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Leo Vs Mathew Frost Vs Eli Hogan

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:35 pm
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Show: HeatWave [5/23/2010]

(The scene opens to a interrogation room. Inside sat the figure who attacked Leo in the gym. The door to the room opened and in stepped Jensen.)

Jensen: Hello George.

George: (With surprise) Mr. Jensen.

(Jensen walked over to the chair opposite of George and sat down.)

Jensen: It looks like you've failed me, George.

George: Sir, Are you sure you should be saying that, I mean we are in a police station's interrogation room. There are camera's as well as that two-way

Jensen: Not to worry, George, Those have been taken care of. but I'm here to see if you've learned something.

George: Will sir he told me to tell you, that if you wants your power unit back, your going to have to tell him what they did with Lisa McGovern.

Jensen: Is that all?

George: Yes Sir. After that he kicked my gun then two guys tackled me from behind.

(Jensen got up from his chair and turned towards the door.)

George: Wait, you are going to get me out of here, right?

(Jensen opened the door to the room.)

Jensen: (Without turning around) Bye, George.

(Jensen left the room and shut the door then the scene faded.)

(The scene opens up to Dr. Warlin's lab. Warlin and Jensen were in the room.)

Jensen: So it seems that Leo has figured out what is in the case, but how did he open it.

Warlin: I don't know sir, there was a very complex lock on the case. It required not only a password but a finger print.

Jensen: He must have some kind of assistant, how else would he be able to rig our security camera's as well as sneak in.

Warlin: makes Since, but who's smart enough to do that?

Jensen: Not sure, What about Lisa McGovern? Any idea who that is?

Warlin: Well, I looked her up in our database and I found no record of her.

Jensen: Well find out.

Warlin: Yes sir.

(Jensen then walks out of the room. As he did Dr. Warlin pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number.)

Warlin: It seems that Jensen's man failed to get the power unit from Leo so I want you to do it.

(Warlin paused for a moment then hung up his phone. Warlin smiles as the scene fades.)

(The scene opens up to a outside of a coffee shop, where we see Leo Kat sitting at one of the outside tables sipping on a coffee. Leo continues to watch the
people pass by as he occasionally would take a sip of his coffee. Then Trixy walks up to Leo.)

Trixy: hey Leo, Since it doesn't look like your doing anything would could i get an interview.

(Leo looks at Trixy.)

Leo: Is it always business with you or do you take a break every once and a while?

Trixy: I take breaks, but I'm just saying that this would be a good time to do an interview.

Leo: Fine then, if you want, but you really should come up to me sometime just to say hi.

Trixy: next time I promise.

(Trixy sits down across from Leo.)

Leo: Don't you need a camera or something?

Trixy: don't worry I have that covered.

(Trixy reaches inside her purse and pulls out a video camera with a colaspable stand. She then unfolds the stand and places it on the seat to her right, then

she places the camera on it. She then position the camera so that it easily got both Leo and Trixy in the shot.)

Leo: You carry that with you all the time?

Trixy: Actually, I just bought it. Figured I'd have it so I wouldn't have to miss an opportunity to get an interview because I don't have a cameraman with

(Trixy pressed the record button then faced the camera.)

Trixy: Hello I'm out at a coffee shop called the Talon and here with me is Leo Kat who has agreed to an interview. (turning to face Leo) So you booked for a
triple threat match against Mathew Frost and Eli Hogan. Now this is your first time going up against multiple opponents at the same time, any thought on

Leo: I'll admit, it will be a change but I will not let two opponents get the better of me, I will enter that ring at full force. I will take them down one
at a time.

Trixy: So any comments about your opponents Mathew frost and Eli Hogan?

Leo: If memory serves, Frost is a rather new wrestler, joined not long after me but just because he's new doesn't mean I'm going to take him any lighter.
I'll be honest that I haven't really looked at much of the other matches but I'm going to go in there and expect that this guy will be good, and even if he's

not I will not let down on him. I will not let down on anyone that enters the ring with me.

Trixy: What about Eli Hogan?

Leo: She's new to right?

Trixy: yeah.

Leo: well then it looks like Jensen and Law are putting me up against more new comers, but like i said before, Just because there new I will not let up on

Trixy: ok next question...

(Suddenly, something flew passed them and hit the camera in the lens.)

Trixy: Hey!

(Leo noticed that the object that struck the camera was a dart. then he quickly got up and looked around for whoever threw the dart. Trixy opened the camera

and pulled out the disk.)

Trixy: I just bought this camera, do you know how much it cost. Well, at least the disk didn't get broken.

(Leo ignored her as he scanned the streets for who ever threw the dart. Trixy pulled out a disk case and put the disk in it then she packed up the camera
stand and the broken camera.)

Trixy: Leo what's going on?

Leo: (Still scanning the streets) Quiet!

