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Leo Vs Dutch Clark

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:49 pm

RP Link:

Show: HeatWave [7/25/2010]

Leo vs. Dutch Clark

Television tile match.

Blitz 2 and Thend were tied up in the back of an old ware house.  Both of them were in silence.  The two guards were not to far from them seated on some boxes.
They two sat in silence.  Suddenly a sound was heard.  one of the guards nodded to the other and he got up to check on the sound.  Not to long after that a yell was heard.  Quickly, the other guard went after too.  A few shot were head but the sound of metal hitting metal was heard.  Not to long there was another yell.  Blitz 2 and Thend were looking at were the guards had been sitting.  then a strange black figure came out of the clear and Blitz 2 grinned.

"And here I thought my brother was going to save us, " Blitz 2 said still grinning.

Leo walked closer taking out a metal disk from a place on his arm.  The black metal receded from Leo and back into his metallic wristband.

"He's off somewhere training for his match, " Leo said as he reached them.  He then bent over and unlocked Blitz 2's and Thend's chains, with a key he had taken from the guards.

"Don't you have a match coming up too?" Blitz 2 asked as he stood up.

"How'd you know about that?" Leo asked.

"Heard it online somewhere, " Blitz 2 said, "Seems your up against Dutch, for the third time."

"Yeah I know, " Leo said, "It's coming up this Sunday on heatwave."

"Nice, " Blitz 2 said, "Bought time you got some kind of title."

"Your brother doesn't have any titles either, " Leo told him.

"Yeah but at least he's still in King of Extreme, " Blitz 2 said.

"I never signed up for King of Extreme, " Leo shot back.

"Probably because you knew you'd loose to my bro, " Blitz 2 said.

"Um, guys, " Thend said, "I don't think this is the best place to be discussing this."

Both Leo and Blitz 2 looked at him.

"Yeah I knew that, " Blitz 2 said.

"Fine, " Leo said turning around, "Let's get out of here."

Blitz 2 and Thend followed Leo out of the warehouse and to a car parked not to far away.

"I didn't know you had a car, " Blitz 2 said.

"It's not mine," Leo shot back as he got into the car.

Blitz 2 and Thend got in too.  Blitz 2 in shotgun and Thend in the back.  Leo started the car and headed off.

"If it's not your car then who's is it?" Blitz 2 asked when they got onto the highway.

"I'm borrowing it, " Leo said.

"What was wrong with your car?" Blitz 2 asked.

"I don't have a car, " Leo said, "I drive a motor cycle."

"Did it break down or something?"  Blitz 2 asked.

"No," Leo said.

"Well, then you should have used it then, "Blitz said, "Why bother with borrowing someone's car if you have a perfectly good cycle."

"Because I can take one other person with me on it, " Leo snapped back already getting annoyed, "Unless you would have preferred that I left you there."

Blitz 2 brought his hand to his chin in a thinking pose.

"Yeah, you could of, " Blitz 2 said, "Besides, this car moves to slow anyways."

"Oh and you think you could outrun it?" Leo said.

"Of course," Blitz 2 said, "But it would be rude of me to reject your kind offer for a ride."

Leo just sat there.  He was getting close to being annoyed to much. Thend seeing Leo's expression decided that it was time to change the subject.

"So you ready for your match this Sunday?" Thend asked Leo.

"Darn right I am," Leo said, "After loosing twice, I'm ready to go down there and kick his butt.  Beat me once, shame on you, beat me twice same on me, beat me a third time, Not going to happen."

"You know that the television title is the lowest of all the belts, "Blitz 2 said.

"It's a start, " Leo said, " First is the television belt, Next is Mid Eastern."

"Or it's equivalent, " Blitz 2 said.

"What are you talking about?" Leo asked.

"Man, I'm not going to explain it to you, " Blitz 2 said, "It'd take to many of this role plays precious words to do so.  Just ask Jay."

"I'll do that then, " Leo said.


After dropping Blitz 2 and Thend off at Blitz 1's apartment, Leo drove off to go see Jensen in his office.  Leo had parked his car and headed into the building.  He then went in and headed to Jensen's office.  Once he got there he knocked on the door.

"Come in, " Jensen said from the inside.

Leo walked in to see Jensen at his desk.  His two goons Big show and Kahli where in chairs close to the door.

"Ah Leo, just the man I want to see, " Jensen said.

"Makes since, " Leo said as he walked up to one of the chairs that faced Jensen's desk, "since you just told me to come here not to long ago."

"Don't take that tone with me, Leo, " Jensen said, "Remember I still own you."

Not for long, Leo thought.

Jensen sat back in his chair, "Now to business, " Jensen said, " I trust you are training for your Title match this Sunday, "

Leo nodded.

"Good, " Jensen said, " you should be in prime condition when you face Dutch."

Leo nodded again.  He knew that Dutch Clack wasn't just some push over.  Dutch came to win, and that was all there was to it.  Leo knew that in order to beat him he must be in great physical condition.  If not, then Dutch would just walk over him and Leo would once again be living the ring empty handed.

"Of course, if you don't win..." Jensen said letting the threat hang out. Leo knew all to well what he was talking about.  After his last loss Jensen had his two goons pummel him.  Leo was not threatened in the least, the beating he took only just fueled his anger at Jensen even more.

"To bad you don't have your key, " Jensen said.

The key Jensen was talking about was the small round disk that triggered the strange metal in his metallic wristband.  Leo had of course lied to Jensen, and had told him that his key was taken from him by Dalton.

"Ah well, " Jensen said, "Not point in thinking about something you don't have any control over."

"So is your inspection done?" Leo asked him.

