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Leo Vs Blitz Vs Shadic Vs Dustin Jobber Empty Leo Vs Blitz Vs Shadic Vs Dustin Jobber

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:18 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3263

Show: Chaos [4/2/2012]

Leo vs Blitz vs Dustin Jobber vs Shadic Jobber for MITB Qualifier (For WrestleMania)

Dustin is a normal jobber (With comedy routine) is a threat if he tries... but he may not but consider him one anyways. Shadic Jobber is the "Serious" Jobber who wants to rid eWe of his brothers.

*The Scene opens to the locker Room of Leo Kat not long after his last match. Suddenly, the door opens and slams shut as Leo enters. He then makes his way to the shelfs and slams his fist into them angrly. Suddenly, His cell phone goes off with a text. Leo checks it and his anger turns into a grin. Leo grabs his back and leaves the room as the scene fades.*

*The scene opens to a work out area where Leo is busy working out he was actually straining himself more than before and you could see the look of determination on his face. There was however a TV in front of him that he was watching. The TV was showing different Matches of Dustin Jobber, Shadic Jobber, and Blitz. Leo watched these carefully as he worked out taking in every single aspect of his opponents moves and techniques. Once he was done with his work out Leo went to a small laptop computer he had set up as he went online to look up the stats of each of his competitors ignoring the message alert icon on the screen. After so long of studying Leo went to a small bed then went to sleep only to get up the next day to start his routine all over. This took up most of Leo's week. Eating, Training, Studying, and sleeping. He was determine to defeat each one of them.*

*It was a thrusday and Leo had just got done with one of his excercises and was moving to the next machine when his cell went off. Leo looked to where he had placed his cell phone but he was slightly confused for he had turned his phone off but there it was turned on and ringing. But then Leo recignised the ring tone and his confusion left as he picked up the phone and answered it.*

Leo: What is it Spangled?

Spangled: Hello, to you too.

*Leo grunted to show he wasn't in the mood for jokes.*

Spangled: Sorry, Didn't want to bother you while you're training but Trixy's been trying to get ahold of you.

Leo: *Sighes* I don't know how many times I have to say... This match is very important to me. I down right refuse to loose. This means I don't really care about anything unless it has to do with the match.

Spangled: I know... she hasn't really told me what she wanted either except to get ahold of you.... maybe she wants to arrange an interview.

Leo: Tell if she wants to do that she can wait til Chaos.

Spangled: All right, then.

*Leo then hung up the phone as he then continued with his training.*

*Finally, the day of Chaos arrives as Leo is allready in his locker room sitting cross-legged on the floor with his eyes closed. Leo continued to sit like that as he breathed deeply. Then there was a knock at the door. Leo ofcourse expected it.*

Leo: Come in.

*Leo didn't bother to get up or opening his eyes as Trixy along with a cameraman came into the room. Trixy looked at Leo slightly confused.*

Trixy: What are you doing Leo?

Leo: Focusing. Now I presume your here for an interview?

Trixy: Well.... I guess.

Leo: Then start.

*Trixy looked at Leo for a second then turned to the camera.*

Trixy: This is Trixy here with eWe SuperStar Leo who appears to be.... focusing? So tell us Leo what's with the umm... focusing.

Leo: What I'm doing is going to be helping me visualize my opponents and the exact way to deal with each of them.

Trixy: I see... Well, speaking of which tonight your in a Fatal Four Way Money in the Bank qualifier match. What are your thoughts on that?

*Leo sat there for a moment then replied.*

Leo: This match is exactly what I need. I must prove myself. Not to the fans, not to the eWe board not even to the Raw General manager Triple H. No, this is to prove to one man and one man only that I'm going to beat you the next time we face, but not just beat you, I'm going to take from you the very thing that you kept me from getting, a Championship belt. So Dutch I do hope you win you're Wrestle Mania match for I'll be taking it from you. So Watch Dutch, watch as I claw my way up to winning Money in the bank.... and it all starts with this match.

Trixy: well you've got your work cut out for you... I mean you have 3 other opponents in this match who also want the same thing, A shot at the Championship.

*Leo's eyes open slightly.*

Leo: That's were you'd be wrong. My opponents have other things that they want more than to win this match. Dustin Jobber wants more his next drink or perhaps getting laid. Shadic Jobber has more concern of his Jobber brothers as his primary goal is to get them out of eWe. With one of his brothers in the match he'll be more focused on Dustin then anyone else or at the very least he'll be split focused which will only lead him to failer. As For Blitz, I doubt he cares rather he wins this match or not. Just give him time and if he looses enough he'll leave for another one of his little road trips. He's probally allready starting to concider it since he lost his last match. My opponents are nothing but jokes. They only win by flukes but that's not going to happen with me. I'm focused and I'm prepared for anything that they throw at me. I've honed my body to withstand any kind of punishment. This match is allready over, they just don't know it yet. I'll show them this is know laughing matter. I WILL win this match.

Trixy: Ok then. Well that's all we have time for. Til next time.

*Trixy waves for the cameraman to leave and he does so. After he leaves Trixy turns back to Leo.*

Trixy: Spangled told me why you weren't answering my messages. I was just trying to see if we could get together and chat...

Leo: Don't you have somewhere else to be?

Trixy: No but...

Leo: If you want to chat then you'll have to wait til after I've finished my goal.

*Trixy was taken aback.*

Trixy: O-Ok. I'll leave you to it then.

*Leo didn't notice the slight disapointment behind Trixy's voice as Trixy left. Leo glanced up at the clock on the wall. Almost time. He got up and headed out the door just as Blitz was walking up to it.*

Blitz: Whoa, hey Leo, Just came by to wish you good luck tonight.

*Leo just glared at Blitz. Then walked on past. Blitz scratches his head.*

Blitz: Ok?

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Leo Vs Blitz Vs Shadic Vs Dustin Jobber Empty Re: Leo Vs Blitz Vs Shadic Vs Dustin Jobber

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:18 pm
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