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Leo Vs Dean Ambrose

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:19 pm
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Show: Chaos [6/15/2015]

One full week ago, Leo Kat took on The Human Tornado. It was a one sided affair as Leo sealed the deal sending him into the Round 2 of the King of Xtreme Tournament. Yet, this is so far farther he's gotten in the King of Xtreme Tournament as his very first time he allowed Dean Ambrose to beat him. Think as things may, that had begun his quest with his group as he worked with them to take on dangerous missions which saved people. Yet, people only took his absences as being cowardly, pathetic, and nothing but him thinking he can't measure up into this business. But what was the case exactly? No one could really tell as Leo kept to himself most of the time and the only person he's even allegedly told, is Paul Heyman. Not that Paul cared about what Leo used to do. All he saw was a potential client who actually listened to him. Or at least wasn't incline to backstab him in the future.

So the time was Monday Night and Chaos was already in the swing of things. Leo, was in his locker room sitting on the floor with his legs crossed and his arms resting on them. He wore his usual attire of simple sleeveless tan shirt and black shorts. Currently, his eyes were closed as his mind began to wander over the past year. Not what he's been doing in the EWE but outside of it.

Leo Kat: "Everyone ready?"

Leo's mind had brought up the more recent events as he and his crew were going on PreMission check. It paid to make sure everything was in order. This time like others everything came back clean and they were ready to proceed.

Leo Kat: "Move out."

The memory played through but only in bits and pieces of the mission that they had to rescue the lady they believed to be Lindsey. Lindsey had been a longtime friend of Leo's who Leo claimed to have been killed. Yet, his team had suckered him into joining them for this mission to rescue her. They were going with a plan Spangled had made and it was a good plan that Leo had to admit, and the plan was going very smoothly as Leo's Metallic Wristband played a key role in it.

Spangled Banner: "There you go, almost there."

Leo had continued his way through enemy territory. The others doing their part to cancel out security as much as possible. Finally coming to the last obstacle. All he had to do was get past a wire grid of security beams to the other side. There he'd attached a device to a panel allowing Spangled to hack in and turn off the rest of security. But, the grid was allowing for no gaps, no way to cross over. So there wasn't any way to get past. Well except one.

Spangled Banner: "Remember what I told you. The metallic surface created by the wristband will cause the beams to reflect back but not cut signaling the alarm."

Leo still could hear Spangled's description in his head and how he didn't think it was necessary for him to be repeating it. So Leo just began to walk, the metallic substance coating his entire body did exactly as Spangled said it would. Leo had reached the end and plugged in the device allowing for Spangled to take control as he disabled the security. That left Leo with little time before the guards and hounds came running. But Spangled would be able to easily derail them with their own security. So Leo opened the door as Spangled had unlocked it for him. Inside, Leo found a room as big as you'd think would be in a tower, yet had only the simple things you'd find in a toilet. The room had only one occupant, a lady dressed in ragged and torn clothes. She was passed out on the bed and on inspection Leo could see signs of rape. This angered Leo as he picked Lindsey up and carried her on out.

Leo Kat: "I have the package. Heading back."

Spangled Banner: "Good, I'm keeping the guards busy but seems they have some protocols for this too."

The memory skipped forward as Leo arrived at the rendezvous point, only to find their plane damaged. Quickly, Leo checked the coms.

Leo Kat: "The plane's damaged, we have to find an alternate way off."

What Leo got back in return was each person’s responding before he could hear each one of them being captured. Leo didn't seem to understand what was going on. Considering what he heard, it sounded like Spangled didn't have complete control of the place. But one by one each of the other coms went to off.

Leo Kat: "Hello? Boe, Zack, Shellshocked, Falcon... Spangled?"

He for sure didn't think Spangled was taken. As he didn't hear him.

Spangled Banner: "I'm here. I'm trying to find out what's going on. Just hang tight I'm on my way out."

