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Blitz Vs Brotus Clay (Beat the Clock Challenge)

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:46 am
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Show: Chaos [1/26/2015]

(Beat the Clock challenge for EWE Championship #1 contendership)

Scene 1

How many times would you say is enough for one man to leave only to return again? How can someone return when it's obvious that no one wants him there? He's a low carder after all, never amounted to anything. In fact the only accomplishments he ever had was when his opposition didn't even try. So why is he returning yet again? Yet with all these leaving and returns, does he even want to be in the EWE? Would he rather be somewhere else? Would he rather be something else? Only time will tell, but what we do know is that he is coming back. And it all started a few days ago.


Blitz 1 Whitetiger is a happy guy. His adopted daughter is healthy once more thanks to the surgery performed on her. Now Blitz spends his days with her, rather helping her with her school work, playing games, or just watching her as she plays at the park. When he's not with her Blitz is usually found talking with old friends going for a run, or working as in his rather unique delivery service. All in all you could say that Blitz' life is happy. Then the doorbell rang.

"Just a second," Blitz hollered at the door as he moved to put a few things down. He was working on setting up his daughter’s new doll house so now he worked on putting the things down in order to get to the door. He wasn't sure who exactly to expect seeing how Abby, his 9 year old adopted daughter, wasn't due to be home from school for another hour. Though he didn't expect her to ring the doorbell. So as Blitz managed to get to the door, he have expected one of his friends to be on the other side. When he opened the door however, he had a small surprise to see a rather short and pudgy man standing there in a slightly casual suit. Of course this man was familiar with Blitz.

"Hello Mr. Whitetiger, I do hope I'm not disturbing you," Paul Heyman replied. Blitz was rather interested in his visit yet it wasn't exactly expected.

"Not at all," Blitz said as he stood aside and gestured for Paul to come in, "Though I can't say I understand why you're visiting."

"Oh this isn't a social call Mr. Whitetiger," Paul Heyman said as he looked to Blitz as he shut the door. Blitz then gestured for him to follow him as he led him towards the living room.

"It's not?" Blitz asked even more curious as to why he was there, "Then why didn't you just call?"

"I'll be needing you to sign some paper work," Paul replied as he sat down on a sofa placing a folder on the coffee table. Blitz sat on the other side of the sofa as he glanced at them. He noticed the EWE logo right on top.

"So what's this about then?" Blitz wondered as he looked back up to Paul.

"You remember a few months ago when I said you'd owe me a favor for paying the money for your daughter to get the treatment she required to get better?" Paul asked and Blitz nodded in reply, "I'm here to call in that favor."

If Blitz was honest, that had slipped his mind. Not that he didn't remember what Paul did for him, but the fact that Heyman would want something in return. Blitz partially rolled his eyes for he knew some of the things Paul stood for though he figured he'd see anyways.

"What's the favor exactly?" Blitz asked.

"I'm glad you asked," Paul Heyman said as he gave a slightly devious smile, "So as you should know, Extreme Wrestling Entertainment is set to officially come back full time in a matter of days."

Blitz nodded, "I've been keeping up with it," He said, "But what's it have to do with me?"

"Well, as you've seen, I two very established clients in the Diva's division," Paul Heyman Continued, "And while that is so, neither of them will be making the jump to the men's division any time soon, and I would like a client in that division. But it would seem there aren't as many takers."

"No surprise there," Blitz said but Paul Heyman shook his head.

"Oh no Mr. Whitetiger, I've done well with my clients," Paul Heyman said, "With EWE alone, I've managed a Shining Star Champion, the Current Televixen Champion, and the future Diva's Tag Team Champions."

"By helping them cheat," Blitz said.

"Heaven's no," Paul Heyman said sounding innocent, "I've merely helped my clients with strategy and the best way to implement it. Sure you can understand about that when you've had your own manager. Two of them at different times to be exact."

It was true. Blitz first had Mr. Green has his manager though not that he got involved as much as Paul Heyman seems to do. Then there was the time where his best friend Thend managed him but besides accompany him down to the ring, he only assisted with his training regiments.

"Well, I don't know what you're planning on doing, but I'm not having you as my manager," Blitz said.

"You don't seem to understand," Paul Heyman said as he opened up the folder revealing what looked to be a contract, "It's already done."

Blitz was even more curious but as he looked at it he noticed it was the forum that Paul had him sign before he'd pay for the treatment for his daughter. At the time he didn't think anything of it but as he scanned it now, he realized what Paul was saying is true. His eyes narrowed as he glanced back up to him.

"You're kidding right?" Blitz said a little aggravated, "Sneaking this by me when you knew my guard was down."

"It can happen," Paul Heyman said, "In fact I've already taken the liberty in getting you a match. You're in the Beat the Clock Challenge."

