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Leo Vs Mickie James

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:58 pm

RP Link:

Show WrestleMania 9 [5/26/2013]

(Off Camera)

*During a warm and sunny, spring day, a lone individual sat in the stands of a giant football stadium. This particular stadium was called Soldier Field and it was located on 1410 Museum Campus Drive in Chicago, Illinois. Why was this lone figure seated in the stadium that has been home to the Chicago Bears? Well it wasn't because of a football game about to start for football season was already finished. No, this individual was siting in one of the 61,500 seats of this stadium for one reason and one reason only. Wrestlemania.

Now this wasn't a very devoted spectator, if he was he'd probably not of been allowed into the building until the event actually started. Nor was this was some business tycoon waiting and watching to make sure the set up for the pay-per-view went off without a hitch. No, this was a competitor. A competitor with one thing on his mind. The truth of the matter was it wasn't WrestleMania itself that occupied the mind of this individual. While it was true that WrestleMania was the biggest event in all of sports entertainment and 8 different times, this particular wrestler federation has promoted such an event. To most competitors, just the thought of being in WrestleMania would excite them, filling up their thoughts and keeping them counting the seconds til it was time for their match on the grand stage of them all. But not this individual. His mind was more focused on one thing as the events from the past year replayed in his mind. The events that lead him to where he was today.

It all started back on June 24th, 2012 the day of the pay-per-view, Retribution. On that night, the individual, Leo Kat, beat Eli Hogan to win his very first championship ever. To Leo, this was a big deal. After all, during the course of his career in eWe, Leo was all ways in the bottom as it always seemed that Leo managed to defeat the wrestlers who didn't put up much of a fight. But when it came time for Leo to finally make it big, either by defeating an opponent who put forth an effort or chance to get a title, he'd fail. It almost seemed that Leo didn't even belong in the company, as he pretty much became nothing but a joke. But that all seemed to change as finally, finally, Leo managed to win the big one. A championship title. Sure it was the lowest one but as they say, a championship is a championship. So for Leo it was like things were finally turned around for him. In fact, he even went on to the next pay-per-view to defend the championship in a triple threat where Leo even didn't have his championship advantage. So for Leo things could only be looking up. That is, until the incident.

Sometime after Leo had his first title defense at the King of Xtreme Pay-per-view. Leo was in a training ring practicing his moves when it happened. Leo had jumped off the top rope but had landed badly causing a bad injury to his knee. This injury was severe that the doctors weren't sure if Leo would be able to continue wrestling. But Leo persisted, as he went through the physical therapy, that he had to continue, it was all he had left. So Leo continued to push himself harder and harder, trying to get his inured knee to the shape it needed to be in. In order for him to compete. Through this process he knew that he had to get better, that he had to get back to the ring in order to continue to defend his one and only championship. Eventually, though he wasn't at a complete recovery, the Doctors finally gave Leo the green light to continue competing though they warned Leo that he was on probasis, as they wanted to make sure he didn't make his injury worse.

So when eWe opened it's doors once more, Leo Kat was there ready to continue his quest. Only for it to make a abrupt turn. His Championship, the one good thing that he had managed to do in the company, was taken from him, just because management decided they didn't want the X-core Championship active anymore. This infuriated Leo to almost no end as he watched his only championship be taken from him not because he lost a title defense, but because of a executive decision. But there did seem to be one small glimmer of hope, but to Leo it wasn't really that, as it seemed more like management was trying to rub it in his face that he was not good enough as they gave him a title shot against Mickie James for the new lowest title in eWe, the returning Mid-Eastern Championship. Leo gave it his all, as much as he could muster at the time, and even though it looked like he had her, an outside interference caused Leo's 3 count to be interrupted. So in the end, Leo failed once more.

After that, it almost looked as if things were going downhill for Leo. But all was not lost, because Leo had refused to give in. Leo refused to just stop and give up as he channeled his anger into stirring the hornet's nest which allowed him to once again have a shot at getting his hands on Championship gold one more time. And that... is what brought Leo Kat here, to this empty stadium as he awaits for his match for a Championship.

