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Scarlet Vs Natalya Neidhart

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:50 am
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RP LInk:

Show: Ladies Night [6/10/2015]

OOC: Thank you Jay for giving me more information about EWE.

~Crimson Stained Prologue~ Ever since WrestleMania 11, people have been wondering exactly who is the masked individual who attacked Stealth Elf during her match for the Shining Star championship? They wonder why Stealth Elf, why during that match, why spray paint freak on her afterwards. All these are valid questions but one individual believes she's figured them all out. Natalya thinks she knows who Scarlet is, but is she right on? Or is she looking at the wrong in of a crimson stain?

An arena under construction, days before the show was set to come on the air. This is where we find the lady that Natalya had presumed to be Scarlet was seen as she was walking in the auditorium stands to a fully covered individual sitting in one of the seats as she looked out at the construction, her hood preventing a view of her facial features. The lady came up and tossed the white bag into the seat next to this lady as a scoff escapes her lips.

~Presumed Scarlett~ Listen here freak. This is the 3rd time this week that one of these wrestlers thought I was you. This time it was that Natalya bimbo. Does she not know that I've already got that attire? But with a different brand logo. Who even ever heard of the Doomed brand?

Seemed this presumed Scarlet didn't understand the insult in the supposed brand. But the real Scarlet continued to sit there in the edge of her seat. This aggravated the presumed Scarlet as she her words scolded sharply.

~Presumed Scarlett~ Are you even listening to me? *swear* I don't think you are. Who do you think you are? Huh? Coming in here interrupting my glory and glamor. You're making me look bad all because we share the same name. Fine, I have an extra T but who cares, change your name before I make you do it.

So we now find out more about the presumed Scarlet, or Scarlett as she went by. So Scarlett glares down her single T name twin as she expected an answer. What the glamor girl didn't expect was for Scarlet to begin to laugh. Not just any laugh as this was cold and menacing.

~Scarlet~ You... are threatening me? Scarlett with two Ts?

Double T Scarlett was about to reply when Scarlet quickly turned on her and got right up in her face, a crazed look in her eyes. This caused Double T Scarlett to take an involuntary step back.

~Double T Scarlett~ You really are Crazy aren't you?

Her tone was more disgust as per usual with her type. Scarlet only smiled with her eyes before she replied.

~Scarlet~ Oh you haven't seen anything yet. Yet, here you are threatening me, not knowing who I am, nor what I'm capable of.

A small laugh escapes Scarlet's lips but a scoff escapes from the Scarlett with two Ts. She places a hand on her hip in a nonchalant way before replying with a usual air of disgust.

~Double T Scarlett~ You're just one of those wrestler types. You want to call yourself Diva's when standing before you is a true Diva. You wouldn't know the true essence of beauty or what drama is really about. You're nothing compared to true Divas of the arts.

Scarlet tilts her head only slightly as her hood remains in tack, nicely covering up the top part of her head.

~Scarlet~ You like drama? How about I show you a little drama.

Scarlet grabs her two T name twin's arm and pulls it between her legs.

~Double T Scarlett~ Eww you're a per...

But before she could finish that statement, Scarlet swung around putting Double T Scarlett in a modified Cross-arm break she has dubbed Dark night. This move was done over the next row's top seats which perfectly bent Double T's Scarlett's arm in the way it wasn't meant to go, causing several sickening snapping sounds to be heard. Double T Scarlett yelled out in pain as her arm was broken in several places but Scarlet held on causing more pain and breaking.

~Scarlet~ Hush, now little girl, Scarlet's giving you what you want. Drama. Just think of all the fun things you can get into when you can't do your photo shoots because of your arm. Think of all the drama.

Scarlet wrenches the arm back more causing another sharp pain and yell from Scarlett with two Ts. At this point, those below begin to notice what's happening as they were on the way to take a look.

~Scarlet~ Just a little more. Come on, show me what I want to see.

She pulled back harder as she began to laugh curling clearly enjoying this. What kind of monster was she? Finally, another snap as part of the bone broke through Double T Scarlet's arm, with it a pool of blood coming from the hole. This Scarlet smiled with a wolfish grin as she let go, her attire now having spatter's of blood from the wound. Scarlet, proceeded to let go of double T's Scarlett's arm as the pain had caused her to pass out. Scarlet then took her fingers, dipped it into the blood pour, and wrote a single word on the unconscious face of the Scarlet with two Ts with her own blood. While the others were on their way up there, Scarlet laughed again before noticing the bag that was given to her. Scarlet picked it up before heading off just as the others got there, they saw the word on double T Scarlett's face: Fake.

~Scene 2~

Slow footsteps can be heard as the feed comes in to a dark hallway. As the cameraman continues to walk down slowly at the end of the hall you see the entrance to what looks to be a dungeon. At the top above the gate is the words "Hart Dungeon” With a heart logo where the A would be. As the cameraman walked closer to this dungeon the sound of running was heard coming from the other side of the hall. Before he could turn the camera around suddenly, Scarlet came running past him, grabbing on to him to stop her momentum and swing around. She smiled a mischievous grin before words escaped her lips.

~Scarlet~ Glad you could make it, Mr. C-man. After all I've made the most important discovery of all time!

She almost looked giddy but crazed giddy as she gave the cameraman a tug.

~Scarlet~ Now come come, before they return.

She pulled on him causing him to follow as Scarlet lead him to the entrance. She looked up at it before doing a spin at the entrance.

