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Leo Vs Dutch Clark

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:44 pm
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RP Link:

Show: HeatWave [posted 6/6/2010]

TV Championship
Dutch Clark[c] vs Leo Kat

(The scene opens in a diner where we see Leo and Spangled sitting at a boothe across from each other.)

Leo: Man I can't believe I lost that match.

Spangled: Well, atleast your getting a second chance at the title.

Leo: Yeah. But if what I heard is correct, I have to defend it every Heatwave, if I'm the champion.

Spangled: Why you sounding so gloom. Do you not think your up to the task?

(Leo sat in silence.)

Spangled: Leo?

Leo: Maybe joining eWe was a bad idea.

Spangled: why do you say that? I'm mean sure you've lost your chances of having a title twice, but you've won all your other matches.

Leo: But that maybe true but the only reason why I joined eWe was to find out where Lisa is. Alls I did was find out I joined for nothing. (clinches fist) If I was so stupid as to believe Dalton in the first place.

Spangled: So why not just quit?

Leo: You know perfectly well i can't quit. Jensen still has that footage of me.

Spangled: Well It's simple. We just go in there and steal it.

Leo: Last time we tried it didn't work.

Spangled: We just need to find out where he keeps the original file. I know of a little virus that will keep it from ever being played again.

(Just then Trixy walks up to them.)

trixy: What's this I hear about a virus?

Leo: You know Trixy this is the second time you've randomly shown up and heard something we wanted to keep amoungst ourselfs.

trixy: I'm just that good. So what about a virus?

Leo: go ahead and tell her.

Spangled: We need a way to get Leo out from under Jensen.

(Suddenly, the national atheme ring tone went off.)

Leo: Well, speak of the devil...

(Leo took out his phone and answered)

Leo: What?

(Leo paused for a second listening.)

Leo: fine.

(Leo hung up his cell and put it back up.)

Spangled: What he want?

Leo: Wants me to head to his office in a little bit.

Trixy: What's with the national anthem for Jensen's ring tone.

Leo: I think it's ironic.

Trixy: oh, So you ready for your match against Dutch?

Leo: I'll handle my own.

Trixy: You ok? That's not your usual responce.

Spangled: He just wants to quit eWe but can't.

Trixy: (Shocked look on her face) Quit eWe! Why?

Leo: I'm wasting my time here. I really don't care about fame that any of the titles. I don't care that I get paid to beat up people. I don't even care if I beat Dutch or not. Alls I care about is finding Lisa and this stupid eWe thing is just getting in my way.

Trixy: If you hate eWe so mutch, Why'd you begin in the first place?

Leo: I thought Jensen was the head of the Metallic Corporation.

Trixy: Well he's not that great of a guy, but that doesn't mean he's responcible for every bad thing that happens.

Leo: Whatever.

(Leo crossed his arms and staired outside the window by their boothe.)

trixy: well I hope you don't let this get in the way of your match against dutch. You need to go out there and give it your best.

(Leo contiued to stare.)

Spangled: She's right you know Leo. If you start loosing alot eventualy Jensen will decided that your not good enough to work for him and he'll turn you over to the police.

(Leo sighed.)

Leo: Your right.

(They sat in silence for a bit then Leo gets up to leave.)

Spangled: Where you going?

Leo: You forget? I have to go see the Jensen.

Spangled: Oh yeah. Ok then, Later.

(Leo walks off and the scene fades.)

(the scene opens to jensen in his office. Jensen was working on some paper work. There was a knock on the door.)

Jensen: come in.

(Leo opened the door and stepped into the room.)

Jensen: (gesturing to a chair) Have a seat.

(Leo walked to the chair and sat down.)

Jensen: now I think it's time you anounced the people of eWe that your working for the Industry now and that your going to win the Television title for the Industry.

Leo: Fine. Is that all?

Jensen: No. When you go up against Dutch Clark, I want you to use your Metallic wristband.

Leo: No.

Jensen: (laced his fingers together and leaned forward in his chair) I think your forgeting who your working for.

Leo: I'm not going to use it becuase I can't.

Jensen: Oh, and why's that?

Leo: Dalton took it when we got caught.

Jensen: you didn't say that earlier.

Leo: didn't think it'd matter.

Jensen: (Leaning back in his chair) Fine, Do it your way. but if you lose this match there will be conscequieces.

(Leo got up and headed for the door)

jensen: You need to head to the ring and give your annoucement. Everythings all ready to go.

(Leo left the room and the scene fades.)

(the scene opens back up to the ring. when suddenly "I am... All of Me" by Crush 40 hit over the PA system. Leo emered from the currtin. Fans were cheering. Leo's face was emotionless as he walked down to the ring. he got in and a microphone was tossed to him which he caught with ease.)

Leo: (raising his microphone) I'm here to talk about my up coming match against dutch Clark.

(the crowd cheared at the sound of Dutch's name.)

Leo: Now I know I lost to him at retribution. but I'm here now to claim the Television title that should have been mine.

(the crowd cheard. Leo to the mat for a second, not really wanting to say what he was about to.)

Leo: (Looking back up) Yes, Dutch, I'm coming after you for that belt...(Pauses for a second.) For the Industry.

(the crowd went into a shocked silence. A few mumers were heard.)

Leo: Yes, you heard me right. I'm now working for the Industry.

(the crowd then recovers from their shock and starts to boo.)

Guy annoucer I can't remember the name of: Wow, Leo working for the Industry: Not sure that was a good move on his part.

Girl annoucer: yeah I know (insert his name here) and he was doing pretty good too.

Leo: (standing in the ring) that's all I have to say.

(Leo dropped the mic and a thud was heard over the PA system. Leo kept a straight face as he left the ring and went back to the curtin. Once on the other side he change his facial expression for a second. it read that he was not glad at what he did. then he walked off and the scene fades.)


*** OOC: I just hope you'll let me make him apart of the Industries this way.
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Re: Leo Vs Dutch Clark

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:45 pm
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