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Blitz in Rumble Match

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:48 am

RP Link:

Show: EWE Rumble 2015 [2/22/2015]

Scene 1

For every great event there's always a calm. One where everything is in its place ready for the great event but no one is around. That was it was like in the AT&T arena that time of day. The entire show was ready to go, the banners, the ring, everything was all set for the Rumble. Yet, it was empty. The Ring was empty of EWE competitors and crew workers. The commentator’s table was absent of its usual two occupants. All the seats were empty of the spectators who were ready to watch such a great event. Well, that last part had some truth to it as the only one sitting in there wasn't there to spectate the event, but participate. It was none other than Blitz 1. See Blitz had been sitting here for a while now. He was there as the crew workers got things all set up and now he just sat there as the workers took their last break before the event would begin. Blitz sat there as the silence of the place over took him. But as that silence continued he couldn't help as his mind raced around, reminding him of the different times he's set foot in a EWE Ring. In fact he's probably been to this very arena before, though not like he ever kept track of that sort of thing. Though as he continued to sit there, another occupant entered the crowd’s area as she made her way to where Blitz was sitting. Blitz didn't seem to notice her before she sat down in the seat one seat away.

Kristy Jensen: "Miss it?"

Blitz grinned slightly as he recognized the voice. Placing a hand on the arm rest and leaning his head on it he responded to her question.

Blitz 1: "I'll admit it. I have missed it. But, I don't know, I guess it still reminds me of all the problems I've had here. You know as well as I do that I never really made it very far, and one thing or another, I left only to come back. Though I'll be honest, I had thought I had put it all behind me. Sure I missed it but did I really belong here?"

Blitz looked over to Kristy who was at him. She had that concerned looked as she had been there, watching him.

Kristy Jensen: "I ask myself that same question every time I fly out to one of these places. You, me, Leo, we were short of a group, yet we each had our problems. But it does feel like our time has passed, doesn't it? Even though we so wish that things would of turned out differently. You don't know the many times I had wished I could lace up my old boots and get back in that ring."

Blitz nodded to her. He knew the real reason behind what had happened. In fact it was actually because of his help that Kristy was shorted out.

Blitz 1: "I know. I still remember you calling me and talking about that Grace chick and how much you wanted to take her on. Though is she around still causing you problems."

Kristy Jensen: "She's around but she's been pretty tamed. Most of her group are doing their own thing now. Though with Ladies' Night not back yet, she may start something when that comes back."

Blitz nodded as he glanced back out towards the ring. There was just a look about him.

Kristy Jensen: "So how's Abby?"

Blitz 1: "Pretty good. Thend's in my locker room watching her. She's pretty excited that I got back into wrestling. I was her favorite wrestler if you remember."

Kristy Jensen: "I remember. Wasn't it in 2012 that you first met her?"

Blitz chuckled as he still could remember that day.

Blitz 1: "Yeah. Kid was the only one at that school to stand up for me. Well, the principle didn't have any problems, but you should have seen all those kids, telling me to quit. But Abby stepped in and I awarded her bravery by taking her backstage that Chaos. Too bad I didn't win the match that night, would have taken her see WrestleMania."

Kristy Jensen: "Guess you get a chance to take her this time."

Blitz 1: "Yeah, well if you're kid has anything to say about it, I won't be going this year."

Blitz smiled and Kristy let out a chuckle.

Kristy Jensen: "Yeah Roller Brawl can be pretty head strong."

Blitz 1: "Takes after her mother."

They both share a smile and Kristy chuckles.

Kristy Jensen: "Yeah I guess so. But she's done better more in her first year here then I did in my entire career. I'm proud of her though."

Blitz 1: "Well, here's to our kids. What keeps us going in this business, though we just need to get Leo one and the three of us can plan playdates for them."

Kristy gave a chuckle.

Kristy Jensen: "Oh I can't even imagine Leo with any kids."

Blitz actually returned the chuckle.

Blitz 1: "Me neither. But can you imagine a little kid wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses riding a little motorcycle by his dad?"

That got the two of them laughing as they both could picture a little Leo. Of course they were interrupted as another person seemed to have spotted Blitz.

Paul Heyman: "There you are."

Paul Heyman walked down to the aisle till he made it to the section the two were sitting at. Blitz looked at him and gave a slight sigh.

Blitz 1: "Need something?"

