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Leo Kat Vs Eli Hogan Vs Kaz

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:40 pm
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RP Link: (confused here) (Possibly?)

Show: King of Xtreme 2012

Note: Ok, the reason why this is confusing is because this match states it happened during the KoX PPV... yet on the boards, Leo was facing Stan Flan, and in the topic neither of us posted. Yet, according to the file and RP, I was facing Eli and Kaz? I dunno. My best guess is this match happened during the time we had that one forum for one show.. it's possible that Jay had us 'redo' the KoX PPV or something. I dunno. (PS Eli and Kaz were in their own match with the Hooded Figure for the Number 1 contendership for the X-Core Championship... so maybe that's how they got it? I dunno.)

Leo vs Eli Hogan vs Kaz  Triple Threat match  X-Core Championship defense.

part 1

*The scene begins in an old worn down training arena.  Inside the Ring we see a Lindsey as she's waiting patently.  Just then Leo Kat comes into the arena as he heads down to the ring.  He's carrying a duffle bag but he's allready dressed in a work-out outfit.*

Lindsey: Took you long enough to get here.

*Leo sets his duffle bag down by the ring's steps. He then climbs into the ring.*

Leo: Having to defend my championship while on vacation isn't my idea of fun.

*Lindsey grins.*

Lindsey: Price of being the champ I'm afraid.  Besides you should look who you're going against.

Leo: I know.  *He takes off his outer shirt leaving on a sleeveless brown T-shirt.*

Lindsey: And you get to take on Eli Hogan again.  That should be fun.

*Leo starts to warm up as he begins to do some basic stretches.*

Leo: Fun?  I don't think so.  Having a romantic evening with Trixy is fun.  But I guess if I have to prove to Eli once again that I'm better than he is then so be it.  Just wish it wasn't during what was suppose to be my time off.

Lindsey: Don't be such a whiner.  You wanted the belt so you got it.

*Leo looks up at Lindsey sharply.*

Leo: It's not the belt I originally wanted, nor the original way I wanted to get it.  But it'll due for now.

*Leo's intensity died down as he went back to his warm up.  Soon he finished his stretches and went on to push-ups.*

Lindsey: So what do you think of Kaz?

Leo: I couldn't care less about him.  He's some new talent the company brought in.  Why he's in a title match so early I have no idea.

Lindsey: But isn't the X-Core Championship a way to let the non-main eventers have a shot at a title.

Leo: A title's a title.  Besides there are others out there who are more deserving of a little attention 3 minutes of fame than this guy.  Like that Stan Flan guy.

Lindsey: Didn't he quit?

Leo: Yes.  But when I was told I'd have to defend my title at King of Xtreme, I was going to have to face him.  So he left and now I'm stuck with the masked wonder and the newbie.

*Leo switched from doing push-ups to doing sit-ups.  There was some silence between them as Leo continued to do is warm-up.  Then Leo broke the silence.*

Leo: You know I'm 6 to 16 now.  10 more losses than victories.

*Lindsey looked at him.*

Lindsey: yeah... your point?

*Leo stopped doing sit-ups as he looked at Lindsey with a solmon look.*

Leo: I'm just tired of loosing.

*Leo got up from his sit-ups.  Then he faced Lindsey as he took a fighting stance.*

Leo: Let's get started.


*The scene comes to the King of Xtreme arena.  The area was empty due to it wasn't time for King of Xtreme to start.  But the arena itself was all dressed up in it's fancy banners and other things to make the place fit the pay-per-view.  But all was not vacant as in the ring was a lone figure.  It was Leo Kat.  He stood in the corner holding his championship belt as he leaned against it looking over the place, contemplating on what was going down here that night.  Leo knew that his match wasn't very big as the King of Xtreme Tournament would be concluding tonight and most viewers were anticipating it more than Leo's single match.   Despite this, Leo could see as he took in the arena, that this was something big perhaps to no one else but himself.*

???: Leo?

*The voice belonged to none other than eWe interviewer, Trixy.  She had just entered the arena upon hearing that Leo was there.  She crossed down the isle as she headed to the ring.  When she got there she looked up at Leo.  But he continued to stand there gazing outwardly.  She just stood there for a moment till finally he spoke.*

Leo: This is where it all began you know.

*Trixy looked at him confused.*

Trixy: What do you mean?

