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Blitz Vs Kelsi Parr

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:45 am

RP Link:

Show: Chaos [7/28/2014]

(King of Xtreme Round 1)

OFF Camera

Back during the end of American Revolution. Blitz was in Kristy's office talking to her alone. The cameraman had allready left.

Kristy: So why have you decieded to return?

Blitz gave a small sigh before responding.

Blitz: It's Abby... the doctor's said her conditions worsening. The only way to help her is with an expensive procedure that my salary back home can't cover, nor does my insurance.

Kristy nodded and patter Blitz on the shoulder.

Kristy: I hope you're able to get that taken care of. In the mean time... we're getting ready for the King Of Xtreme Tournament.

Blitz nodded.

Blitz: I know, I've allready entered it. Granted they're Extreme Rules matches, so I need to be careful not to get injured where I can't compete.

Kristy: Yeah. Well I wish you luck.

Blitz nodded again.

Blitz: Thanks.

So the two friends hugged and Blitz left the room. As he began someone who had been by the door began to follow him.

???: I couldn't help overhearing your problem.

Blitz turned around to see that it was Paul Heyman.

Blitz: Ease dropping a habbit of yours?

Paul Heyman chuckled.

Heyman: No it's not. But I heard that you need some money for your daughter's procedure. I'd be more than willing to help.

Blitz rose an eye at Paul.

Blitz: What's the catch?

Heyman placed his hand on his chest in a mildly shocked kind of way.

Heyman: I sir, am appauled that you'd think of me that way. I simply ask that when you finally return to EWE that you remember what I have done for you.

Blitz thought of it for a moment. Granted he knew that it ment Heyman would want a favor from Blitz in the furture... but was it worth his daughter's health? Finally Blitz gave a nod.

Blitz: Very well then. I'll remember that.

Heyman nodded as he gave Blitz a card.

Heyman: Here's my card. Just give me a ring later and we can work out the details.

Blitz nodded as Paul Heyman Left. Blitz looked at the card and sighed.

Blitz: Kristy won't like this.

Then he headed off.
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