Paul Heyman: "Yes. You have a scheduled interview in 5 minutes. You do not want to be late do you?"

Blitz 1: "Oh I guess not."

Blitz looked to Kristy again.

Blitz 1: "Well nice catching up. But duty calls."

Kristy nodded as they both stood up.

Kristy Jensen: "Yeah I have some things of my own to take care of."

Blitz 1: "Till later then?"

Kristy Jensen: "Yep."

So they gave a friendly hug before Kristy headed out. Blitz went to Heyman indicating him to lead the way. Thus the two head to the back.

Scene 2

About 5 minutes later, a camera begins to record in the interviewing area. This area was complete with Black current, EWE logo, and one Trixy standing in front of it all. She smiles as she's wearing yet another dress, this time a lovely yellow dress but not as tight as her usual outfits. Seemed she might be interviewing Reigns after this one.

Trixy: "Ladies and Gentlemen with me at this time..."

Someone's throat was cleared as Paul Heyman enters the shot the camera panning to fit him into the frame.

Paul Heyman: "I am more than able to introduce myself, Miss Trixy. So Ladies and Gentlemen my name is..."

Blitz 1: "Paul Heyman."

Paul looks back as Blitz comes into the shot getting in the middle of Paul and Trixy.

Blitz 1: "Scooch over some there Paul, we're not all skinny as a tooth pick."

Paul gives him a look but moves over some anyways.

Paul Heyman: "Blitz this is not what we agreed on. I am to introduce you before you step into view of the camera."

Blitz 1: "Really? Uh, because all I remember is a lot of Blah blah blah and of course, you did all the talking so when did this 'I agree' come out?"

Paul didn't seem too pleased but he kept his demeanor to him.

Paul Heyman: "Blitz I must contest that you leave the camera's view and we start this over again."

Heyman then looks over to Trixy.

Paul Heyman: "Miss Trixy I really must apologies for my clients rude behavior."

Trixy: "You know we're live right?"

Paul Heyman: "Live? There's no one in arena at the moment."

Trixy: "Live streaming. We're online."

Paul Heyman almost did a facepalm but he did try to get some control over this.

Paul Heyman: "Blitz, I recommend that you just walk out of the frame now so that I can attempt to fix this unpleasant situation."

Blitz only smiled as he placed an arm around Paul.

Blitz 1: "Now why would I let my good buddy stay here alone? After all you're the one making problems."

Trixy giggles at Blitz's comment but Heyman shoots a glare at her.

Paul Heyman: "I assure you, Miss Trixy, this is not funny."

Trixy: "But it is."

Blitz 1: "See, the girl knows a good joke when she hears one."

Paul Heyman: "We really should be getting back to the business at hand."

Blitz 1: "Ok, let's. You’ve already embarrassed yourself enough."

Heyman shakes his head out of annoyance and Trixy looks to Blitz.

Trixy: "So introductions are out of the way, let's get down to it. Blitz in your debut match, which was some weeks back, you defeated Brotus Clay yet you didn't beat the clock. What are your thoughts on that?"

Paul Heyman: "My Client..."

Blitz 1: "Now now, Heyman I'm sure your client can speak for himself."

Paul Heyman: "Are you sure you want to..."

Blitz 1: "Of course, so, Trixy. Yes that is what happened. But Heyman's client had already told the EWE nation that he wasn't planning on winning the Beat the Clock Challenge. Paul Heyman's client elected to have fun that night deciding that his first night back should be fun, not all fast pace and over before you knew it."

Blitz' mockery of Paul Heyman was all too apparent.

Trixy: "What about your match tonight?"

Blitz 1: "Only time will tell. But tell you what Miss Trixy, why don't you do what all the others are doing and we'll have you read out a list of people in this match and I will answer on Paul Heyman's client's behalf."

Trixy nodded.

Trixy: "Ok, so first you have Brooke McGuire who's entering 2nd in this match."

Blitz 1: "Not sure what to say about her. I hear she likes the current champion so maybe they can have joint custody over the title if she wins."

Trixy: "You can do that?"

Blitz 1: "Don't see why not."

Trixy: "All right what about the Fugate sisters? They might want Joint custody over the title."

Blitz 1: "Well if Sunshine were to win you'd bet she'd be all for it. But Annie's to over her and her sister being considered losers. Trust me, I know the feeling. I wouldn't say her reactions have been over it were the best, then again neither have mine. I took a lot of those losses pretty heavy, and while not always I didn't just quit as something came up, but I can't say I really did my best to try and stay. Feels like I've got The Rock syndrome, only I don't come every year at the same time."

