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Leo Vs Benjamin Ryan Empty Leo Vs Benjamin Ryan

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:50 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=886

Show: Xplotion [8/25/2010]

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Sunday(30th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(30th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(30th)/Monday(31st) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(31st) 1 am
UK: Monday(31st) 6am

benjamin won against scarecowman last showdown.

(The sceen opens up to Jensen's office where we see Jensen like allways sitting at his desk doing something when there was a knock at the door.)

Jensen: come in.

(The door opens and in walks Leo Kat.)

Leo: You wanted to see me?

Jensen: Yes, I wanted to make it clear to you that just because your on Xplosion doesn't mean that your finished with me. I still own you, and you will still win your matches for me.

Leo: Fine, anything else you want?

Jensen: No that is all.

(Leo leaves the room. and the camera follows him out.)

Leo:(to himself) could have just called to tell me that.

(Leo walks down the hall and the sceen fades.)

(The sceen opens back up to a gym. where we see Leo running on a tread mill with Spangled right by him.)

Leo: So you say me getting on Xplosion will help me get from under Jensen?

Spangled: It's the first step, in my plan.

Leo: Your plan?

Spangled: yeah, you didn't think that you got in Xplosion by chance do you?

Leo: (Leo grinned.) So how you do it?

Spangled: easy enough. I found out how they drafted the other and I worked my magic. The only problem would have been if Jensen would have choosen you for chaos during the draft they had now long ago.

Leo: I'm not surprised he didn't. I doubt I'm to high on Jensen's list, plus I'm not important enough at eWe to be drafted. I mean I have lost all of my title shots.

Spangled: Speaking of matches, don't you have one soon.

Leo: Next Wednesday. I'm up against Benjamin Ryan. I thought I told you this all ready.

Spangled: Must have forgotten.

(They stayed in silence for a minute or so while Leo continued to jog on the tread mill)

Leo: So what's the next part of your plan.

Spangled: Well, I don't feel like discussing that while people might over hear but let's just say I'm working on something that not only solve your problem but also give Jensen a little bit of what's coming to him.

Leo: Good.

(Leo stopped the tread mill and got off. he then walks off to the locker room where Spangled followes, not to long latter Leo and Spangled walk out and out of the gym.)

Spangled: you know I was thinking you haven't had a match in a while have you?

Leo: not since my last TV title shot against Dutch.

Spangled: Say, Dutch is on Xplosion to, maybe you can get another shot at him.

Leo: He doesn't have the TV belt any more.

Spangled: Well no one does actually. Just thought you'd want to have a chance to beat him.

Leo: right now I need to focus on my current match.

Spangled: Don't you have any long term goals.

Leo: Finding Lisa seems to be a long term goal.

Spangled: I'm talking about with eWe.

Leo: Oh well, since I'm still in I guess I'm going to head after some of the belts.

Spangled: well Dutch has a belt you could go for.

Leo: It's the Tag-team belt and last time I checked I'm not in a Tag-team. Plus I don't...

(Leo's phone goes off. Leo takes it out and answers it.)

Leo: Trixy?

Trixy: Hi Leo, You good for an interview?

Leo: When?

Trixy: how about now?

Leo: fine, I'll be there in a few minutes. (Leo hangs up his phone and muts it up.)

Spangled: So you got a date with Trixy?

Leo: It's not a date. It's an interview.

Spangled: Date, interview, what's the difference?

Leo: I'd figure you'd know since your surpose to be the smart one.

Spangled: To'sha

(The two walk off and the sceen fades)

(The sceen resumes with Trixy in her inter viewing room. standing and waiting for Leo. Leo then walks into the room. Leo notices the ring on her finger)

Leo: What's that? (Pointing towards her ring.)

Trixy: Oh this, (Trixy said holding up her ring and looking at it) It's an engagement ring, Sean Lewis purposed to me.

Leo: Oh. well let's get started then.

Trixy: Lets.

(Leo and Trixy walked over to two chairs siting infront of a camera. Trixy pressed a button on a remote and the camera switched to the interview camera.)

Trixy: (Towards the camera) Hello I'm here with eWe Superstar Leo Kat and we're here to talk about his up coming match on Xplosion...

(as if on cue a yell is heard outside of the room. Just then the door burst opened and in runs Spangled.)

Spangled: She's here, She's here!

(Spanlged quickly runs and hids behind a nearby counter.)

Trixy: Who's here?

Spangled: Rhonda, could you get rid of her for me.

Trixy: I geuss.

(a few seconds after that a girl about Spangled age comes in.)

