains at the bottom where her neck once held. Scarlet looked at this head before her eyes scowled. She looks back at the camera.

~Scarlet~Everyone asked what happened to that girl. They feared and wanted to call the police. Oh no, don't do that, don't call the po-po on me. Others just wanted to laugh, saying I'm not scary enough. But who cares right? This was all just a show put on by the big boss man.

Scarlet holds the head towards the camera, the look of terror itched onto its face. Scarlet giggled before grabbing the skin of the head and pulled revealing metal underneath. So Scarlet only decapitated a robot, fun.

~Scarlet~I'm disappointed. Here I go trying to kill someone for fun and the big man tells me no. Won't even let me try to kill anyone else. Party Pooper.

Scarlet throws the head behind her as sparks fly from the damage. Scarlet crosses her arms and pouts like a little school girl before resuming her normal stature. She giggles.

~Scarlet~Did I just admit to conspiracy to commit murder to the EWE Universe. Nah this is all a show, all an illusion. So I can say and do what I like and you won't know the difference. Or will you?

Scarlet gets up and shoves the cameraman back. He falls on his back as the camera's facing towards the ceiling. We get a nice shot of Scarlet as she suddenly startled the guy and shakes him a bit, laughing all the while. Finally she grabs the camera and, still straddling the cameraman, she points the camera at herself.

~Scarlet~Speaking of mysteries, there's a huge one that's coming up. One that a freak... a Fake, wants to know. That's right I'm talking to you my pointy eared friend. You want to know why I messed with your little title match? You reeeeeeally wanna know?

Scarlet giggles as she waves her finger to the camera.

~Scarlet~It's because you are one of the biggest fakes in the company. You prance around in your Skylander outfit pretending to be mighty when you're not. You're a scared little girl who wants to quit. So do us all a favor and quit faker. QUIT being what you never was.

Scarlet laughs. Then she gets up but when the cameraman also tries to get up she places her foot on his chest to prevent him from doing so.

~Scarlet~What do you expect to gain from this anyways? Respect? No you can have every championship you want and no one will respect you. Oh but Scarlet, Abby Addiction respects me. Puhleease she just feels sorry for you. She's just as fake as the rest. But who cares about her right? She'll probably leave here soon with her "goals" accomplished.

Scarlet shrugs her shoulders.

~Scarlet~But Scarlet, Mizore respects me, The ice *swear*. No no no no no, she don't count. She's like just as insane as you are, dressing up like some chick from a Japanese Anime. What's worse is she now goes by the name Mizore fully. Least you have the common decency to only use it when one of these shiny sole stealing video cameras is pointed at you. And to top is off do you know what the original Mizore means by Snow bunnies? Let's just say they are not fans.

Scarlet laughs before swinging around the room holding the camera. Finally she stops.

~Scarlet~What other possible thing could you be doing this for? To make your mother proud? Get real, your mother will never be proud of you. After all you remember how she gave you a dose of Lethal Injection. All because you turned down her proposal. New Flash, she didn't want you in the Industry anyways. She just wanted it to look more pleasing to the cameras. Give you a chance which we all knew you'd screw it up.

Scarlet chuckles as something catches her eyes.

~Scarlet~Monday you will see that no matter what your skin tone is, we all got that crimson hue on the inside.

Scarlet chuckles before holding the camera down she looks to the cameraman who had gotten up as she giggled.

~Scarlet~Don't leave yet, we’re not done playing.

Before anything the camera was chucked across the room.

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Re: Scarlet Vs Stealth Elf

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:05 am
Results Link: TBA
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