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Leo Vs Eli the Kid Empty Leo Vs Eli the Kid

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:32 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3683

Results Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3767

Show: Retribution 2012 [6/24/2012]

Prt 1

*The scene opens to a room with a TV and camera set up on one wall. Just then Leo Kat enters the room. As he does he looks around a little confused at the rooms emptiness. Then the TV comes to life as it shows Kenny Greenwood. Leo walks in front of the TV.*

Kenny: Hey, there Leo. After what happened last time I figured that it'd be best to interview while I'm not physically present.

*Leo crosses his arms.*

Leo: Fine.

Kenny: Anyways, first I guess congratulations are in order. Since you're victory last Chaos broke your loosing steak... unless you were going for a record or something.

*Leo glared at Kenny but he only chuckled.*

Kenny: Can't do anything to me if I'm not there. So anyways, any comments on your victory last Chaos?

Leo: *Grunts* Wasn't worth my time. After all, he didn't even put up a fight. Supposed Hall-of-Famer.

Kenny: Right. Now it looks like you find yourself in another pay-per-view. And in another title match. But let's face it. When it comes to pay-per-views and title matches you fail every time.

Leo: I won at that Extreme Overload.

Kenny: Oh, come on Leo. No one looks that far back, well except maybe Dutch.

*Leo looked to be getting angery.*

Leo: This isn't about Dutch.

Kenny: Getting a little angry are we? Still sore about not being able to beat him?

Leo: I've put it behind me. So unless you've got something more relevant to interview me about, I'm leaving.

Kenny: But it is relevant. After all he's been involved in all of your other titles matches.

Leo: So? He's not Eli.

Kenny: True, but it's possible that because of Dutch that you've lost any and all esteem when it comes to title matches and you go into them thinking you're going to lose.

*Leo clinched his fist in anger.*

Leo: I don't think I'm going to lose this match. And I'm getting sick and tired of people thinking so little of me. Just about everyone in this company thinks I'm some kind of joke. Even the jobbers get some kind of credit. I'm fed up with it. I come to this company week after week. The only ones who probably are treated more of a joke then me, would be those animal people, Sonic and Blaze.

Kenny: You've so far haven't proven them wrong. Out of the 20 matches you've had here you've only won 5.

Leo: ... I'm about to change that.

*Leo then left the room slamming the door behind him as the scene fades.*

*The scene opens to an old gym. We then see Leo come in holding a gym bag. He walks up to the ring and sets the gym bag down. He climbs into the ring and makes his way to the center of the ring. He stands there for a second then lets his shoulders droop.*

Leo: Who am I kidding? It doesn't matter how much I train, I'm just not good enough.

*Leo then sat down crossed legged. He then closed his eyes in a kind of meditation posture. Then he heard the gym door open and close. Leo didn't bother getting up or looking to see who it was. The person made their way to the ring and got into it. Leo continued his posture eyes still closed. The person stood behind Leo for a minute then walked in front of him. The waited another second before they spoke.*

Female Voice: That's a funny way to train for a match.

*Leo's eyes instantly shot open as he recognized who it was. Standing in front of him was a blond girl about his age. Her hair was shoulder length as she wore a black top that showed her midriff and blue jeans. Her name was Lindsey.*

Leo: What are you doing here?

*Lindsey smiled.*

Lindsey: I was in the nieborhood, figured I'd stop by.

Leo: Well, you thought wrong. Now go, I have a match to train for.

*Lindsey tilted her head to the side.*

Lindsey: By sitting on the floor with your eyes closed?

*Leo's anger was rising.*

Leo: It's called meditation.

Lindsey: What's it supposed to do?

Leo: It helps me harness my anger.

Lindsey: really? Seems to me it's not working.

*Leo's eyes narrowed.*

Leo: would you just leave already?

Lindsey: Hey, I'm only trying to help.

Leo: You can help by leaving.

Lindsey: Yeah, sorry, I haven't been here for the majority of your matches and what'd that get you? An 11 loss losing streak that you only just last Chaos broke.

Leo: So now you know I'm on the upward trend.

Lindsey: You can't count one win as something. Besides you're in a title match. You need my help.

Leo: I don't need anyone's help.

Lindsey: Oh yeah? Tell me again how many championships you've won, not getting anyoneís help.

*Leo's eyes narrowed.*

Lindsey: See what I mean?

Leo: Why do you care? I mean you were around when I had some of those title shots against Dutch. Why didn't you help me then?

Lindsey: You didn't ask.

Leo: Well, I'm not asking this time either.

Lindsey: I'm not waiting for you to ask this time. Listen Leo, you need help and I'm just the girl for the job.

Leo: ... Why should I trust you anyways? You work for Jensen.

Lindsey: No, I worked for Dr. Warlin but not anymore.

Leo: Why do you even care?

Lindsey: I thought we went over this before? We used to be friends. I donít see why we can't be any more.

*Leo sat there and looked at Lindsey for a minute or so. Finally he came to a conclution.*

Leo: ... Fine but if I find out that you're pulling any tricks on me...

Lindsey: I'm not, don't worry. Now up, on your feet, you're real training starts now.

*The scene fades as Leo gets up.*

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Leo Vs Eli the Kid Empty Re: Leo Vs Eli the Kid

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:33 pm
prt 2

*The scene opens up to the same old gym. But it was a different day than the last time. In the ring were Leo and Lindsey. Just then Lindsey slapped Leo on the face.*

Leo: What was that for?

