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Leo in International Championship #1 Contendership Rumble Empty Leo in International Championship #1 Contendership Rumble

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:27 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3569

Show: Chaos [5/29/2012]

Chaos International title #1 contender Rumble match. (D-Dawg's the current champ)

*The scene opens to an very old run down gym. Inside was a wrestling Ring, though old looking, still in good shape. There were other training equipment scattered through out the room. Some were still usable while others were not. It was here that we find Leo Kat. Fresh from his last loss against Dutch Clark. Leo, was in the ring leaning against the ropes as he looked absentmindly out word. It was hard to tell what he was thinking for his face didn't really give away his current emotion. He was like this for some time before the doors opened. Leo didn't bother to look as Trixy came into the area. Trixy looked at Leo who's back was turned to her. She walked up cautiously.*

Trixy: Leo?

*Leo didn't respond.*

Trixy: Spangled told me where you were.

*Still Leo didn't respond. Trixy had a worried look on her face. She wasn't sure his state of mind but decieded to risk getting in the ring.*

Leo: Why am I still here?

*Leo's voice seemed small and quiet as he kept his back to her.*

Trixy: What do you mean?

Leo: eWe. I've lost about 3/4ths of my matches. I can't seem to go anywhere in this company. I don't have any reason to be here.

*Trixy walked up so that she was by the ropes Leo was leaning on.*

Leo: I don't really care about fame, or titles. I first came here not to wrestle but to get some information. Not only did I find out that I had joined for nothing, but I then get stuck in this company thanks to my mistake. And then I follow up that mistake by loosing to many wrestlers only to get my disapointment further drilled into me by getting beat down by Jensen's goons. I finally get out and I even find what I had been looking for when I first joined. I only continued then because it was what she wanted, only later to find out that she wasn't working in my favor at all. I leave, join a different federation. I only came back because I thought that I was good enough, that I was ready to finally dish out my revenge. But what do I get? Nothing. Nothing but loss after humiliating loss.

*Leo's fist tightened on the ropes. Trixy looked at him with care and conrcern on her face.*

Trixy: You know Leo, no matter how it seems. I'm glad you came to eWe.

*Leo looked at her. A slight mix of confusion on his face.*

Trixy: Because if it wasn't for that. I never would of met you.

*She then smiled.*

Trixy: even though the first time we met you tried to attack me.

*Leo's face depressioned slightly.*

Trixy: When you left Leo, it made me sad.

Leo: You still had Sean Lewis.

Trixy: ... Well, no... He and I broke it off some time before.

*Leo raises a curious look.*

Trixy: But either way I'm glad you came back. Though you make it real hard for a girl to ask you out.

Leo: wait? what?

Trixy: I've been trying to get talk with you about maybe, I don't know, furthering are relationship for some time. Ofcourse, you've been blowing me off.

*Leo was a bit stunned. Then remembered what he did the last time he saw her.*

Leo: I... I never ment to hurt you.

Trixy: It's ok. I know you had problems you needed to short out. But I'm here to let you know that I'm in your corner. I've never stopped.

*Leo looked at her. His shoulders then dropped.*

Leo: What should I do now?

Trixy: What do you want to do?

*Leo thought about it. So many conflicting things bounced through his mind. Then a memory came into his head. A memory of him, Trixy, and Spangled just hanging out at a diner. Strange as it seemed it was the perfect place for him to just sit and clear his head. Leo then looked at Trixy.*

Leo: You hungry?


*The scene opens up to backstage of the next Monday Night Chaos as we see that Leo and Trixy had just arrived. They were walking down the hall hand in hand. Just then Kenny GreenWood comes walking up. He notices them holding hands.*

Kenny: ummm... Trixy, you're wanted for an interview.

*Trixy nods. She turns to Leo, kisses him on the cheeck then heads off. Leo and Kenny watch her as she goes. After she was out of sight Kenny turns to Leo.*

Kenny: So what's happening between you two?

Leo: *Crossing his arms.* It's got nothing to do with you.

Kenny: *Shrugs* fair enough. But anyways, since you're here tonight and you're not booked. Do you plan on entering the rumble? Or is this more revenge stuff on Dutch?

*Leo glared at Kenny. Kenny took a step back hopeing to not be at the end of another Speed Drop like the last time he tried to interview Leo.*

Kenny: Ummm... right nothing to do with me...

*Kenny's about to leave when Leo speaks again.*

Leo: Actually, it does.

*Kenny started thinking that Leo was about to give him another Speed drop. But Leo smiled at Kenny's reaction.*

Leo: I'm not going to attack you. However, I'm going to tell you that I'm not here for Dutch. After all he's not allowed in the Rumble.

*Kenny relaxed a bit.*

Kenny: So you're entering the Rumble? Why the sudden intrest when Dutch isn't allowed in it? After all, didn't you say last time that You're goal was to beat Dutch and strip him of his title? Or did last weeks loss make you change you're mind?

Leo: ... I've decieded, that I don't really care about Dutch anymore. Since last week, I've been able to clear my mind. Sure, when the time comes, and I've worked my way up the ladder, I will face him again. But until then, I'm going to keep on fighting. I've lost the past 10 matches I've had here in eWe but honestly, I keep coming back. True, I left eWe for a bit there, but I've come back to pick up where I left off. I told Dutch before that I'll never stop coming after him. I'm not. But just like how it took me a year, to come back after leaving eWe. It'll be awhile before I'll challenge Dutch again, Not because I'm scared, but because I want to better myself that way when I face Dutch it'll be a match to remember. *Leo smiles.* May even make the main event.

Kenny: I see. But honestly, I still find it strange you flip flopping between, Heel and Face.

Leo: I'm neither Heel nor Face. *Leo then grins.* I'm just Leo.

*Leo then walks off.*

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Leo in International Championship #1 Contendership Rumble Empty Re: Leo in International Championship #1 Contendership Rumble

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:29 pm
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