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Leo Vs Mallory Empty Leo Vs Mallory

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:34 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3786

Show: Chaos [7/9/2012]

Notes: Mallory is Miss Ladies' Choice *LN MITB* She's also only lost 1 match and ended Christy's 11 match winning streak. Been around for about 2 months so about 6 to 7 wins came in inbetween FD and WM.

Leo Vs Mallory LeosNewSig

*The scene begins inside Leo Kat's Locker room. The room is empty but not long as Leo comes into the room holding the X-Core Championship. His face remains that of emotionless like he just couldn't believe what had just happened and his body has yet to decided what to think of it. Leo closes the door behind him then he walks over to a seat in the room. He sits down. Leo continues to just stare at nothing. Then he grabs a hold of the X-Core Championship belt and holds it out in front of him. He holds it in his hands just looking at it's design. Then for a brief moment a small smile reaches his lips and a spark reaches his eyes. But it doesn't take long for the flame to fade as it's replace with a somber look. He then utters three words.

Leo: It's not enough.

*Leo slumps his head down in the chair as the Championship slips out of his loosened grasp and to the floor. He stays this way for a while, while memories came just at the border of coming in full clarity. Then the sound of a knock aroused Leo from his state as he glanced towards the door. He wasn't sure of who it was but he knew who he hopped it wasn't.*

Leo: Come in!

*The door opened as it's revealed to be eWe interviewer Trixy. She held two wine glasses in one hand, a bottle of Champaign in the other, and a smile on her face. She came into the room.*

Trixy: Hey, Leo! I brought us some Champaign to celebrate your first title win.

*Trixy was looking very joyful as she came into the room closing the door behind her. Leo's mood lighten up some at the sight of Trixy but his depression still had a glint in his eyes. Trixy walked over to the small table by the chair Leo was sitting in. She placed both the wine glasses down then went over to a cabinet in the room. Leo watched her but his thoughts were not on celebrating. Trixy rummaged in the cabinet and produced a cork popper. She then proceeded to open the bottle of Champaign. She then came over to the two wine glasses and poured the liquid into them. Once she was finished she placed the bottle down and lifted up one of the glasses.*

Trixy: To your first Championship!

*Trixy had a huge smile on her face as she lifted up her glass. Then she saw Leo. He was holding his glass but his head was lowered as he was looking off to the side. Something was clearly on his mind. Trixy lowered her glass slightly as she tilted her head to the side in a curious posture.*

Trixy: Something wrong?

*Leo continued to glance to the side. When he spoke it was low.*

Leo: It's not enough.

Trixy: What's not? The Champaign? Well if you want I can get more.

*But Leo shook his head he then glanced down at the championship. Trixy gave him a confused look.*

Trixy: The Championship? I don't get it?

*Leo still kept his gaze off of her.*

Leo: Having a Championship is suppose to mean something. It shows that your a somebody. But who am I kidding. I only beat some random guy for it. Beating him didn't prove anything.

Trixy: But didn't you hear? According to some he's a future Hall-of-Famer.

Leo: Yeah, future. Beating him now doesn't mean anything.

Trixy: It does mean something. It shows everyone that your somebody. Who cares how you got it? It's a Championship and you've earned it.

*Leo sat there for a bit as he let it sink in. He then got up and headed for the door taking the X-Core Championship with him.*

Trixy: Leo?

Leo: I'm just don't feel like celebrating.

*And with that Leo went out the door Leaving Trixy with a worried look on her face.*


*The scene opens to the next Monday Night arena. We see Leo Kat walking down the hall, the X-Core Championship belt around his waist. You couldn't really tell Leo's attitude as he walked.*

Kenny: There he is, the new X-Core Champion.

*Leo turned around to see Kenny GreenWood walking up to him.*

Kenny: Took you long enough, but I guess the ummm.. how many times was it now?

*Leo glared at Kenny. Obviously not in the mood for Kenny. But Kenny seemed unaware or just didn't care.*

Kenny: So Mr. Champ-i-on, how about a little interview?

Leo: If it'll get you to leave me alone.

*Kenny rose an eyebrow at Leo's aggressive tone.*

Kenny: What's up with you? Didn't you always want to become Champion? Or is this because it wasn't Dutch you beat to get it?

*Leo's anger began to build as he clinched his fist.*

Leo: That's none of your business.

Kenny: Fine, fine. So anyways, now that your X-Core Champion, the lowest Chaos title I might add, what's next for you?

Leo: I'm entering King of Xtreme.

Kenny: Wait, what?!? You in King of Extreme? Get real now. King of Extreme is for the big boys. Just because you finally got a belt doesn't mean your ready for the big league yet.

*Leo glared at Kenny.*

Leo: I'm entering to show these people that I'm done being taken lightly. I refuse to be a joke any longer.

Kenny: Well, if you think about it. Since you got the lowest of titles, your the King of Jokes. The Champion of losers.

*Kenny smiled at his joke but it only increased Leo's anger as his glare intensified.*

Leo: You must like getting hurt, don't you. If you think you can come up to me. Poke fun of me. and think your going to get away unharmed, you're badly mistaken.

*But Kenny raised his arms in a "whoa" way.*

Kenny: Easy big fella. Let's get back on the topic of King of Xtreme.

*Leo continues to glare at him.*

Leo: Lets.

Kenny: Ok, your opponent is Mallory, but let's face it, she'll kick you right out of this tournament.

Leo: How's that?

Kenny: She's better than you. After all, she came here around the same time you came back. She has managed to not only enter the Ladies' Choice ladder match but win. While you couldn't even enter Money in the bank. Not only that she's only lost 1 match compared to your 10 loss loosing streak.

*Leo glared at Kenny.*

Kenny: And, she managed to break Christy Chaos' 11 win streak while you couldn't even beat Christy's husband's winning streak. So let's face it. That's three reasons why she's better than you.

*Leo's was now clinching is fist.*

Leo: Do I really care about why you think she's better than me?

Kenny: You asked.

*That was the final straw as Leo pounced on Kenny knocking him to the ground. He then threw punch after punch at Kenny's face. Kenny did his best to block Leo's punches but to no success. Finally, Leo's rage subsided enough as he got up off Kenny.*

Leo: Rather, you think she'll beat me or not. I will win. I have more to loose here than just this tournament. I won't stand to be a joke any longer.

*Leo then left leaving Kenny there on the ground.*

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Leo Vs Mallory Empty Re: Leo Vs Mallory

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:35 pm
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