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Leo Vs Jinder Mahal (Beat the Clock Challenge)

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:03 pm
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Show Chaos [1/26/2015]

A small bar in the city. A few local people in there either at the counter drinking shots, sitting at one of the various chairs around, or playing pool at one of the 3 accessible pool tables. While all these things were going on one person slightly stood out in his black jean pants, Black leather jacket and athletic looking shoes. His shirt was of a brown color of what you could see of it anyways. His hair was brown slightly long and unkempt. He currently sat on a stool as he was drinking a clear liquid on the rocks. The man took a sip of this drink before the door to the bar opened, in walking a rather attractive woman wearing a long brown coat that covered all of her attire. She was a brunette and her hair was long past her shoulders. This lady got lots of stares from the men in the group as this lady looked around before spotting the previously mentioned guy at the counter. She walked over that way her hand slipping into her pocket as she pulled out a tape recorder. Once she gets close enough she hits the record button aiming it slightly towards the man.

Helen Martin: "This is some place to find you at, Leo."

Leo, or Leo Kat as his full name was, didn't bother glancing up towards her. He only gave another sip of his drink his hand feeling the surface of the glass afterword. Helen sat down on the stool next to him as her body faced away from the counter. Resting her elbow on the counter and pointing the tape recorder towards Leo again she spoke yet again.

Helen Martin: "Now come on Leo. I thought we were friends?"

Leo continued to look at his beverage not bothering to look at her. Though he did respond but his voice had a slight melancholy tone to it.

Leo Kat: "I don't have the luxury of having friends."

Helen Martin: "Sure you do. Though I have to say this isn't the best place for you to be. Knowing that Monday Night Chaos is just around the corner. I mean, how do you expect to beat the clock if you're drinking now? Could affect your timing as you feel all sluggish from the drink."

There was a slight grunt given by Leo. Not a grunt of pain but more showing that Helen didn't seem to know what was fully going on. Of course, if she paid attention she'd of notice all the different stares she was getting from the men in the establishment. Probably every guy in the place had looked at her once or twice. All except Leo who continued to look down at his drink.

Helen Martin: "Is there something wrong Leo? If there is, you can tell me."

Leo ignored her again, this time lifting up his glass and taking another drink. Helen frowned slightly.

Helen Martin: "Ok fine. How about you talk about your match then? What I came here for anyways."

Even that didn't seem to get him to focus on her. Which only deepened the frown on Helen's face.

Helen Martin: "Come on Leo, tell me something. You know I won't take no for an answer."

Paul Heyman: "An admirable trait Ms. Martin, but you won't be getting anything from my client.

The voice came from another man who had just walked up. It was Paul Heyman as he was wearing his usual suit. From where he came up from it could be taken that he came from the bathroom. Helen glanced to Paul Heyman though her elbow was still rested where it was.

[color=green]Helen Martin: "Your client?"

Paul Heyman: "That is correct Ms. Martin. Leo is my client as you should of known as it was made known several months ago."

Helen nodded for she indeed remembered the time he was referring to. It was not much longer after she had been hired by Kristy Jensen.

Helen Martin: "I guess I figured Leo would wise up and dump you're sorry ***."

Paul Heyman: "You have guessed wrong. Now if you really wanted to interview my client it will to go through me. I am my client's advocate and I shall be interceding for him."

Helen rolled her eyes as she removed her elbow from the counter shifting slightly so she was facing Paul.

Helen Martin: "I'm sure Leo can talk for himself."

Paul Heyman: "That is not your call to make. So do you have questions for my client? If not I suggest you leave my client be."

After a glance to Leo and seeing he wasn't about to answer, Helen shakes her head slightly and looks back to Paul Heyman.

Helen Martin: "Fine Mr. Heyman, we'll do it your way."

Standing up she holds her recording device up to better catch their voices.

Helen Martin: "So let's get to the question I had asked. Why is your client drinking so close to the return of Monday Night Chaos, where he will be having a beat the clock challenge in which he needs to defeat his opponent faster than anyone else."

Paul Heyman: "My Client, Leo Kat, is under a strict training regimen designed to assist him in defeating his opponent Jender Mahal in the fastest manor possible. I can assure you that drinking any kind of controlled substance is not in the regiment."

Helen Martin: "Sure fooled me."

The sarcastic remark is evident in Helen's remark. She could see what Leo was drinking. Paul Heyman just crossed his arms with a small smile spreading on his face.

Paul Heyman: "I assure you that my client is not drinking an alcoholic beverage Ms. Martin."

It was Helen's turn to laugh as she pointed directly at what Leo was drinking.

Helen Martin: "Oh and you don't call that an alcoholic beverage?"

Paul Heyman: "Take a closer look Ms. Helen. Do you see any bubbling? Or perhaps any fizzing?"

Helen looked over at it just to humor him. But he was right. No bubbling, no fizzing.

Paul Heyman: "You can take a sniff of it if you want Ms. Martin. But what's in that glass is nothing but good ol' H2O on the rocks."

Helen frowned then looked back at Paul who had that cheesy looking grin on his face.

Helen Martin: "And why in the world would Leo want to come all the way here to get some water?"

Paul began his response with a shrug of the shoulders before he spoke.