Trixy: "Hasn't a few of those times been leading up to WrestleMania though?"

Blitz 1: "I'm not sure, honestly. Perhaps my good buddy here can tell you."

Blitz looks to Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: "Oh so now you want my help?"

Blitz 1: "Yeah you're right, I don't."

Heyman scoffs as Blitz smirks before looking back to Trixy for the next person.

Trixy: "Well Android 18 knows a bit about what you're going through. She hasn't exactly been reliable person when it comes staying active."

Blitz 1: "Yeah but she's also done it all here. Well perhaps I'm wrong and Heyman here can tell you all about it later, but hey Android 18 was at the top and for a good while too. She's allowed to make her returns and go on championship hunts only to go inactive again."

Trixy: "Are you just saying that cuz you're scared of her? Lots of people are, even me."

Blitz 1: "Nah, I'm not scared. Sure she'd probably kick my butt in the ring but eh, nothing to be scared of."

Trixy: "What about Bray Wyatt?"

Blitz 1: "He is one creepy dude I'll give him that. But to be scared? Nah. Bray's weird and would work well in subliminal advertising on TV, but that's about as far as that goes. He just talks and talks and quite frankly I take a nap during his little seminars. Why else would he turn down the lights so low? But must wonder if he's afraid of the dark, after all you always see him his little nightlight, and when the lights go out he either leaves, or they quickly turn back on."

Trixy: "I'm not so sure about that, but speaking of lights, what do you say about James Ceno, The Firestorm?"

Blitz 1: "First of all, cool nickname. And hey, he's a favorite to win this match. And rightly so. He cares a lot about Wrestling, proof is in the fact that even when he left here, he went to Indy circuits, something I never did. In fact I only started out wrestling because my old manager, Mr. Green. Was having problems and needed to sign someone or lose his job. He was a friend of mine so it didn't bother me to help. But for Ceno, he really cares about Wrestling, and even more so this match. After all he cared so much about winning he entered that battle Royal which no one else showed up too. Sure you can chalk it up to whatever reason you want, or even claim that others were in there, but let's face it, they were in there for show, and some of those guys seem to like where they stand. Do they want to be used for more? Maybe, but they get to have a paycheck and entertain the masses while they're at it."

Trixy: "Which I guess the Rumble is filled of those people."

Blitz 1: "I guess so. Over half."

Trixy: "Over half? I counted 15 which was at half."

Blitz shook his head.

Blitz 1: "Yeah well you forgot me. I'll admit I'm not even sure why I'm here. I don't even feel like I belong here. Sure there was a time when I just got lost in the adventure, short to speak. But now, even as I look back, I wonder if I was too wrapped up in the adventure I lost track of what was happening. Sure I had a drive for a moment or two, but even that's been lost. I'm just not a wrestler, never was. The only reason I'm here is because of this man right here."

Blitz placed a hand on Heyman's shoulder to indicate who he was talking about.

Blitz 1: "This man saved my little girl's life. Even if he did have ulterior motives for doing so, to get me as his client. Which even that I haven't the slightest clue. Even if he was that desperate to get a wrestler in the Men's division again, he still has Leo which works pretty well for the both of them. So why does he need me?"

Blitz paused as he removed his arm from Heyman's shoulder. Heyman was just standing there, not saying a word.

Blitz 1: "So, sure I'll live up to my end of the agreement in my contract. I'll compete. But just like this Rumble match, I won't win. I can't win. But like I said, I'll show up, I'll try to have a good time like these others who people call a filler. But in the end, just like with them, the better one will move on while I look for my next spot to fill."

With that Blitz walked off. Trixy watched him go before turning to Heyman.

Trixy: "Care to respond on what Blitz said?"

Paul Heyman: "That will be all for the time being, Miss Trixy. This Interview has concluded."

Paul Heyman then took his turn in leaving as Trixy looks to the camera.

Trixy: "Guess that's it. Until next time EWE nation."

With a smile from Trixy the scene fades to black.

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Re: Blitz in Rumble Match

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:48 am
Note: So Apparently I no showed Blitz's 2nd RP.. eh.
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Re: Blitz in Rumble Match

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:48 am
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Re: Blitz in Rumble Match

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