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Scarlet Vs Josie Wales

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:56 am
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RP Link:

Show: Ladies Night [6/24/2015]

OOC: Took alot of research but thanks to everyone who assisted me with it. Good Luck Scar.

~Crimson Stained Prologue~ Scarlet made it past Round one of the Queen of the Ring Tournament. Was there really any doubt? Did you people think that Scarlet would lose to someone who didn't even know who her opponent was? Of course not. Scarlet now takes on Josie Wales who at one point stood for exactly that which Scarlet was confused for. Will Scarlet be able to defeat the Outlaw? What do you think?

~Scarlet~ Do you know who I am?

The sounds of the crimson clad woman echoed throughout the pitch black room. The camera looks around this area but only finds a dark empty void.

~Scarlet~ Natalya didn't know who I was. What did that get her?

A flash of red in front of the camera lens. A sinister cackle cuts through the air.

~Scarlet~ Who cares about her? I don't. I couldn't care about it at all. She wasn't worthy. Not worthy to paint the lands with the crimson stain that I desire. Her blood was yellow. You hear me! YELLOW!!

A shout is heard as the camera jumps turning around to see Scarlet's hooded face. The cameraman takes a step back from alarm. Scarlet giggles at the amusing sight.

~Scarlet~ Did I frighten you? Come, come now speak up.

The cameraman doesn't respond. Assuming she was asking the watcher but he was wrong and he would pay. Scarlet stomps on his foot hard causing a yelp of pain. Scarlet grabs the camera and points it towards the guy, getting up close to his face.

~Scarlet~ Answer ME!!

~Camera Man~ Ya-ya-yes!

~Scarlet~ Good.

Scarlet let's go of the camera. The cameraman scrambles to grab it before it can hit the ground. He positions it on his shoulder again and points it back to Scarlet. He back turned from the camera.

~Scarlet~ For the longest time, EWE has been plagued with little freaks of nature who wish they were are NOT as they seem. Do you know why that is?

~Camera Man~ No.

Whipping around Scarlet glares at the cameraman.

~Scarlet~ I wasn't talking to you. So shut your mouth. Unless you want the same fate as her.v

The camera man's mouth glued shut. He wasn't about to say another word. Yet who was her?

[color=#FF2400]~Scarlet~ Now where was I? That's right. I was talking about them fakers. The ones who pretend to be this and that. They are a plague, an infestation. They must be dealt with.

Serious tone escaping those lips. Who really knew what she was thinking any ways?

~Scarlet~ Who better to start with than a certain outlaw? That there varmint has been a fake all this time. She thought she was on top yet oh no, she wasn't even close. How many times did she fail to get to the top? HOW MANY?!

The shout echoed around the room. Scarlet suddenly giggles.

~Scarlet~ I say we let her know just what happens to them outlaws. Yet I ran out of rope in the rodeo, so I got the next best thing.

What Rodeo? This woman was crazy. She raises her hands and claps them twice causing the lights to turn on. We now see a clear view of a guillotine in the room. The view also showed an unconscious woman attached to the thing. She wore an old western style outlaw get-up. Black hat included. She also had brown hair however, it was clearly not Josie Wales.

~Scarlet~ That's right. Decapitation. Just thing of all the pints that will spill out of that smooth neck of hers once it's cut in two.

Scarlet is positively giddy as she skips over to the guillotine. The camera follows but keeps its distance. Thank you zoom function. Scarlet holds her hands over the unconscious woman on the table as if she wanted to touch her. Her hands tremble slightly with pleasure before she shows her palms in a presenting fashion.

~Scarlet~ Poetic justice if you ask me. Why's that?

Scarlet doesn't wait a moment before her head snaps to the girl as she shouts.

~Scarlet~ WAKE UP!

The woman continues to slumber. Scarlet snaps her finger in her face a few times but to no avail. Scarlet then shakes the woman but still she slumbers on. She sighs as she looks to the camera.

~Scarlet~ How can she hear me if she's asleep? Oh wait...

Scarlet couldn't believe she forgot as she pulled out a small oval shaped box. She brings it over to the girl's nose before pulling on both ends causing the aerial substance to enter the girl's nose. Instantly she wakes up and begins to fidget around.

~Scarlet~ Much better. Now Josie let's get better acquainted shall we?

Clearly it's not Josie, but the woman was yelping in fear after seeing the large blade situated above her head. Her muffled screams pierced the air. Scarlet put away her smelling salts before crossing to the other side of her and cradled her head. Stroking her hair as she shushes her quiet endearingly.

~Scarlet~ Hush now child. Your journey will be over soon.

Scarlet leans in close. Was she about to kiss her? Geeze what kind of crazy is this chick? But before her masked lips met the gaged lips of the woman she placed a finger on it.

~Scarlet~ Oh I think not.

Scarlet laughs, straitening up and dancing around to the other side of the guillotine, looking at the camera again.