Lindsey: A new exercise. We are going to play on your anger.

*Lindsey slaps Leo again.*

Leo: *Anger raises a bit.* So what are you going to do? Keep on slapping me?

Lindsey: Until you can knock me down.

*Leo waited for another slap. But this time Lindsey stalled her slap which caught Leo off gaurd.*

Leo: Fine then.

*Leo charged at Lindsey, but she simply danced out of his way not before she managed to slap him in the face again.*

Lindsey: Oh come on now. You can do better than that.

*Leo turned around his rage building more and more. He charged at Lindsey again but just as before Lindsey not only avoided his charge with ease but also managed to slap him in the end. But Leo had angled it so that he hit the ropes then using them to turn around and propel himself back at Lindsey. But Lindsey, leap frogged him, slapping him in the face as she did. Leo stopped and turned around, anger flaring. The two begin to circle. Lindsey made a slap here and there, each time increasing Leo's anger. Leo then charged again Lindsey dodges again slapping him in the back of the head this time
. Leo ran into the corner post and fell to the ground. Lindsey then walked up to him as Leo turned around.*

Lindsey: give up yet?

Leo: Never!

*Leo swiped at Lindsey's legs. The impact caused Lindsey to fall backwards but she turned the fall into a back flip.*

Lindsey: Not going to be that easy.

*Leo got up. Anger still boiling over. He then went over to Lindsey and began to launch a series of punch and kicks. Not only did Lindsey manage to block or counter them all she managed to counter with slaps to his face. This of course only angered Leo further as he kept up his assault. Finally, he managed to block one of Lindsey's slaps to his face. He grinned at her but in return she slapped him with her other hand. Leo staggered back a bit. He made another charge but this time Lindsey whipped Leo into the ropes. But Leo executed a spring board dive but Lindsey ducked it. But Leo's feet hit the ground and then he speared Lindsey. The both fell to the floor Leo still on Lindsey.

Lindsey: Not bad Leo.

*Leo begins to get up but as he was now on his hands and knees over Lindsey, Lindsey slaps him in the face again.*

Leo: I thought it was over?

Lindsey: It is. I just like slapping you.

*Lindsey attempts another slap but Leo grabbed her arm and pinned it down. Lindsey then slapped with her free arm. It hit Leo but Leo didn't wait as he then grabbed her arm and pinned it down as well.*

Leo: Are we done here?

Lindsey: Well...

Voice: Leo!?!

*Leo and Lindsey looked to see Trixy standing there. She looked like she was shocked and upset and a little mad. It was then that Leo realized that the position he and Lindsey were in could be taken the wrong way. Leo got up off Lindsey and got up. Lindsey propped herself onto one elbow.*

Trixy: So this is where you've been going the past couple of days.

*She seemed upset.*

Leo: Trixy, don't get the wrong idea. Me and Lindsey here...

Trixy: Oh I can perfectly see what's going on here.

Leo: Good, then you'll know that me and Lindsey are training. We have been the past few days.

Trixy: That sure doesn't look like training to me.

Leo: Looks can be deceiving.

*Lindsey sits up.*

Lindsey: What are you doing here anyways? Here to interview Leo on his Retribution match?

Trixy: No...

Leo: Lindsey, Trixy's my girlfriend.

Trixy: I wouldn't be too quick to say that.

Lindsey: Wait what? *She quickly stands up.* I had no idea. *She then shrugs* But he's telling the truth Trixy. We were only training.

*Trixy looks at the two of them. Then sighs*

Trixy: Ok, fine I'll believe you. Still could of told me about you training with her.

Leo: Didn't think it was that big of a deal.


*The days went by as Leo continued to train with Lindsey. She continued her slap exercise and Leo began to get better with stopping her sooner as he was able to focus and control his rage even more. Finally the day arrived and Leo made his way to the Retribution arena. Backstage, Leo made his way to his locker room when Kenny GreenWood walked up to him.*

Kenny: You sure look more confident today. Care for a quick interview?

Leo: Fine.

Kenny: Ok, tonight you're going up against Eli the Kid. What are your thoughts?

Leo: Right now, I don't really care who I'm up against. I've been put in this match and I'm ready to begin showing the people of eWe that I'm done with being a joke. Starting tonight, I'm going to be somebody in this business. After all, can't be a joke if I've got a title around my waist.

Kenny: Well, you've got to win the title first.

Leo: You see, Kenny. I'm getting tired of seeing gold being dangled in front of my face just so that it gets taken away. And each time it does it's like a slap in the face. This time I'm going to control my rage so that it'll be for my advantage. So when that slap comes. *Raises hand abruptly as if to stop a slapping hand.* Iím going to catch it.

Kenny: I see. Anyways, thanks for your time.

*Kenny begins to walk off.*

Leo: Oh, wait one more thing Kenny.

*Kenny turns around. Then Leo grabs him and performs a speed drop on him.*

Leo: That's for last time.

*Leo then walks off.*

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Leo Vs Eli the Kid Empty Re: Leo Vs Eli the Kid

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:33 pm
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Leo Vs Eli the Kid Empty Re: Leo Vs Eli the Kid

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