So Leo continued to sit there, arms crossed and an almost blank expression on his face. Eventually, the set up crew to the big event arrived as they began to change the Chicago Bears' football stadium into the greatest sports entertainment event. But Leo continued to sit there, as slowly the Wrestlemania arena began to take shape.

From time to time, one of the workers would notice Leo and give off a friendly wave. But Leo's mind was else where thus he didn't respond. So the workers eventually stopped trying but still they wondered what he was doing up there, sitting all alone. After all most of the other wrestlers were getting ready for the big event or even shooting a promo. But there Leo sat, dressed in a brown sleeveless shirt, a pair of black shorts and white shoes. Finally, the workers finished as they headed off to do some other task, leaving the outside area alone with only Leo sitting there. Well almost alone as another individual seemed to be walking up where Leo was sitting. This individual wore a black shirt with a capital white B in the center on it, black shorts, and white shoes with black style marks. His black hair was in a crew cut. His name was Blitz.

So Blitz walked up to Leo's seat as he just stood by him. He gazed up at the sky as the stadium didn't have a roof.*

Blitz: Nice view from here huh?

*Leo's attention snapped out of his mind as he turned his eyes to Blitz.*

Leo: Huh?

*Blitz looked at Leo then back at the sky as he gestured towards it this time.*

Blitz: The sky.

*Leo looked at the sky. It was still daylight as the workers had managed to finish long before it was time for people to show up.*

Leo: I guess so.

*The two continued to look up at the sky, Leo sitting with his arms crossed, Blitz standing with his arms to his side. Finally, Blitz turned his attention to Leo.*

Blitz: So what you doing way up here?

*Leo continued to look towards the sky above as he spoke.*

Leo: Thinking.

*Blitz grinned at Leo.*

Blitz: Well, I'd figure you'd be preparing for your match. I mean, Mickie James might have a promo out by now.

*Leo only shook his head.*

Leo: I don't really care what she has to say. Though here in a bit, I'm going to be doing a promo of my own.

Blitz: Really? where you doing it at?

*Leo nods towards the currently empty Wrestlemaina ring.*

Blitz: That'd be interesting.

*Leo just gives a nod in agreement. Then he wondered something as he then brought it up to Blitz.*

Leo: So what are you doing here? Last I checked you got amnesia from an attack and then wanted nothing to do with this place.

*Blitz nodes slightly.*

Blitz: Well it was more that I didn't want to be a wrestler anymore. But...

*Blitz tapped his head with his index finger.*

Blitz: Memories are all back now. Anyways, I heard today was WrestleMania so I decided to drop by.

Leo: Whatever.

*Leo didn't really care that much.*

Blitz: Well I'll be seeing what else is happening. Catch you later.

*Blitz gave a solute which he ended in a peace sign then he headed off leaving Leo once again alone. Leo sat there for a little while longer. Then he decided that it was finally time to get started. So he got up as he picked up a small bag beside him. He then proceeded to head down to the stands as he made his way to the ring side. Once there he entered the ring where he took out a video camera and then situated it onto the top turn buckle of the ring. He even brought out some duck tape to make sure it didn't fall off. After making sure the camera was properly angled he placed his finger near the record button. He paused, making sure to clear his mind of anything but what he was there to say. Finally, he nodded as he was ready. He pressed the record button then took a few paces back to get a better view of him. He then waited a moment for opening edits.

...then he began to speak.*

END Part 1
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Re: Leo Vs Mickie James

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:59 pm
Note: This RP was counted If I recall (though said it didn't matter) but still adding it here.

(i thought the DL was Sunday. Stupid Internet. posting this anyways.)

(On camera)

*The scene begins from the view of a video camera situated on a turn buckle pad. The Video Camera was showing the ring for Wrestle Mania as we see Leo standing in the center of the ring. His arms were crossed as he was staring straight at the camera. Finally, he spoke speaking directly to the camera.*

Leo: Mickie James, I want you to listen up for this pertains to you. I also want the eWe management to pay attention as well. After all it was them who brought about this entire situation.