~Scarlet~ Josie Wales, A faker just like the others. She believed she was at the top. Even Grace Moretti our lovely General Manager of Ladies Night thought she was. But Josie Wales was beautiful, oh yes she was.

Scarlet takes her hand and rubs it across the cheek of the woman on the table. The girl fidget's more. She wanted a way out. Her screams were useless thanks to Scarlet's rag in her mouth.

~Scarlet~ But he failed to have the talent. Failed to have what REALLY matters in EWE. Forget the sparkles and glamor these no bodies want you to see. No, No, no. we want talent. Skill. EVERYTHING! Yet Josie doesn't have that. She's not the full package and wouldn't you know it, Grace realized that too. She took the action and she cut her out from her place on top. But Grace what you did wasn't enough. Where's that true fear you want to put into your underlings who betray you? Where's the Example?

She cracks a smile before gesturing towards the guillotine.

~Scarlet~ This IS your true example. What better way to cut off your old face, than chopping off her head?

The woman began screaming and pleading. Her gage taking its effects for all we here are muffled noises. Scarlet giggles at the noise, she loved it. She pulls out a knife from her pocket and taunts it at the camera as she walks over to the rope that keeps the blade up. The cameraman watched, unsure of what was happening. This was all a trick right? ... Right?

~Scarlet~ So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. Let us begin with the beheading of Josie Wales!

Scarlet holds up a finger.

~Scarlet~ But first. Let's hear from the accused. She needs a fair trial right?

Scarlet pulls out the gag from the woman's mouth. Pleading escapes her lips. Tears flowing down her soft cheeks.

~Woman~ Please! Let me go. I-I-I don't know who any of you are. You have me confused with someone else. My name is-

But she was cut off by Scarlet's hand over her mouth.

~Scarlet~ Don't spread your lies to the court Josie.

Scarlet removes her hand.

~Woman~ But I'm not...

Scarlet holds the knife by the ropes threatening the woman with it. Shut her up very fast.

~Scarlet~ Now Josie how do you plea?

~Woman~ Innocent.

~Scarlet~ Innocent? Innocent! How are YOU innocent? You backstab your own partner just to get with Grace Moretti of all people. Her vision is flawed thus your vision is flawed. No wonder why you couldn't see her backstabbing you when you couldn't get the job done. Abby Addiction was better, Mizore was better. All the freaks were better than you. Why can you not see it?

~Woman~ I-I don't know what you-you're talking about.

Scarlet suddenly gets up close and personal to the woman's face. She then begins to giggle again. Turning into a straight out laugh. She pulls back and laughs.

~Scarlet~ Oh, you want to play dumb is that it? We all know you were more than happy to oblige to your backstabber and strike at her yourself. People looked to see you as a hero but you chose the path of the outlaw. Why Josie why? Oh wait, I don’t care.

Scarlet laughed more bending slightly before she stopped.

~Scarlet~ I don't care about your loyalties. I don't care about what you may or may not have been. You're not on my side. So that means you're against me. You're against what I am. And I am an artist. Looking for fresh paint. Do YOU have what I'm looking for? That lovely scarlet hue that I crave so much? I need it. Oh you have no idea.

Scarlet's voice was barely above a whisper now as she leaned in close to the woman. The woman's eyes were full of fear, not knowing what would happen.

~Scarlet~ And here is the brush.

Scarlet raises the knife so the woman could see it. She began to cry and plea but it was no use.

~Scarlet~ So you've been sentenced Josie Wales of EWE Diva's division. You're punishment...

Scarlet brandished the knife over to the rope as the girl tries more to escape. No longer did her words make sense. Scarlet Aims to swipe at the rope, then cuts it. The girl screams but... the blade remained where it was.

~Scarlet~ A Scarlet letter.

Scarlet tosses the knife behind her and pulls out a red marker as she writes "Fake" on the woman's head. The woman begins to calm down as Scarlet walks over to the cameraman and stops right in front of the camera's view. She pauses then holds up her hand.

~Scarlet~ Then death.

She snaps her fingers and the blade falls. The woman yells out before the blade cuts her head clean off falling into the basket below. Scarlet laughs cruelly. She was a monster. The cameraman looks over and he's filled with fear. He quickly takes off running but the camera picks up Scarlet's words.

~Scarlet~ Where do you think your going?

The sound of something hitting the cameraman's head hard was heard as he fell with a crash. Scarlet walks over with glee as you could hear her kneeling on the poor man. She laughs as she hits him in the back a bit before picking up the camera with the cracked lens. She turns it to herself and smiles through her mask.

~Scarlet~ Harm has been done to these humans during the making of this film. And Josie, the REAL Josie, you're next.

Scarlet laughs suddenly pulling it close to her face.

~Scarlet~ BEWARE!

Scarlet slams the camera down to the ground breaking it.
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Re: Scarlet Vs Josie Wales

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:57 am
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