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Leo Vs Assassin

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:29 pm
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [6/11/2012]

*The scene opens to the view of a backstage cameraman as he follows Kenny GreenWood as he headed for Leo Kat's Locker room. As they neared they see as Trixy was exiting Leo Kat's Locker room. Kenny walks up to her with a confused expression.

Kenny: Did you interview Leo allready?

*Trixy looked at Kenny a little surprised as she didn't notice him come up.*

Trixy: Well... No.

Kenny: *Raises an eyebrow* Then what were you doing in there?

Trixy: ... That's none of your business. Anyways, I've got interviews to do.

*Trixy walks off before Kenny could say anything else. Kenny watched her leave a small smile on his face. Then he knocked on Leo's door.*

Leo: *From within the room.* It's open.

*Kenny came into the room followed by the cameraman. Leo was standing by his duffle bag.*

Kenny: Hey, there Leo. Just get done with a little one on one time with Trixy?

*Leo gave Kenny a confused look. Then realized what he was refering to.*

Leo: You mind your own buisness.

Kenny: *smilling* Have it your way. Anyways, I came to give you an interview.

*Leo glared at Kenny.*

Leo: Fine.

*Kenny rose his microphone and began to speak into it.*

Kenny: Now, you competed in the Rumble last Chaos. And you were eliminated by not one but two divas.

Leo: *Shrugs* So it took two divas and not one.

Kenny: Oh, but it seems that it may take only one diva to get you on your back.

*Kenny smiles but Leo glares at him.*

Leo: You're walking thin ice GreenWood, Very Thin.

*Kenny shrugs it off.*

Kenny: Anyways, this Chaos You're going up against Assassin. Do you think you can beat him?

Leo: *Crosses his arms.* Yeah.

Kenny: Ok, just making sure that you think your up for the task. Since if two girls can beat you then I'd hate to see what happens when you go up against a guy...

Leo: ... You're not being funny. I can beat Assassin. And I will.

Kenny: This coming from a guy who lost 11 times in a row?

*Leo glares at Kenny.*

Kenny: I mean, I'm begining to think that you're just waisting the companies time.

Leo: *Angry* That's it.

*Leo grabs Kenny and performs a Speed Drop on him. Then he picks Kenny up and throws him towards the door. Kenny collides. Kenny then takes advantage as he leaves the room. Leo then turns to the cameraman.*

Leo: Get out! Or you're next.

*The cameraman then left in a hurry.*

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Re: Leo Vs Assassin

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:30 pm
Results Link: TBA
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