Paul Heyman: "Perhaps he enjoys the texture of the glass or the company of those here in the bar. He could even be here for me so that I can have a drink myself, after all it is not I who's prohibited from alcoholic beverages at this stage. But you would do kindly as to collect all the facts before you make the assumption that my client would do anything to hinder his chances to obtain the best time on Monday night."

Helen nodded her head a few times. Despite he was probably right she didn't care lots of times for that legal mumbo jumbo that he enjoyed talking.

Helen Martin: "Fine forget that for now. What about telling us where Leo's been? He was set to return some months back but after one match loss he leaves again. So where'd he go?"

Paul Heyman: "I am not at liberty to discuss that. For it is a personal matter."

Helen Martin: "Must have been something important since you advised him in front of the EWE Universe that he should forfeit his match. Something I never thought you'd do."

Paul Heyman: "In front of an audience yes. But that was only at the request of my client."

Helen Martin: "So it was a cop out? Leo didn't want to fight in the match or he didn't think he could win so he asked you to do that so it'd just seem he was following your advice."

Heyman's response was delayed as he glanced over to Leo. Seemed whatever it was he wasn't about to say why. Though did Helen detect a bit of perhaps nervousness? But the moment of it was gone as he looked back to Helen with his regular demeanor returning to him.

Paul Heyman: "We are getting off subject here, Ms. Martin. All you need to know is my client is back for the reopening of Monday Night Chaos. So direct your questions to that or even his upcoming match."

Helen placed crossed her other arm yet left the other extended to keep the tape recorder to pick up the responses more clearly.

Helen Martin: "Fine, let's talk about Jinder Mahal for a moment, do you think you're client can beat him?"

Paul Heyman: "I'm appalled you would even ask such a question. I of course completely believe in my client. His skills in the ring far out way those of Jinder Mahal. Ask yourself, has Jinder Mahal obtain a Championship belt like my client has?"

Helen Martin: "This is his debut match."

Paul Heyman: "In EWE yes, but check the records and you'll see that Jinder Mahal has only ever been a stable used to promote better athletes like my client, Leo Kat. Jinder Mahal is a low rate talent who the higher-ups send in to make their chosen champions look better. He is just a little more than someone they've pulled right out of the audience. And this challenge is filled with them. So it's not about rather my client can win, that isn't even the question. It's rather or not he is cable of winning in a time set by the others in this company."

Helen Martin: "And do you think Leo can do that?"

Paul Heyman actually seems to chuckle at what Helen said.

Helen Martin: "My client is one of the fastest athlete’s in the world. The key for him is to find those impact points that will cause the most damage to Jinder Mahal and execute them with speed and precision, both of which my client is far capable of doing. Others like CM Punk, Alessandro Qualiatere, and White Tiger. They can inflict massive amounts of damage yes but to execute it in as fast a time as my client, they are not capable."

Helen Martin: "Right. So let's say Leo does manage to beat the clock, what then? Do you really think Leo has what it takes to defeat the Undisputed Champion White Tiger? From what we've all seen, Leo has never made it past the low card. He even lost his title to Mickie James, in a sense, and when he had a chance to regain it, he failed yet again."

Paul Heyman: "Let the record show that my client never lost the X-Core championship. That match was only to determine the new Mid-eastern Champion."

Helen rolled her eyes slightly on the technicality as she listened to Paul to continue his statement.

Paul Heyman: "As for your question, I do believe my client has what it takes. He had a lot of untapped potential in that ring that seems only I could see. Not to mention the constant distractions he's had to deal with during his time here. It's no wonder he was able to do as well as he did under these circumstances. No it wasn't a wonder, it was that potential I just told you about. I can see it and with me there to assist him and help focus his attention, he will be your next EWE Undisputed Champion."

Helen Martin: "So this untapped potential is what's going to be what Leo Kat needs to defeat White Tiger? One of EWE's legends?"

Paul Heyman: "For a legend he sure hasn't proven himself lately. He hasn't won a match since his return and his first match should have been a walk in the park for him. Roller Brawl should not have been able to defeat him. Then he the very next week he fails to Alessandro barely given him any kind of thought."

Helen Martin: "White Tiger has been known to flake non-important matches. But he really brings it when the chips are on the line."

Paul Heyman: "Yet he's been known to flake on those matches too. Face it, White Tiger is too old for this business. He's not mentally ready for this challenge. So when my Client beats the clock, White Tiger will lose, there's no question in that. Rather it's playing those video games with those sisters, spending time with his daughter, or reliving the good old days with his fans, White Tiger will be to preoccupied and not care that he'll lose his title."

Helen Martin: "Assuming your client wins."

Paul just shakes his head as a slight chuckle escapes him.

Paul Heyman: "You haven't listened to a word I've said have you? Leo Kat will defeat Jinder Mahal, there's no question in that, and everyone knows that Leo Kat will defeat Jinder Mahal. Though what they won't admit and will soon find out is that Leo Kat will be the one to win the Beat the Clock Challenge. It's a fact, Ms. Martin. And with that I believe this Interview is over."

Paul meant what he said as he walked over to the other side of Leo and had a seat. Helen watched him but decided that it was enough. She'd of rather gotten this from Leo but she could see that look on his face that he wasn't going to talk to her. So she pocketed her tape recorder and headed out, leaving Paul Heyman and Leo Kat in there at the bar. Paul glanced her way before going back to speaking to Leo in a slightly hushed tone.

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Re: Leo Vs Jinder Mahal (Beat the Clock Challenge)

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:03 pm
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