Leo: Two years ago, at this very pay-per-view, I went up against Dutch Clark for the last time in order to beat him for the Television Championship.  But like every other time, I failed.  But it was the final straw.  It was the beginning of me taking back control of my life to get out from under Jensen.  But my it was also the start of my loosing streak.  I hadn't won a single match here for eleven match in a row.  Getting beaten so many times has taken a toll on me.  I had had it.  So that night began my walk down a long dark road.  But now,  This very same pay-per-view will be a new beginning.  This is where I shall truly put my past behind me.

*Leo made a pause.  He still had yet to bring his gaze on Trixy.*

Leo: But if I loose this match.  If I loose this championship on this very stage.  I may be forced down that road once again.  So I will not *Leo looks at Trixy straight in the eye*  let that happen.

*Leo held his gaze for a moment or two then he left to his locker room to get ready.  Trixy watched him leave knowing full well what this mint to him.  Then she left as well.*

end part 1
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Re: Leo Kat Vs Eli Hogan Vs Kaz

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:51 pm

part 2

*The camera opens up as the King of Extreme pay-per-view is well under way. We now see as a cameraman and Kenny Greenwood are backstage heading down the halls. Just then they notice as Leo Kat has just emerged from his locker room. The X-Core Championship slung over his shoulder. Kenny walks up to Leo but as Leo takes notices you can see his facial expression darkens.*

Kenny: Leo Kat, a word please.

Leo: Don't bother me. There that's three.

*Leo makes to move on but Kenny blocks his path.*

Kenny: Oh ha ha very funny.

*Leo glares at Kenny but he doesn't seemed phased at all.*

Kenny: Now, Leo, tonight you find yourself in a triple threat match for your title. Your thoughts?

Leo: I'm not speaking to you.

Kenny: Oh come on Leo. Haven't I been nothing but helpful to you? After all it was thanks to my encouraging words that you've managed to become X-Core Champion.

Leo: Encouraging? That's not the word I'd use for it. Besides, you've been on my case since I've come back here.

Kenny: Hey, I'm trying to be nice here.

Leo: Only because I've got finally got a championship. You didn't care one ounce about me before that.

Kenny: *Shrugs* I guess I'll just go back to our usual arrangement. Now Leo how well do you think you'll be able to do in this match? After all with it being a triple threat you loose your champion's advantage.

Leo: So? Like these two are a threat to my championship. Listen I don't care that this title was brought back to give the little people a chance to get their hands on some gold. But the company made the mistake of giving me my chance at it. I'm not about to let it go and I don't care how many opponents you put in that ring.

Kenny: According to eWe site most people think that Eli is going to win this match. In fact, they even go as far as saying he's eWe hall of fame material.

Leo: We are still talking about the same Eli right? Eli the Kid formerly Eli Hogan? People only like him because he kind of looks like Rey Mysterio. That and I've noticed that people have a tendency to take some nobody and start chanting that they can do something awesome, when all they are doing is trying to give them a big head. Eli isn't anything special. He's just like every other low carder. Besides I've beaten him two times before. One in my very first triple threat match and the other not so long ago as I fought him to see who'd win this here championship.

Kenny: But wouldn't you think he'd be out for some retribution? I mean he's sure to be more focused now because you cost him the championship.

Leo: He might be. But then again it won't matter. After all I'm more focused now than I when I was fighting to get this title. This pay-per-view means allot to me. Not because of some happy warm and cuddly moment, but a time where I finally found myself trapped in a deep dark pit. Remembering that time reminds me that I'm going to change things. I won't allow myself to go back.

Kenny: I see. But you're forgetting your other opponent, Kaz. After all this is a triple threat.

Leo: No, I haven't. Kaz is but another victim of chance. He got into this match by nothing but. There are many other low card Superstars that are much more deserving of a title shot than him. True this is the lowest of the low titles but my point still stands.

Kenny: But didn't you get a title shot for your first match?

Leo: Try to remember your facts completely. For starters it wasn't a title match but a number one contender tournament. If I would of won then yes I would of been deserving of a title shot for I would of beaten three other superstars who deserved a chance at that title. But in the case of Kaz, what has he done? Signed up to eWe? The fact of the matter is he didn't do anything to deserve the title match. He didn't beat anyone to be number one contender. He was just put into a match thanks to whoever. Of course, I will be more than willing to show him that in this company, those that are victims of chance, will meet nothing but a humiliating defeat.

Kenny: Well, thank you for your time.

Leo: *Humph*

Kenny: Now you see, that wasn't that bad, now was it.

*Leo clinched his fist at Kenny's mocking. But he let it die down as he just walked off.*

end part 2
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Re: Leo Kat Vs Eli Hogan Vs Kaz

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:51 pm
Results Link: TBA
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Re: Leo Kat Vs Eli Hogan Vs Kaz

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