Rhonda: (In a ditsy girly girl way 'that's actually how she normally talks unless otherwise stated) Where are you Pretty Bear.

Trixy: Uh, Hello.

(Rhonda looks at Trixy)

Rhonda: (talking fast too) Oh Hi, there, My names Rhonda and I'm looking for Pretty Bear. Have you seen Pretty Bear?

Trixy: No I can't say that I have.

Rhonda: Oh ok, bye then.

(Rhonda begins to leave then she notices the interviewing camera)

Rhonda: OOOO, what's that?

(Rhonda goes over to the camera and begins to look all of it, the way a little girl would.)

Trixy: That's a Camera I'm using to interview Leo here.

Rhonda oh let me stay, I'll be extra extra quite

Leo: Only if you leave right after.

Rhonda: Ok ok, I promise.

(Rhonda walks over to a seat by Leo and sits down)

Trixy: Well then shall we continue?

Leo: Go ahead.

Trixy: Ok, as I said Leo here has a match against Benjamin Ryan on Xplosion this wednesday

Rhonda: Oh, explotion are pretty, there go boom, boom boom, and boom into pretty colors.

Leo: Are you talking about fire works?

Rhonda: Oh right that's what they call them. their nice and pretty

Leo: Well we're not talking about fire works, and I thought you were going to be quite?

Rhonda: sorry,

Trixy: Ok, so Leo...

Rhonda: So if your not talking about fire works then are you talking about making yorself go boom? You know that's not very nice.

Leo: No I'm not going to blow myself up. I'm on a TV program called Xplosion.

Rhonda: oh ok

Trixy: Now Leo any comments your opponent Benjamin Ryan?

Leo: Well, all I've heard about this guy is that he's beat the scarecrowman on Showdown. but let me tell you something Ryan, I'm a better fighter than him. Now if you've done your homework...

Rhonda: Oh I love homework, espeally Math. where you can take a one and another one and they'll have a little baby two.

Leo: Rhonda please don't talk why I am.

Rhonda: ok sorry.

Leo: (Turnning back to the camera) As I was saying, If you've done your homework Ryan, You'll notice that I've lost every title shot match I've ever been in. Well I'll tell you that that's not going to hold me back. I've learned from my mistakes and I'm ready to start winning.

Rhonda: I love winning, winning is like the best thing espesally when you win. did you know that...

Leo: Rhonda Shut Up.

Rhonda: Sorry.

Trixy: Well, good words from a tough opponent. Till next time, this is Trixy and Leo.

(Trixy presses a button and the interviewing camera shuts off.)

Trixy: well, that went... ok.

Leo: (Turning to Rhonda) The interviews over, you can go now.

Rhonda: But I ...

Leo: That was the deal Rhonda and you promised.

Rhonda: Ok, your right. (gets up and heads out the door.) Bye Trixy, Bye Leo.

(They wait a few seconds then Spangled gets out of his hidding spot.)

Spangled: Is she gone?

Trixy: Yeah.

Spangled: Good, Well Leo, if your done here let's go.

Leo: Sure bye Trixy.

Trixy: see yeah.

(Trixy turns and Leo looks at Trixy then his gaze glances to her engagement ring. Spangled notices the look but says nothing. Leo then leaves with Spanlged following him.)

Spangled: (After the have walked a while) I see Trixy got enagaged.

(Leo just keep on walking.)

Spanlged: And I see your upset about it.

(Leo stills says nothing.)

Spangled: I know how you feel, well in theory really. You guys looked as if you would get together but then you find out that she's allready taken.

Leo: (Leo stops and so does Spangled) I'm not saying that. (You could tell in his voice that spangled was right) Nothing was going on between us. She's just a good friend, that's all. I'm in love with Lisa, not Trixy.

Spangled: You sure about that? I mean it's been so long since You've seen Lisa. I think that your begining to loose hope of finding her or atleast that your loosing your drive to find her.

(Leo starts letting his anger grow by what Spangled said but then it fades)

Leo: You maybe right.

(He lifted the cystal embedded wristband and looked at it.)

Leo: It's been so long, and for all I know, the Lisa and her family is dead.

Spangled: Now don't say that.

Leo: You know it could be true.

Spangled: Well fine, if you want to believe that.

(Leo stares at the wristband for a while a small tear begins to build in his eye. He quickly blinks it away then says)

Leo: I'll see you later.

(and with that Leo walked off. and the sceen fades.)

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Leo Vs Benjamin Ryan Empty Re: Leo Vs Benjamin Ryan

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:50 pm
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