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Leo Vs Dutch Clark

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:21 pm
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [5/21/2012]

Leo vs Dutch Irish Street fight

Dutch is on a 15 win streak.

*The scene opens as Leo enters the next Monday Night Chaos, Arena. Leo was seen walking through the backstage towards his locker.*

Staff Member: *To another staff member.* Hey look, there goes Dutch's 16th win.

Staff member 2: Yep, don't know why that guy wanted to face Dutch. He's no good.

*The Staff member nodded as Leo continued on. He was ignoring them the best he could.*

Staff member 3: Look, it's Dutch's 16th victum.

*Leo walked on. A majority of those he passed were making similer comments on Leo being the 16th win in Dutch's Winning streak.*

Random guy: Leo sign his death warrent last Chaos.

Ramdom girl: Dutch is going to cream him.

*Leo tighten his fists' grip as he continued.*

Staff member: I don't even understand why Dutch decieded to face him.

Staff member other: Yeah, Leo's worthless waist of talent. He's only here to give the good wreslters some one to face if their down on their luck. An easy win.

Staff member: Sounds about right.

*Leo's anger was starting to get the beter of him. He clinched his fists as tightly as possible but the people's comments were really starting to get to him. He wanted to hit someone, real bad.*

Trixy: Leo?

*Leo had arrived at the door to his locker room but leaning against the door was Trixy.*

Trixy: Leo, I know you don't want to talk to me right now, but this is the only time I can get ahold of you.

*But Leo walked up in front of her.*

Leo: Move.

*His voice was not friendly but Trixy didn't back down.*

Trixy: Not til you tell me what's going on. You've changed since you've gotten back. I'm on your side remember?

*Leo stared at Trixy.*

Leo: No... You're in my way.

*Leo stepped up then shoved Trixy forcefully aside. The force knocked her to the ground.*

Trixy: Ooof.

*Leo didn't bother looking at Trixy as he entered the locker room.*

Off Camera

*Inside Leo crossed the room and threw his duffle bag into an empty chair. The force caused the chair to knock over. Leo was breathing heavily out of rage. He then punched the cabnent leaving a dent. Leo stood there for a moment as his rage subsided. He then turned to the knocked over chair and picked it up while placing his duffle bag back on it. He opened the duffle bag and took out his wreslting gear, A simple brown no sleave shirt and black shorts. After he placed them aside he then saw a glimmer of light. He knew what it was as he took it out. It was a metal wristband with a crystal embeded into on side. Leo stared at it. At one point this thing was the only thing that gave him hope. Hope that some day his life would get beter. Now, it only reminded him of the cold betrayel from who he thought was the love of his life.*

Leo: ...

*Leo stared at the object a little longer. His rage began to escalate, once more as he remembered what Lisa did to him. He thought that this crystal embeded wristband would bring him happiness, bring him to his love, Lisa. But instead it only lead him to a trap. Leo threw through the object at the wall. It didn't break or shatter but his with a metallic clang then fell to the floor. Leo then changed into his wrestling gear. Lisa was the final straw for him. All the time he was in eWe he only pressed on because he believed it get him on step closer to finding Lisa. He endured Jensen's punishments of failer. He endured his losses to gain some kind of recignition in the company, for being a champion. After the first straw was snapped, Leo decieded that he wasn't going to take it any longer. He was getting his revenge on all of them. Lisa, Jensen, and Dutch. They cause him pain, suffering, and humiliation. Now it was time. Time for them to get what they eached deserved.*


*The scene continues to that of thing ring. However, the titantron crackled to life as we see Leo, standing in his locker room.*

Leo: Later on tonight, the match between me and Dutch Clark will begin. It was not the match that I wanted but perhaps that match will come at a later date.

*Leo pauses breifly.*

Leo: Now I still don't know who it was who talked with Dutch after my match but it wasn't me. You see, I'm not scared that this is an Irish Street fight match, On the contrary...

*Leo grins.*

Leo: I'm glad it's an Irish street fight. I don't want any kind of interference While I face Dutch. I only wished that this was for his precious title but who ever impersonated me last Chaos, got it wrong. I don't want the title shot for, "My Shot" or to have the title. No, I want to be able to take the title from Dutch, nothing more, nothing less.

*Leo crossed his arms.*

Leo: Now listen up, I'm not doing this message for the fans. I'm doing this message for Dutch, and Dutch alone. I couldn't care about the fans, and if I had my way I'd beat down every single last one of them who ever yelled a boo in my direction.

*This got a boo from the crowd.*

Leo: No, I don't care about the fans, I don't care about anything or anyone except my goals. And my goal is to beat, humiliate, and utterly destroy Dutch. Then strip him of his title to make it complete. You did that to me 3 times in the past as you kept the Television title from my reach. Now, I only care about getting my revernge on you Dutch. So brace yourself.

*Leo pauses.*

Leo: You think I'm here because I'm some nobody who got tired of being overlooked. Honestly, I don't care. I'm tired of being the victum. I'm tired of letting others walk over me. I'm sick and tired of you, Dutch.

*Leo clinched his fists.*

Leo: You come back and go on a 15 win winning streak. Big deal. Besides if you think that this match will keep me down? Even if I were to loose I will not stop til you are laying on your back while your title's being handed to me. I'm a problem that will not go away. I'm not going to to stop ever. I don't care what it takes. I will get what I've set my sites on.

*Leo pauses his rage still burning.*

Leo: You're not getting rid of me, Dutch. Not til you've been humilated and destroyed. I'm not some one who you can beat til they drop. I'll keep on getting back up. I'll keep on coming back. I will DEFEAT YOU!!

*The feed then cuts.*

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Re: Leo Vs Dutch Clark

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:22 pm
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