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Leo Vs D-Dawg

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:57 pm

RP Link:

Show: Chaos [4/29/2013]

Part 1

*We open to a local work out center in Lawrence, Kansas. There we see Leo Kat on a workout machine for building up leg muscles with his friend Spangled standing by him. Leo was wearing a sleeveless brown shirt and black shorts. Spangled however, had a orange colored t-shirt with the three buttons and pocket, as well as a pair a jeans and what looked to be some kind of watch on his wrist. Leo had stopped for a moment resting his legs.*

Spangled: So far so good.

*Leo gave a nod as he then went back to do another round on the machine. Just then Leo's cell phone went off. Leo and Spangled both new it who was from the ring tone but Leo didn't even bother it as he continued his exercise.*

Spangled: You going to answer that?

*Leo Continued as he gave Spangled a short answer.*

Leo: No.

Spangled: But what if she's calling to apologies.

Leo: I doubt it. She seems to have gotten over me very quickly. After all did you not see how she was flirting with Matt Sydal?

*The phone still continued ringing.*

Spangled: Yeah but you never know. She could of had a change of heart.

*Leo stopped his exercise as he turned to Spangled.*

Leo: Oh? and what are the odds of that? After all I know you know.

Spangled: Well... I'm just trying to be a good friend. After all she could be...

Leo: I don't want to hear it. Tell me. What are the odds of her calling to make up with me? And don't tell me you need to run the numbers because I know you've already done so.

*Spangled looked a little down but answered in a low voice.*

Spangled: 0.00000001% chance.

Leo: What was that? I couldn't hear you.

*Spangled sighed. Then spoke clearly*

Spangled: The odds of her calling you to make up or apologies is 0.00000001%.

Leo: That's what I thought.

*Leo turned back and continued his exercise. The phone had all ready stopped ringing. Spangled just stood there, watching his friend work out.*

Spangled: Careful, you don't want to over do it. You know what the doctors said.

*Leo slowed to a stop then turned to Spangled. He seemed a little aggravated over what Spangled just said.*

Leo: I know what the Doctors said and I'm listening to them. Even after they pulled me out of my Triple Threat match last week.

Spangled: Yes I know your still upset over it. But the doctors had your best interest heart. After all you know that if you try to over due it you'll have to quit eWe.

Leo: I can handle my own. Besides it was only a triple threat match.

*Spangled shook his head.*

Spangled: You know as well as I do that there was a chance that the queens would of done something to you either during the match or some time after. But Honestly I don't even know why you're trying to pick a fight with them. Now's differently not the best time.

Leo: I knew they were going to do something sometime during Chaos. But I was expecting it. Plus they started this with what they did on Chaos 151.

Spangled: Plus the fact that you want that title back.

*Leo hung his head low. Then in a low voice he spoke.*

Leo: You don't get it. I need that belt. Without it, I'm back to where I was, a nobody. A person who is just there to fill up card space. When I had the X-core championship belt it was like finally, finally I had done something. Every time I had a shot at something big. Every time I had a chance to do something great... I failed. There didn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for me. Nothing but a shadowy bottomless pit of Despair. When I won the X-core championship, It was like there was finally a small glimmer of hope. Finally, a small spark of light in that dark abyss. I had did it. I had won the big one.

*Leo's voice turned darker.*

Leo: Then management decided to take it away like I didn't deserve it. Then to further try and slap me in the face they put me in a Championship match for a vacant title as if to further say I'm not good enough to be a champion. That's why I need to win that belt.

*The two of them were silent for a moment. Finally, Leo stood up, picked up his bag, and headed out the door leaving a silent Spangled behind him.*


Part 2

*We open up to Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, KS. There Monday Night Chaos is well underway. The crowd is was ecstatic to see what would be happening next. Suddenly, "New Divide" By Linkin Park hits over the PA system. The crowd gives it's mixed reactions towards the superstar who uses that song. as the Song continues, Leo's entrance video was cut to show that of the view of a camera laying on the floor. It's hard to tell where it's at but we once again hear the sound of foot steps walking up to the camera. Then the view shifts as the camera is picked up. Then the camera is turned towards the face of the one holding it. It was Leo Kat. At the site of him the crowd once again had their mixed reactions as some liked Leo while others didn't. Leo stood there facing the camera until finally his entrance music faded. Leo waited a little longer til he finally spoke.*

Leo: The last time I this, it was a recording in order to spring my trap on the queens. This time however, it's live as and for an entirely different purpose.

*Leo paused as he adjusted the camera.*

Leo: Why exactly am I doing this instead of going out to the ring and saying my peirce or go about doing it some other normal way? I'm not doing this to hide or some other cowardly reason. I'm doing this simply because I want to say what I've got to say without being interrupted by some interviewer who's only goal is to use me to further their career, or some snot nosed punk who want to earn some browny points by attacking me. So I'm not scared, I'm simply tired and irritated of all the pathetic people trying to make a name for themselves through what I've got to say. Now enough trying to explain myself to you and let me get to why I'm actually here.... D-Dawg.

*Leo paused as the fans gave a cheer for mentioning D-Dawg's name. Leo however, lowered his head and shook his head.*

Leo: Pathetic.

*The Crowd began to boo at Leo. Then Leo looked back at the Camera.*

Leo: Now D-Dawg, I have a score to settle with you. After all, we've had two different matches together, both of them I've lost. But the truth is so far I've not fought you with all my ability. The first time my focus wasn't on you at all. It was on getting my revenge match on one Dutch Clark. The other time I was dealing with a completely different issue. And in some ways you could even say I didn't show.

*Leo grinned. Then turned more into a glare.*

Leo: But the gloves our off this time. You think that my little truffle with the Queens is going to keep my mind off of you so you can come in a sweep me a third time? I don't think so. While it's true that I'm more focused on the Queens or more particularly one Mickie James, but I'm going to use that focus. That determination that I've set and use our match as if I was showing the Mickie and the other queens that I'm not someone to just strike down and forget. My demonstration two weeks ago was the start of why I'm not someone they should be messing with. And Tonight, I'm giving them one more reason to prove my point. So D-Dawg, I'd say it was nothing personal... but I take loosing to you twice very personal.

*Leo stared through the camera for a moment longer and made to put down the camera. Then as if he remembered something he rose it back up.*

Leo: Oh and Queens. If you want to try something tonight just remember, I'm counting on it.

*With that Leo placed the camera back down then Leo walked off.*

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Re: Leo Vs D-Dawg

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:57 pm
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