*Leo pauses as if waiting for them to pay attention before he continues.*

Leo: Now, Mickie I know that you've got this grand plan for Wrestle Mania. Win every championship by the time this night is over. Well, I know how management has even decided to make things harder for your plan as now not only do you have your matches to get the championship but you also have to defend the championships you already had obtained. I'm not going to be like the others and say things like, 'you're going to be to tired by the time you get to our match,' or 'your going to be putting more of your focus on your other matches.' No, just the opposite. For our match I want you at 100%.

*Leo's eyes narrowed as he said the next line.*

Leo: I need you at 100%. See, ever since I can remember, I've all ways seemed to be not good enough, second rate, if even that. I can't tell you the number of times I've dealt with failer and defeat. Not only in my career as a wrestler but also in my person life. Way back, before I even thought about doing this job, I had one thing in my head I wanted to do. One thing I wouldn't stop at nothing to achieve. And that was to find my lost love. Truth is that's why I joined this federation in the first place because I was under the impression that doing so would help me find her.

*Leo shook his head.*

Leo: Fail! As it was I was completely wrong and I ended up getting stuck under the head of this company for some months. In fact if it wasn't for a friend of mine, I'd still be doing what Jensen wanted me to do. However, it seemed that my time in this federation was completely in vain, as while I still hadn't found the one I was looking for, I had gained a new friend, and even began to have feelings for her.

*Leo glared slightly at the camera.*

Leo: Fail! For Trixy was actually dating another individual in the company and even got engaged with him. So I moved on. Eventually, finding a clue to where my lost love was located. In fact thanks to it, I had finally managed to find her. Lisa McGovern. Things finally seemed to be going well for me. But little did I know that it wouldn't last.

*Leo's glare intensified.*

Leo: FAIL! Seemed that Lisa had been working for the company that took her and she was just using me. Eventually, after getting out of that mess Lisa put me in I got back to the eWe, with the intention on getting back at those in this company that wronged me. And I was going to start with one Dutch Clark. Three times, I faced him for the Television title and three times I failed. So I came back, looking to finally do what I had never done before. So I tried to get into Money in the Bank.

*Leo's glare wasn't as intense now.*

Leo: Fail! Twice as it was. I couldn't handle it as at the point I just went on taking my frustrations on management trying to get a match with Dutch. At that point I didn't even care if it was a title match or not. So finally my time had arrived as Dutch accepted a match against me in an Irish Street fight, as he called it. Though it wasn't for the championship there was one thing on the line for Dutch, and that was his 15 win winning streak. I was going to break it as his 16th match. But...

*Leo paused.*

Leo: Fail! Though I lost that match it seemed to clear my head. I knew that I wasn't good enough to beat Dutch, so I knew that I had to work my way up to him this time. But this is that part were I found out about Trixy's feelings for me and in fact we began to date. She managed to settle that growing rage within me. And thanks to it I even managed to win my first Championship.

*Leo's eyes narrowed as his fists tighten out of his anger.*

Leo: FAIL!! She left me in my time of need. She did me more wrong than most of the others combined. It went and showed me that there wasn't going to be any glimmer of hope in my life. Well, there was one thing that kept me from going off the deep end. That was the one championship that I had ever gotten in this company. It showed that I wasn't nothing. That I had what it took to become great. But that all changed, when they took it.

*Leo's anger increased in intensity.*

Leo: FAIL!! It was like I'd never even won a championship. Like I was didn't deserve what I had rightfully earned. Then when I lost on Chaos against you Mickie, it was like showing the world that I'm nothing but a failer. That's why Mickie, that's why I need you to give me 100%. That's why I need you to not hold anything back. Cause all my life any victory I won was nothing but either someone who barely put forth an effort or they were having an off day. If this happens again, what does that show? Nothing. I'm sick and tired of loosing and I'm even more sick and tired of only winning when my opponent didn't try. So if you don't give me your all, you might as well keep the championship because it won't prove anything.

*Leo's anger lighten some.*

Leo: I've got something to prove here. I need to prove it to you. To Management. And to myself, that I've got what it takes to be a champion. And it all starts, right here, at Wrestle Mania.*

*With that the scene fades due to post editing.*

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Re: Leo Vs Mickie James

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:59 pm
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Re: Leo Vs Mickie James

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