Blitz shook his head. Honestly he had no plans of really returning to EWE. At least not in the near future. Now it seemed Paul Heyman had tricked him into it.

"And if I refuse?" Blitz asked.

"Then you'll be breaching your contract," Paul Heyman said, "Which will then cause that enormous hospital bill to be charged on you."

That increased Blitz's frown. He couldn't afford that. Finally he just sighed, "All right Mr. Heyman, you win," He said. Paul Heyman grinned widely from that as he got up and picked up the folder not before giving a copy of the agreement.

"Splendid," He said shutting the folder and moving to leave, "I'll see you next week then. Train well."

Paul Heyman smiled widely as he left the house leaving Blitz there to contemplate on what he was going to do.

Scene 2

The backdrop was set as we neared return of Monday Night Chaos. This particular backdrop was a simple curtain with the EWE logo put on the center. Standing in front of said backdrop was Paul Heyman for he had scheduled a time for his client to get some air time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman," Paul announced towards the camera, "I am the manager of your reigning and defending Televixen Champion, Michelle McCool as well as the other half of your future Diva's Tag Team Champions, Summer Rae. However, I am here at this time to introduce to you one of my newest clients. His name is Blitz 1 Whitetiger."

On cue Blitz came into the shot wearing his black shorts, black shirt with a white B in the center of it, and white athletic shoes with black style marks. He stood there as Paul took a step out of the view for now. Of course Blitz had had time to train and think over what his plans were. Not that he didn't find being in EWE fun, he had other things he'd rather be doing, like being with his daughter more. But that needed to be put aside for the time being as he glanced to the camera a grin spreading on his face. He was trapped working for Paul, but he could have a little fun with it.

"Greetings everyone from the newest lackey of walrus," Blitz said to the camera though we could not see Paul's reaction due to being off camera, "Now I am here to compete for this wondrously chubby man for your entertainment tonight. And as it happens I'm here to face one Brotus Clay, the Funkasaurus."

The smile increased on his face as he glanced over to where Paul was standing off camera. He then turned back to them.

"Now I could make a joke or comparison of Brotus' size to that of my manager," Blitz continued, "But that would be an insult to Brotus Clay and I actually like the guy. Who else comes out with two gorgeous babes and parties in that ring? Too bad we can't just forget this whole match thing and just have a dance-off or something more fun. After all I have some funky fresh moves myself."

Blitz began to dance a bit too some unheard music. He was actually pretty good as he ended it with an interesting spinning break dancing move. You could hear that crowd in the back ground as they cheered him on.

"See I like the guy and this isn't some insult or mockery," Blitz said, "And though what I said about forgetting the match, we sadly can't do but hey, perhaps we can do a bit after the match is over huh? We could both bust a few moves in that ring."

Blitz smiled in anticipation of it. He glanced over to Paul Heyman again before nodding.

"All right, seems my manager wants me to get back on topic," Blitz said, "Though of course it's on topic. But fine, let's get to the boring parts. Talking about how I'm going to beat you and say all the reasons why I'm going to beat the clock. Blah blah blah. Well sorry to say I doubt I beat the clock. Seriously. I'm the fastest guy alive, no Flash catchphrase stealing intended, but I'm not here to beat this challenge. Sure I'll win the match, but I'm not messing with trying to beat that clock."

"Why would you say such a thing?" Came Paul Heyman's annoyed voice from out of the camera shot, "This is a chance for you to get your hands on a title that has long since been way out of your reach. How can you expect to become the undisputed Champion if you ignore opportunities like this one?"

Blitz only shrugged, "Oh being the Undisputed Champion is a great honor, I know," Blitz said, "And hey I'm not scared of facing White Tiger, it just won't be happening tonight. Just not feeling it is all."

Blitz crossed his arms leaning in a slightly relaxed pose. He still had that slight grin on his face but it seemed Paul Heyman wasn't liking it too much.

"Not feeling it?" He said the aggravation clearly in his voice, "Of course you're feeling it. You can win. Wait, no, no, no. I won't be pulled into what you're trying to do here Blitz. I see it right now, but it won't work."

There was a slight laugh from Paul as Blitz glanced over to him. Seemed Paul walked off as Blitz shrugged and looked back at the camera.

"That was fun," Blitz said with a smirk, "But is that not what this should be about? Brotus Clay knows about that. See, winning titles is can be fun to and you bet that when it comes to them when it's time I'm going to be giving that champion a run for their money. But I just got back and it's time to unwind with a nice, and slow match with me and the Funkasaurus. So I'll see you out there Funk-man. Till then."

Blitz grinned as he walked off. The camera zooming in on the EWE logo to end the segment.

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Re: Blitz Vs Brotus Clay (Beat the Clock Challenge)

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:46 am
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