~Scarlet~ Welcome to the Hart Dungeon!

She began to laugh before hitting a lever on the wall causing the metal bars to raise up allowing them entrant. Scarlet walked inside as she spread her arms out and yelled at the top of her lungs.


She then looked back to the cameraman and frowned before beckoning him to come forward. He was hesitant but slowly went inside.

~Scarlet~ Take a good look at this!

So he panned the camera around the room as the pink and black theme was all over the place. Even on the state of the art work out equipment. As he did it suddenly, Scarlet began to laugh before grabbing the camera and pulling it towards her as we're see a close up of her masked face.

~Scarlet~ No no no. This isn't the REAL Hart dungeon, but I got some people to make it up all for the show here. Don't you think they did a wonderful job? All the black and pink, their black and pink. Oh it's so fabulous!

The crazed voice echoed within her voice as she stepped back and looked around the place again. This time brining a hand to her chin while tucking the other arm as she pondered at this.

~Scarlet~ But you know I think it's missing something. It's missing... A little Scarlet.

Suddenly, she pulled out a lighter and clicking it before tossing it forward. As it hit the ground it ignited some preplaced gasoline on the floor yet the fire stayed in that area as unseen water was placed keeping the fire at bay for the moment. Scarlet smiled at the flames as she looked back to the camera, a twinkling excitement in her eyes.

~Scarlet~ Much better, now it's got a little taste of me in the gift I got you. What's that? It’s not your birthday? Well, it wasn't my birthday when you gave me a present so it's all the more right for me to get you something in return. Though I must say, I think my gift will fit you way more. But let's show all the people at home exactly what you got me and why you need your head examined for Idiotism.

Scarlet laughed as she walked over to an area and picked up a white bag, the same white bag Scarlet's gift was in. She smiled as she walked back to her spot and placed the bag on the edge of a training equipment as she reached in and pulled out the shoes.

~Scarlet~ I must say, Natalya, you sure have terrible taste in shoes. These pair are both terrible in fashion and function. Yet if you had known anything about me, I don't care for shoes. I'm not a shoe-aholic like someone I know.

A random giggle as she continued on.

~Scarlet~ I'm not a fashionista and the only thing I care about when it comes to shoes is how well they work to kick your *swear* with. And while the point of these shoes might add an exclamation to that kick, I don't need them. So ta ta shoes.

Scarlet tossed the shoes behind her as they landed in the fire. The scarlet flames eating away at the cheap material as it began to melt. Scarlet then reached into the bag as she pulled out the short skirt with the frills on them. She looks at this piece of clothing as she didn't seem to understand what to do with it.

~Scarlet~ What exactly is this thing? A headband? A sash? It's a nice shade of red, I have to give you props for that.

Scarlet finally finds the tag on the item as she reads it as a sneer cuts across her face.

~Scarlet~ A skirt? Who in their right mind would use this as a skirt? It's too short. Way to short. Kind of like Natalya.

Scarlet smirks as she looks to the camera holding up the skirt a little higher.

~Scarlet~ That's right, Natalya and I'm not taking a jab at you’re five foot five statue. Oh no I'm talking about in the ring. See I found out you won the TeleVixen Championship two times and the first to ever do so. So what, that title's a dime a dozen. Anyone can get a match for it and time after time of defending it week after week, can lead anyone to get tired and lose. But I'm sure the company wants to promote you being a former champion. But it's like the skirt, barely enough to say you have one, but angle in just the right way and you're exposed for what's really underneath.

Scarlet tosses the skirt over her shoulder as it landed in the fire next to the shoes. There was a few crackling sounds as the flames began to eat away the plastic frills. Scarlet then pulls out the final item as she looks at it with disgust.

~Scarlet~ The worse color you could have picked out, Pink. I hate Pink as all it is, is overhyped off shade of red. Used for girly girls and all those bimbos. Yet you use it right Natalya? After all it's part of your family's color scheme.

Scarlet looked around the room at the black and pink color scheme that was put into the dungeon. Now it was bathed in a scarlet light from the fire.

~Scarlet~ Then, you have the audacity to put pink on top. Pink should NEVER be the top. And sure you thought you were at the top before, what with your little faction you had going on. Yes I heard all about it. The Queens of Wrestling. You thought you ran the world thus on top.

Scarlet held up the pink top a little higher for emphasis.

~Scarlet~ You're not the top any more are you? You were replaced by someone way worse who believed only the strong and beautiful should be on top. Oh, I agree with her on that point that the freaks should be removed from this place. Freaks like Stealth Elf. But that's as far as it goes. As I just want to bathe the ring in a crimson bath. And soon Natalya, you'll be trading in your pink top for a crimson bottom.

Scarlet laughed as she tossed the pink top into the fire with the rest. She looked at it as a smirk spread on her face watching the items melt. Slowly she begins to laugh before turning around and getting up in the camera's face yet again. She was crazy and out for blood.

~Scarlet~ Time to paint the ring Scarlet. And Natalya you're brining the paint.

The laugh continues from her lips as she strikes the cameraman knocking him out as he falls to the floor. The camera doesn't turn off but you see a crack on the screen. Scarlet moves before the sound of the bag being tossed into the air is heard. Scarlet's footsteps are heard walking out the door and the door falling shut as the camera catches the bag hitting the edge of the fire, causing the scarlet flames to spread past the ring of water and begin to engulf the rest of the Hart Dungeon.
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Re: Scarlet Vs Natalya Neidhart

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:51 am
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