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Leo Vs Christopher Kincade

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:20 pm
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [5/14/2012]

Leo vs Christopher Kincade

*The scene opens to Leo coming into the next Chaos arena. Leo walks backstage while he heads to his locker room.*

Trixy: Leo!

*Trixy comes up to Leo but Leo keeps on walking ignoring him.*

Trixy: Oh come on Leo, I'm not here for an interveiw.

*Leo continues to ignore her.*

Trixy: Come on I know you lost your chance to enter Money-in-the-Bank but why are you letting it get to you so much.

Leo: ...

Trixy: Is this to do with wanting to take on Dutch? Well, he did win his match and is now the undisputed eWe Champion like you wanted.

Leo: ...

Trixy: *Sigh* Ok, if you don't want to talk about that how about you match coming up? I'm mean if it makes you feel any better it's against Christopher Kincade who was in the ...

*Leo stops.*

Trixy: What?

*Leo tightens his fists but keeps his gaze ahead.*

Trixy: Come on Leo, what's wrong? you can tell me.

*Leo stays in that posistion for a bit longer. His eyes showed of rage but it subsided.*

Trixy: Leo?

*Leo stood there for another second. Then one of the eWe staff came walking up.*

eWe Staff: Trixy, you're needed for an interview.

*Trixy turned to the staff memember.*

Trixy: Be there in a second.

*Trixy turned back to Leo who hadn't changed.*

Trixy: I've got to go. So I'll see you later, ok?

Leo: ...

*Trixy gave Leo one last worried look before she left. Leo stood there for another second, glanced briefly towards where Trixy left, then he walked off.*


*The scene opens from the veiw of a cameraman as a interviewer just finished interviewing Michael Jensen in his office. The interviewer had just left the room and no sooner had the door closed then it was flung opened as Leo Kat entered the room.*

Leo: I want a match against Dutch Clark.

*Leo walked up to Jensen. Jensen however gave a mild confused expression.*

Jensen: and why's that?

Leo: Don't play dumb with me. You know very well why.

*Once against Jensen had a mild confused look on his face.*

Jensen: I'm sorry but I don't see why you want to face him. After all you have your hands full all ready with Kincade.

Leo: I don't CARE about Kincade!

Jensen: You should. After all he's who you're going to be facing tonight.

Leo: Change it then.

Jensen: You haven't earned that match. Besides, I don't see why you're so anxious to have Dutch Clark humilliate you again.

*Leo tightens his fists as he brings his gaze down.*

Leo: It won't happen.

Jensen: Oh? This comming from Mr. 4:11? And don't get started on putting your past record behind you because so far you haven't won anything since you got here.

*Leo tightens his fists more as his anger builds.*

Jensen: Honestly, I have no idea what Triple H was thinking when he hired you back. You're more trouble than you're worth.

*Leo's eyes narrowed.*

Jensen: Just face it Leo, you are a looser. nothing more nothing less.

*This got to Leo as he struck out but he didn't hit Jensen but instead grabbed the camera and threw it too the floor. The camrea then broke as the view went off the air.*


Jensen: Now there was no need for that.

*The cameraman backed up some a little scared. But Leo turned to Jensen.*

Leo: You listen here, Jensen. You either give me that match with Dutch or...

*Jensen grinned.*

Jensen: Or what?

Leo: Let's just say the people who tried to kill your wife before WrestleMania won't be the only thing she has to deal with.

*Jensen Grinned wider.*

Jensen: You couldn't harm her before. So what makes you think you can do it now?

*Leo snapped again as he grabbed Jensen by the collar and pulled back his fist ready to punch. But Jensen just stood there, not intimidated at all. The two stayed like that for a bit Leo just itching to punch Jensen but he knew now was not the time. So he resisted his urge and let go of Jensen. Leo then started to leave.*

Jensen: Oh and Leo don't forget about your match.

*Leo left the room.*


*Some time later in a hallway. Kenny GreenWood just finished an intwerview. Leo was walking past. So Kenny signaled for the cameraman to follow as they aproached Leo.*

Kenny: Leo, A quick word if you please.

*Leo didn't bother stopping but Kenny made it a point to get in front of him so Leo stopped.*

Kenny: ANyways, Leo you're in a match against Christopher Kincade later Tonight, So any comment?*

*Leo gave Kenny a death glare but Kenny didn't seem bothered by it.*

Kenny: In light of you're recent losses, Kincade well most likey believe that he'll be able to defeat you, even go as far as calling you and this match a joke, any comment.

Leo: ... No.

*There was venom in his voice but Kenny seem unaware. That or it just didn't bother him.*

Kenny: Well, It's possible that he'll even tell you that you shouldn't of come back to eWe, that or you're just some no name. So any Comment?

*Leo's fist tightened as Leo's rage built.*

Leo: ...Yeah, I have a comment.

Kenny: Yeah?

*Kenny extended the microphone towards Leo. But Leo instead grabbed Kenny's hand then perfromed the Speed Drop, on him. Leo looked at Kenny as he laid on the floor. Then after a quick glance to the camera, he left.*

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Re: Leo Vs Christopher Kincade

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:21 pm
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