So Leo waited but again his memory flashed him forward as Spangled had told him to meet him in a location after saying he couldn't get out. There Leo arrived, still holding on to the unconscious Lindsey. There Leo didn't seem to find Spangled nor anyone. Yet he remembered the distinct feeling of his hairs standing on the back of his neck. Slowly he turned around seeing a group of security guards dressed in full tactical gear. They each had the other 4 members in their grasps all but Spangled. Then, that's when Spangled came up giving a slow clap as he just grinned.

Spangled Banner: "Oh this was all too easy."

Leo was in shock as his anger boiled. Spangled revealed to him that he set this entire trap. Even faked Lindsey's death to help bait it and get Leo to rejoin EWE. Leo couldn't understand why, Spangled would ever do such a thing. Yet Leo remembered a rather tall and muscular man walk up behind Spangled standing to his side like he was working for him. Spangled smiled before finally addressing it.

Spangled Banner: "All in good time, Leo. But let's just say this. I've run out of puppet's to use in EWE. And you're the perfect candidate for XD 002. Now come quietly."

Yet that's not what Leo did as Leo did the only way he could see to escape. He jumped of the cliff he was behind with Lindsey in his arms as he fell in the ocean below with a...


Leo opened his eyes to see Paul Heyman standing nearby. He had just snapped his fingers to get Leo to pay attention.

Paul Heyman: "I don't know why you want to do this. But it's all set up. So meet me out there in 5 minutes."

So Paul Heyman left as Leo stood there a moment as his mind focused back on what was going on that night.


The camera's open continue on at ring side as we see a hyped up crowd for the next exciting match of the King of Xtreme tournament. However, before they got to that, the camera's shift to the stage as Paul Heyman walks out holding a microphone. The fans boo him as he has a smug grin on his face as he walks to the ring and enters it. He looks around at the people before raising his microphone to his lips yet again.

Paul Heyman: "Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Paul Heyman and I'm the advocate of your 2015 King of Xtreme Winner!"

The fans only booed as Heyman shakes his head.

Paul Heyman: "Is that really hard for people like you to grasp? Unless you believe that once again my client will get screwed out of his match here tonight. Just like he was screwed out of being your All American Champion. We all know that my client, Leo Kat, is a far superior athlete to Cliff Morgan. After all he did lose his title to the likes of Kelsi Parr who's never held a men's division championship. So what's that say about Cliff who couldn't even keep his title against her? And why wasn't it my client he restarted the match with?"

Didn't seem the fans cared too much about Heyman's questions as they just booed him.

Paul Heyman: "None-the-less you can rest assured that my Client will not be losing her tonight, so before I proceed with more invaluable truths. Let me bring out your..."

Suddenly, Heyman jumped slightly as "Special Op" began to play. Yet not over the PA system but from a phone from a fan at his ringside seat. Heyman wiped the sweat from his brow as he was now starting to show his uneasiness. He clears his throat before continuing.

Paul Heyman: "... As I was saying, let me bring out your 2015, King of Xtreme winner, Leo Kat!"

"Never Turn Back" plays over the PA system as Leo comes out from the back and heads to the ring. The fans boo him and though Paul Heyman began with watching Leo coming to the ring he happened to notice a particular fans sign which depicted the Shield giving Heyman their patented Triple Aided Power Bomb. This causes Heyman to get a little hot under the collar as Leo finally enters the ring. This time Heyman addresses Leo but still uses the microphone.

Paul Heyman: "Leo, are you sure you want to do this? We already know who's going to win this match, there is no reason to poke the bear."

He sure seemed nervous as his plea fell on death ears. Leo was tossed a microphone which he caught before raising it up to his mouth.

Leo Kat: "Most important rule of combat Heyman. If you can get inside the mind of your opponent, you will win."

Paul Heyman: "Of course, but this is the Shield we're talking about. You don't need to rile them up."

Leo didn't seem to care as the fans were enjoying this. They hoped that Dean with or without the Shield would come out to do something. But silence remained Titantron.

Leo Kat: "That's exactly what I want to do. Now you can head on to the back if you really want but that's up to you."

