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Leo Vs Blitz Vs Shadic Vs Khaos

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:20 pm
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [4/9/2012]

Blitz vs Leo vs Shadic vs Khaos in Money in the Bank Qualifier. (Last chance)

*The scene opens to right outside of a worn down building at night. On the building was a sign that marked it for condemed. The building was in terrible shape. Out of the camera shot you can here a voice.*

Leo: Pathetic huh?

*The camera keeps the building in frame as Leo continued.*

Leo: When this building was made it was so full of potential, so eager to do what it was designed to do.

*Leo pauses as some wind blows through.*

Leo: However, that potential all went to waiste as a similer buiness opened up in another location. This made it that this particular building didn't get all that much attention even though it was ready, state of the art in it's time yet was overlooked by the majority of the populas of this city because one building was better, flashier even.

*The camera then zooms out to see Leo standing a bit off looking at the building. Leo turns to face the camera.*

Leo: 4 wins, 9 losses. That was my record before I left the eWe to persue another wrestling federation. So mark my words Khaos that when you say that no one knows what it's like to be in your situation... You are wrong. In fact farther than wrong. I've been stuck in this so called looser circle for far too long with each chance to make it bigger than where I was getting squashed. 9 times in fact. So if you want to come here and get all angry or cry baby over a few losses? of a down word streak? Big deal. You have yet to even taste what being stuck in this circle is really like. Untill you've gone out and every one of your chances to go some where squashed, don't come crying to the federation about two simple losses.

*Leo pauses to let is words take effect.*

Leo: As for me? I'm not going to sob for myself, instead I'm going to go on even stronger. Like I said before I've changed since last being here. People call me a jobber, some one to just fill a card, and even a nobody. Call me what ever you like, but after this is all said in done it will be me standing in that ring with my arms raised victoious.

*Leo takes another pause.*

Leo: You see, Khaos you're allready making a mistake. You're counting me out when you don't even know me. I lost my first match back true. But my second match I didn't win but I didn't loose either. It was not me who was pinned but that stupid idiot Blitz. So going in to this I see it as a second chance of winning, not another chance of righting a loss.

*Another pause*

Leo: Now Shadic, As what I can tell you seem to be the only wrestler in this match that Khaos thinks is worth anything. Now I don't care what Khaos thinks but he is right, you're focus is else where. A wrestler with potential enough to go somewhere but who's focus is devided. Part of which is on winning the match that's coming up, but the majority is on you're brothers, the Jobber squad. You talk big enough that you want to rid the eWe of the Jobbers squad but how can you make such claims if you're not even up to the task. The Jobbers are still here and have now succeeded in taking you're focus. Check the card again Shadic, none of your brothers are in this match. Thus you're focus will be else where.

*Leo pauses briefly.*

Leo: Last ofcourse, is Blitz who surposedly was in some kind of attack leaving him with amesia. Personally, I believe it's all a hokes. The reality of the fact that he's a looser has just finally sunken in and he prefers to pretend amesia to try and hide from his problems instead of owning up to them like a real man. Blitz was better off on the road traveling with his friend and brother who might even do a better job than him in this match. Blitz thinks he's going to loose this up coming match and I'd have to agree with him.

*Leo pauses as he then turns back to the condemed building behind him.*

Leo: 4 wins, 9 losses. Tonight, I throw out my past record. Just like this building. It's time to begin anew... there's one thing in my way and I'll not let some stupid down on his luck Khaos, Jobber obsesed Shadic, or idenity crisis Blitz get in my way. For it's time...

*The condemed building blows up in a large fire. Leo then slowly turns back to the camera.*

Leo: For Retribution.

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Re: Leo Vs Blitz Vs Shadic Vs Khaos

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:20 pm
Results Link: TBA
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