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Leo Vs Shane Dreden

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:54 pm
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RP Link:

Show: Xplotion [9/1/2010]

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Wednesday(1st) 10 pm
Mountain: Wednesday(1st) 11 pm
Central: Wednesday(1st)/Thursday(2nd) Midnight
Eastern: Thursday(2nd) 1 am
UK: Thursday(2nd) 6 am

ooc: This starts out before last Chaos.

Leo woke up in the bed of his hotel room. He had been dreaming about nothing in particular. Leo glanced his wrist where he had on his Crystal enbedded wristband, but nothing was out of the ordinary. The truth was, the crystal was no ordinary crystal. There was another crystal out there, embedded into the spine of a diary, that whenever they got close enough they'd start to glow. At first, the glow would start off dim but the closer they'd get to each other the brighter they'd glow. It was for this reason that Leo has not taken off this wristband. He also had another wristband on his other wrist, called the metalic wristband, that he doesn't take off either, but that's for a different reason. You see, Leo is looking for someone, a girl by the name of Lisa McGovern. Leo and Lisa had grown rather close but the Metalic corporation, forsed Leo into a training program by threatening Lisa and her family. After Leo escaped, Leo went to find Lisa, only to find that her and her family gone. Lisa did, however, leave the crystal embeded wristband for Leo to find. Leo search for Lisa lead Leo to Dalton, the head of the Metalic Corporation. But Dalton tricked Leo into believing that Jensen was the true head of the Metalic Corporation. So Leo joined eWe to get closer to Jensen. But because of a mistake on his part, Jensen now has control of Leo by making him work for him. Plus now Leo knows that Dalton lied to him.

Not all was lost, for Leo met Trixy, a interviewer for eWe. Leo and Trixy became friends. Over time Leo started liking Trixy for more than just a friend but Sean Lewis got to her first and now Sean's engaged to Trixy. During that time, where Leo was starting to like trixy more, he had started to forget about Lisa. But after finding out about Trixy's egagement, Leo was unsure of what to do. but after Spangled reminded him of Lisa, Leo decieded to let Trixy go and not to try to mess with Trixy and Sean's marrage. Leo's feelings for Lisa were stronger than the ones he had for Trixy.

After Leo got dressed he left his hotel room to a small diner down the street. There he met up with Spangled and the two of them order something to eat and sat down at their table.

"So how's your progress on the Jynx?" Leo asked Spangled. The Jynx was the name of the virus that Spangled was making to corrupt all the data on eWe and Jensen Industries files as well as destroy all video files. Spangled was creating the virus to get rid of all copies of the survalence footage of Leo breaking into Jensen's office.

"It's almost complete, " Spangled told Leo, " but you need to focus on your next match against Shane Dresden."

"If I must, " Leo said, "Who he anyways?"

"Shane joined June 22, 2010, " Spangled told Leo.

"I really don't care when he joined, " Leo said, "because that's not going to help me beat him."

"It does tell you how new he is, " Spangled said.

"I kind of figured he hasn't been at eWe for very long, " Leo said, "considering due to my loss streak I haven't gained enough points to challenge anyone but."

"Well, during showdown he and his tag-team partner, jericho, went up against Lethal Infection, " Spangled told Leo, " I looked and looked, but I couldn't find out who won."

"But I'm not going to be in a tag match with them, " Leo pointed out, "I'm facing Dresden one on one. Plus if you don't know who won."

"But he was in King of Extreme," Spangled told him, "but he lost to dereck Daniels in the quarter finals."

"He's that good huh?" Leo asked.

"I geuss," Spangled replied.

Just then Leo's phone went off with the national Anthem, which was the ring tone Leo set for Micheal Jensen. Why the National Anthem you might ask? well Leo thought it was Ironic.

"You going to answer that?" Spangled asked.

"No," Leo told him.

"You could get into trouble," Spangled said, "I don't think Jensen likes his menions not responding to his calls."

"Soon I won't be his menion," Leo said.

The two of them ate on thier food. when they were done Spangled spoke.

"So what you going to do once your done with Jensen?" Spangled asked.

"Probally just finish out my contract, " Leo said.

"not worried that Jensen might try and get you back under his control if you stay?" Spangled asked.

"I'm not on Choas so I won't have to worry about running into Jensen, " Leo told him, "Plus I'm going to finish my contract so I don't have to worry about him having that over me."

"I see, " Spangled said.

The two got up and left the diner.

"Well, I'll see you, " Spangled told Leo, "I want to get the Jynks finished by the next episode of Chaos."

"ok see you, " Leo said and he and Spangled went there separte ways.


ooc: this next scene may contain spoilers of the results on Chaos. not who won or anything just a certain scene at the end.

Leo was in his locker room waiting for the next episode of xplosion to start, when there was a knock at his door. But before Leo could say or do anything the door opened and Jensen stepped in with Big Show and the great Khali. Leo stood up at the site of them.

"What are you doing here?" Leo asked firusly.

"I'm here to give you a warning, " Jensen told him, "If I find out that you had anything to do with that virus last Chaos..."

"There was a virus?" Leo cut in, grinning, "What'd it do?"

"I know you know, " Jensen said, "So you don't need to pretend."

Leo shrugged, "I never even new a virus hit eWe."

"No I know you did, " Jensen said, "Because I didn't say eWe."

"You must be some kind of idiot, " Leo told Jensen, "Because as you and i both know is that chaos is a part of eWe."

"Don't talk to me in that tone, " Jensen said, "I still own you."

"You sure about that?" Leo Grinned.

Jensen was dumb founded, he knew that the virus had wiped out his copies of the survalence footage and now he was even more sure that Leo had something to do with it.

"You know I own this company, " Jensen finailly said, "I can kick you out of eWe, at the snap of my fingers."

"last time I checked jensen, " Leo said, "I'm on Xplosion, meaning you don't have control over me right now. only Law. So I'd sugest you leave so I can prepare for my match."

Jensen gave an evil look at Leo then he and his two goons left.
But just as they left Trixy with a cameraman came in.

"What was that all about?" Trixy asked.

"I was just saying good-bye to Jensen." Leo said with a grin.

"Oh, Well since your in a good mood could I hit you up for an interview?" trixy asked.

"Sure," Leo said.

Trixy signaled to the camerman and the camerman got his camera ready then gave Trixy the thumbs up.

"Hi, I'm here with Leo Kat who has a matc later on tonight against Shane dresden, " Trixy said, "So Leo any comment on your opponent."

"Yeah, I'd just like to say that my carreer here at eWe is just about over, " Leo said, "once my contrat is up, I'm finished. but untill then I'm going to wrestle any opponent that comes my way. rather they're new or, in your case Shane, have made it to the quarter finals of king of extreme. So I wish the best to both of us. See you in the ring."

"Thank you for that insite," Trixy said and she and the cameraman left closing th door behind them.

Almost done, Leo thought, once I'm done I can focus my full attention on finding you Lisa.

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Re: Leo Vs Shane Dreden

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:54 pm
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