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Leo Vs Cliff Morgan

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:16 pm

RP Link:

Show: EWE Rumble 2015 [2/22/2015]

"This is it Leo. We've finally located the artifact inside the cave off the coast. It's crawling with those raider's so you and you're team will need to be careful."

The orders were given by one guy who looked to young to be in the posistion he was in. To be fair it was primarily Mission control but Spangled did play a big part on the mission. Leo gave a nod however as he looked over to his team inside the command center set up in that town. There were 5 of them in all, counting Leo. The other was an old friend of his named Lindsey.

Leo: Gear up. We leave in five.

The four others nodded as they began to get ready. Mostly grabbing their gear weapons used for the mission. It wouldn't be long now before they were finally going to retrive the artifact, something they had been trying to get back ahold of for some time now.

Leo's mind returned to the present day as he continued his work out in the Snap Fitness gym. He wasn't exactly a member there but Paul Heyman pulled some strings to allow him to work out there to prepare for his up coming match. Though Leo's mind drifted alot when he wasn't in that ring, it did help him with all the stare's he had been given. True you couldn't say he was the most popular guy there, and there were some who thought he looked short of like Tom Cruise. Of course, that's what Dutch Clark seemed to think, but he wasn't there so it was a meaningless observation.

Leo's workout routine continued before another arrival to this gym on Cooper St. brought even more looks. It was Paul Heyman, wearing one of his usual suits as he made his way over to Leo. He also seemed to realized the looks he was getting as a smug grin spread on his face. When he got to Leo he began to speak.

PH: You know I still can't get out of my mind that look that White Tiger had last week when we left him there to face the music. Though he should be thanking us for given him such an oppurtunity to show off his skills as being a true legend. It is not our fault that he wasn't up to the task.

Heyman smirked and Leo just gave a nod. He knew this was more for those who glances their way than for him. Besides, how often would you see someone as famous as Paul Heyman, in an Arlington, Texas gym?

PH: Ofcourse we both know that had we decieded to stay in the match, you would of shown the sons of liberty that you're real champ material. Not CM Punk who thinks he dersevers what was rightfully your Undisputed Championship match and especialy not Cliff Morgan who believe's he is the All American Champion. Fact is he probally spends so much time abroad in his quest to become a modernday Indiana Jones, that you couldn't consider him an All American. You can bet what he's doing isn't even for this country but for his own personal gain.

As Paul was still talking Leo had finished his session on the leg machine as he sat up taking a drink out of his water bottle. When Paul finished speaking he actually turned and looked at all those who were there looking over at the two. Heyman grinned as he began to adress them directly.

PH: Incase you were unaware, my name is Paul Heyman. I am reprsenting this man here, who is your uncrown All American Champion. I, ofcourse, say uncrown because Cliff Morgan is simply keeping the title warm for my client and on Feburary 22nd, in your very own AT&T center, my client will be headed to The Rumble to collect his championship belt.

Paul smirks as those there seemed pretty interested. But Heyman looks back to Leo who had stood up now.

PH: Come, time for Lunch.

Leo nodes before wiping his head with his towel before picking up his gym bag and follows Heyman out of the Snap Fitness gym as he's following Heyman his mind begins to drift yet again.

(OOC sorry about not being able to finish it. Net's off at home and I ran out of time.)
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Re: Leo Vs Cliff Morgan

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:17 pm
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