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Meeting with the Unknown Take 2

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:56 am
[align=center]RP Link:

OOC Note: Will add Layout eventually. Probably a generic one since Maya's not in it.

Danny Gordy is in his Hotel Room not too far from the O2 Arena, he's getting his luggage together to leave and his cell phone rings. He picks it up, looks at the number and shakes his head as he answers it.

Danny Gordy: "You again? What part of NOOO aren't you getting here? The N, The O, the whole word NO? which is it?"

Gordy listens and does a deep angry sigh

Danny Gordy: "Where? WWHHEERRE?!"

He shakes his head and sighs again.

Danny Gordy: "I'll be there shortly, and when I get there you have five minutes, that's it. At five minutes and one second I'm the fuck outta here, got it?"

He closes his phone and angrily throws it into his bag as the picture cuts to later in the lobby of that a very same hotel. There a man, a bit on the young side with a scruffy looking beard walks into the room. He wore a nice suit as he walks in. The man at the front desk glances up at him but he only shakes his head.

Man: "I'm not here to check in. But waiting for someone."

The front desk clerk gives a slight shrug of his shoulders as he goes back to his computer, playing solitaire. The man doesn't give it much heed as he walks to a couch sitting in the lobby for those waiting and has a seat. There he checks his Rolex watch as he waits.

Soon Dany Gordy walks into the lobby, looks around and before the man at the front desk could say anything, Gordy puts his hand up and walks towards the man sitting down on the lobby couch. He walks up before looking at the man's expensive watch.

Danny Gordy: "Five minutes, from right…"

He looks at the watch again.

Danny Gordy: "NOW."

The man gives a slight nod not to intimidated by the larger man at all. Instead he spoke calmly and without rush.

Man: "As I was going to say, Mr. Gordy, before you left our meeting. My name is Joseph Stein and I work for a man who's is interested with individuals with great potential, such as yourself. He knows how you have been treated in other feds. Treated with such disrespect. My employer would like to change all of that. Give you the respect you deserve. After all, a man like you should be feared and set up for matches of great caliber to show off your abilities. Not be ridiculed and be forced into such ridiculous match such as the one they gave you recently."

Gordy nods.

Danny Gordy: "And, what can this guy do that nobody else has been able to do? This guy you speak of, he's no Bobby Heenan, is it James J. Dillon? I don't think so and both Skandar Akbar ad Gary hart are dead. So how is it, THIS GUY can get me seen in the light I should've been seen in all along"?"

Gordy looks at the man's watch again.

Danny Gordy: "Time's a wasting here, I hope you have a convincing Theory."

Joseph Stein: "Because my employer knows how this business is ran and he knows how to make someone fear you. And you won't be alone in this endeavor. Just imagine, being apart of a great team, bigger than that of both the Academy and Eternals. They won't be ridiculing you when you will be taking out some of their biggest people. And if they do try something well, as you like to say. Talk shit, get hit. And my employer will know just where to strike making sure they regret their decision."

Danny Gordy: "Hmmm… Intriguing, Very Intriguing, but what ISN"T fucking intriguing? is this fucking gown match and what about this trios match? You think I gave a shit about Dangerous Dan. and whoever the other scrub is? There's no rhyme or reason for it. Just bad booking or lazy booking. THIS is why I want to say fuck off to CWF and keep on moving."

Gordy leans in close to Stein. Using his intimidation factor. This would work for just about most people but not to Stein as he sat there waiting to see what Gordy would say next.

Danny Gordy: "But YOU DO, have my attention."

Gordy glances down at Stein's watch one final time as he sees the time allowed him was over. But Gordy's interest was peaked so he let the man continue to make his case.

Danny Gordy: "Time's up, but keep talking."

Good takes a seat next to the Stein as he waits for his response. Stein gives him a nod as he does as if to agree with what he said earlier.

Joseph Stein: "You are quiet right. This Evening gown match is a joke, nothing more to humiliate you. My employer is already coming up with a way to get around that predicament. As for the trio tag match, it is simply another example of Trinity and the Eternals trying to show off their might in the ring. But, if you notice both of your so called partners have disgraced the eternals or Trinity in some way. Ataxia has stated before that he's not on anyones side, but is out to stop the Eternals. Dangerous Dan has mocked the Eternals by attempting to join their ranks, only to change his mind and turn on them. They want to prove their dominance to all who oppose them, so that could very well mean that they see you as a threat. Why else would they be trying to humiliate you? But even if they don't and they only see you as someone who they can easily defeat, you can show them just how wrong they are. If you join my employers team you will make sure that you will be the one who comes out on top in that match as we will turn the tides against them."

Gordy nods his head a few times. What Stein was a saying made a lot of sense.

Danny Gordy: "Tell you what, If I leave then the idiots that be who run CWF win, but if I STAY, and prove shit MY WAY…"

Gordy gets up from his seat and turns around looking at Stein.

Danny Gordy: "Tell your employer.. You're on. Because I'm not going to be run out of the CWF by embarrassing booking decisions done by marks of McMahon. I'm sticking it out and if it means joining up with a team? The let's make sure this team is bad ass because anyone talks shit at me or anyone I have my back for? It's simple, they talk shit, they're gonna get hit, that simple."

Joseph Stein smiles as he stands up offering his hand to Gordy.

Joseph Stein: "Excellent news. I'll inform my employer immediately."

Gordy takes a deep breath, then shakes Stein's hand.

Danny Gordy: "Give him my number and we'll go from there. because I definitely need to prove to the CWF that they're fucking up."

Joseph Stein: "I'll see what I can do."

Stein says as he nods and leaves the hotel lobby. Gordy watches him go before he heads back up to his room.

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