"I don't like your tone, " Jensen said glaring at Leo, "I may just have to show you some manners."

At that Big show and the great Kahli stood up and walked over to Leo.  They stood on either side of him.  Then, they both grabbed his arms and hoisted him out of the chair. Jensen had also gotten up and had walked around his desk.  He then walked up to Leo and punched him in the gut.

"You will learn to respect me, " Jensen said and punched him again.

"W-what do you think your little girl friend will say to you punching me like this, " Leo said softly due to Jensen punches.

This time Jensen looked even angrier and kicked Leo where the sun don't shine.  Leo keeled over, well as much has he could with Big show and Kahli still holding him up.

"You don't speak about her in that tone, " Jensen said eyes narrowed in anger he stared down Leo for another two seconds then a punched him in the gut again.  Jensen walked back to his desk and signaled big show and Kahli to let go and they did.  Leo fell to the floor doubled over.

"Now you may go," Jensen said coldly.

Leo struggled to his feat and left the room. As he did so he thought one thing.

Just you wait, Jensen.  First Dutch, Then You.


Leo was back at his apartment.  He was lying on his couch shirtless and with a bag of ice on in gut.  There was a knock at the door.

"Come in, " Leo said.

The door opened and Spangled and Trixy came into the room.

"Oh my Gosh, " Trixy said as she saw Leo.  She walked up to Leo and squatted down by him to examine the bruise on Leo's chest.  "What happened?"

"one word, " Leo said coldly, "Jensen."

"I said you should been careful around him, " Spangled said.

Leo looked at spangled.

"Yeah I know, " Leo said, "But don't worry he's going to get what's coming to him.  Right now I need to be focusing on Dutch Clark."

"You should report this, " Trixy said.

"It won't do any good, " Leo said, "It will only make me look like a coward."

"Better a coward then dead, " Trixy said her eyes locked onto Leo's. Leo kept his gaze on Trixy for a few moments then turned his head towards Spangled.

"What do you have on Dutch?" Leo asked.

"Well, " Spangled said thinking, "He hasn't had many losses. Actually if I'm not mistaken he's only lost one or two."

"And that has made him cocky, " Leo said.

"I'm not sure about that, " Spangled said, "But I do believe that he enters all his fights with know doubt that of losing.  This fact might be able to be used against him."

"Ok then," Leo said, "Anything else."

"Well after examining his first round at King of Extreme, " Spangled said, "He seems to be able to channel his rage into his fighting.  While it's good tactics there are some flaws."

"Like?" Leo asked.

"Well, focus for one, " Spangled said, "Most people when they get into a rage will concentrate their focus on one thing, in this case you.  But even through there focus is set they usually have very little actions.  Normally, just cause you much pain.  Dutch seems to be able to focus enough to still use his moves on his opponent but like I said his actions will be limited or what he will do will be limited."

"So I should get him into a rage?" Leo asked.

"Yeah,  He's a good wrestler even without his rage to back him up.  So your best chance may be to get him into a rage.  But remember you must also keep your cool.  If both of your are in a rage, know telling who would win."

"Sounds simple enough." Leo said, "But why haven't you given me this information the last two times I fought him."

"I didn't really know it then, " Spangled said, "And the first time you also had Rick Cage to worry about, too."

"Rick Cage is a joke, " Leo simply said.

"Don't start underestimating your opponents again," Spangled said, "For all you know Rick's below standards performance could just be to lure is opponent into a false since of security, to get people to think that he's just an easy win.  Then when the time is right, and when his opponent his just coursing through, he could spring his trap and catch everyone by surprise."

"Ok fine, " Leo said, "But I just hope that your sympathy for Rick Cage isn't going to cost me my match against Dutch."

"How's that?"  Spangled asked.

"Not enough precious words in this role play to use to explain how eWe works, " Leo said, "But I'll take your word on not letting my guard done around Rick.  Well, I'm not going to let my guard down on anyone. It's going to be Full Force all the way."

"Good If you keep that up you'll go far, " Spangled said.

Leo grinned then looked at Trixy.  She seemed to be lost in thought.

"You seem quiet. " Leo said.

"Huh, " Trixy said startled and looked at Leo.

"Usually your the one asking me question or prompting me to talk about some aspect of my match, " Leo said.

"Yeah, Well, " Trixy said, "I guess I was just taking a page out of your book."

"Book?" Leo said, "I thought this was a role play."

"Well, " Spangled said, "It is written like a book."

"Oh, " Leo said, " But in that case please don't take out the pages, I'm going to need them to win my matches."

Leo grinned at Trixy who smiled back.

"But seriously, what's wrong?" Leo asked.

"Oh I was just thinking of Sean." Trixy said.

"Which one?" Spangled asked.

"Sean Lewis," Trixy replied.

"Why?"  Leo asked.

"well, " Trixy began but then paused.  She thought for a moment then spoke, "Oh it's nothing. I don't want to distract you from you match."

"Fine then, " Leo said, If Trixy wasn't going to tell him, then he didn't care.

They sat there for a while in silence then Leo spoke.

"Did we cover everything?" Leo asked.

"Pretty much I think, " Spangled answered, "got less than a thousand left anyways, I think it's time for your closing statement."

"Oh right, " Leo said and got up form the couch.

"Dutch," Leo said, "I'm telling you that your days with the Television belt is numbered.  Coming this Sunday, There will be a new television Champion.  And his name is Leo Kat.  You may think you have it won,  You may think that it will be a repeat of the last two time.  But I'm here to tell you that it won't be.  I'm going to be the one who wins this time. Like they say, the third times the charm."

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Re: Leo Vs Dutch Clark

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:49 pm
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