Heyman looks at him and they say some things the camera doesn't pick up before Heyman nods and stands a bit to the side, letting Leo speak. Leo then looked Heyman than to the back.

Leo Kat: "Good, now Dean you heard all that. After all I'm sure you and you're pack are back there listening to all this. And I can assure you that they'll be trying to coax you into ignoring me, or perhaps channel it. But all I want you to do is listen to me, listen to the sound of my voice as I tell you just how pathetic you really are."

The crowds were listening in hopes of the match starting earlier but they didn't expect that one comment to get Dean out here that fast. Leo however just continued on.

Leo Kat: "You know I seen that little war you had with the Wyatt Family. How it all started when Bray was eliminated from the tournament thanks to Roman Reigns. Yet Wyatt believe that he was your hound, your tool. And that you are the brains of the group?"

Leo let out a short amusing laugh.

Leo Kat: "What was Wyatt thinking? You Dean, you're no leader. You're just the twisted psychopath that runs around with the group. If anything one of your so called brother's would fit that bill nicely. Especially, Rollins who's actually is the brains behind the Shield. But let's face it, Dean, we both know that your mind won't be fully on this match anyways. Not with how you're little feud ended."

Seems Paul Heyman knows where this is going as he smirks slightly. Allowing Leo to continue on.

Leo Kat: "I must say Dean, how does it feel that this as all so personal to you, yet, you know that you'll never be enough to finish off Bray on your own? That you're under par when it comes to him? Let's think of this a bit. You go through the match and it takes all of you just to bring him down. Wasn't Bray supposed to be yours, Dean? Wasn't he supposed to be pinned after you hit your finisher? Yet, your brother's each hit him with all of your finishers and when it wasn't enough, You had to team up, further showing that you couldn't get the job done on your own. Not to mention that it was Reigns who really did all the work. All you did was set him up for Reigns and then stick your hand in there to push him and call it your helping. Anyone could have done that, even Paul Heyman here could have done that."

Heyman nods at the remark as it was good, then he realized that his involvement might mean more punishment on him. So he raised his mic to say something.

Paul Heyman: "Well I wouldn't..."

Leo turns to Heyman with a 'shut it' look which has Heyman go silent as he nods. Leo then looked back towards the back.

Leo Kat: "You see Dean? You let Roman be the one who finished him off and you were only there like a buzzard to pick up the pieces after the more vicious predator did the real work... Guess you really are following the Buzzards Dean."

Leo chuckles at his reference and Heyman does too, gaining a bit more of his confidence back.

Leo Kat: "But it doesn't matter. You gain entry into the next round by defeating a member of 3MB. Furthering showing how much it would seem Jensen has you in your pocket as we seen last Monday. Which shows everyone that you're really nothing. Just another psycho who's feeding his own ego by latching on to others. But go ahead Dean, try and use your brothers. Or don’t because that would just show you that you couldn't get past the likes of me without having help. Just like with Bray."

Leo continued to press that into his point. Getting Dean's focus on Bray Wyatt.

Leo Kat: "Like he said, the War's not over between you two. And just think of what it would be like for him to come out here and ruin your King of Xtreme chances. Me, I wouldn't care in the least. I move on, and that's that. But we both know you couldn't handle that. Your mind going refusing to accept that Bray Wyatt bested you again, and all you did against him required the help of your brothers. Your mind will be in a War tonight, Dean. A War you've proven to lose time and time again. And while you will be split focused, I will be there to capitalize. After all, as much as these mind games work, I don't care rather I win or lose here tonight."

Again Heyman popped up.

Paul Heyman: "But of course, he will be winning."

Leo seemed to ignore what Heyman said as he went on.

Leo Kat: "I am here to fight. So bring what you want. Do what you want. It won't stop me."

Leo dropped the microphone as he exits to the ring and heads to the back. Heyman raises his mic for one more statement.

Paul Heyman: "Ladies and Gentlemen, your King of Xtreme Winner!"

He indicates Leo as his "Never Turn Back" Hits again as the scene ends there.

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Re: Leo Vs Dean Ambrose

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:19 pm
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