(Trixy fell silent. The silent lasted for a few long seconds. Suddenly, A figured dropped down behind Leo and swung a sword at him. Leo quickly learned back

as the blade swept passed him. Leo then followed up with a kick to the guys side. The guy was the same guy with the sword from outside the Gym. The guy
stumbled then quickly recovered with another swipe with his sword. This time Leo ducked down and kicked the legs out from underneath the guy.)

Trixy: Who's he Leo? And what's going on?

Leo: (has he pulled out the metallic wristbands circular key from his pocket.) Go!

(Trixy took off running as Leo placed the key into the slot on his metallic wristband. His attacker quickly jumped to his feat as the metallic substance
quickly spread all over Leo's body. The attacker charged with the sword pointed at Leo's chest. Leo just stood there as the metallic substance finished
spreading. When the sword hit, it's blade bit outward. The attacker looked at Leo with a surprised look. Leo then grabbed his attackers by the shoulder then

flipped him over his back, onto the hard sidewalk. Leo then turned toward his attack, bend over and flipped him over onto his stomach. The attacker
a bit but Leo managed to pin his arms behind his back.)

Leo: Who are you? Did Jensen send you?

Attacker: I'm not telling you anything.

(Leo tightened his grip.)

Leo: I'll keep on till you tell me.

Attacker: Never!

(Leo continued to tighten his grip. Eventually, his attacker screamed in pain.)

Attacker: (Screaming) My name is John. I was sent here to get the case from you to give it to my employer.

(Leo loosened his grip some.)

Leo: and who is your employer?

John: Michael Jensen.

Leo: Jensen? Well you tell Jensen...

(Before Leo could finish he was suddenly tackled from the side. John then used it to get up and take off. Leo managed to push the figure off of him then he
got up and turned to see the figure as the figure got up to. The figure was a girl around the same age as Leo. She also was covered in the same metallic
substance as Leo was. On her wrist was a Metallic Wristband.)

Leo: (surprised) Lindsey?

Lindsey: It's been a while.

Leo: Well I don't have time for this reunion.

(Leo turned around and saw that John had left, Then a second later he was tackled by Lindsey again. Leo once again managed to push off Lindsey and they both
got back up.)

Lindsey: I suggest you make time.

(Lindsey got in a fighter's stance and Leo did the same.)

Leo: What is it that you want?

Lindsey: Isn't it obvious? I'm here for the power unit.

(Lindsey ran towards Leo and aimed a kick at him. Leo quickly blocked it and countered with a punch. Lindsey step back a second.)

Leo: What do you want it for?

(Lindsey stepped back in and locked arms with Leo.)

Lindsey: I'm here to get it back for Jensen.

Leo: how did you get involved with him?

(Lindsey quickly kicked at Leo with both her feet, Leo took the blow.)

Lindsey: (both feet still planted in Leo's chest) None of your business.

(Lindsey then leaned back so that her shoulders hit the ground, Then she flipped Leo over her, and he landed on her back. Lindsey then turned around and put
Leo in a leg lock.)

Lindsey: So, you going to cooperate?

Leo: Never!

(Leo quickly reversed the leg lock and tightened hard. Lindsey screamed. Leo kept up the leg lock. Leo then noticed two officers heading their way. Leo
quickly released Lindsey. Lindsey got up and noticed the police coming their way.)

Lindsey: Another time Leo.

(Then Lindsey took off. Just then a car pulled up and rolled down the passenger window. Inside was Trixy.

Trixy: Get in.

(Leo quickly got in and Trixy took off. and the camera fades. The camera then comes back up in Trixy's car. Leo had just took out the key of the metallic
wrist band and the metallic substance began to come off Leo's body and disappeared into the Wristband.)

Trixy: I thought you were the only one who had one of those metal things. So who was that girl and why did she have one?

(Leo sat there and just stared out the window.)

Trixy: Well?

(Leo continued to stair out the window.)

Leo: (quietly) Her name is Lindsey.

Trixy: Lindsey?

Leo: Do you remember when I told you about how the metallic Organization, Now called the Metallic Corporation, performed all those experiments on me?

Trixy: Yeah, back when me and Blitz gave you the M.O.O.S.E. file.

Leo: Well I wasn't the only one they did it too.

Trixy: So they performed all those things on her too. How many did they do?

Leo: Just me and her. The Metallic Corporation had a M.O.O.S.E. file on both me and her. When we escaped she took hers, while I didn't.

Trixy: You know you still haven't told me how you got involved with them.

(Leo went back to staring out the window.)

Trixy: You know Leo if you tell me, I might be able to help you.

(Leo looked at Trixy.)

Leo: (Seriously) You have to promise me, not to tell anyone.

Trixy: I promise, so just tell me.

Leo: Ok then. It all started a few years ago. I was on a plane heading to somewhere I don't know. The plane then crashed. Somehow, I still don't know, I
managed to survive the crash. But it did leave me with memory loss. I couldn't remember anything besides my name and the fact that I had been on a plane, I
still don't. I was then found in a forest, by the McGovern family. They took me in.

(Leo then sighed)

Trixy: What?

Leo: They had a daughter close to my age, we became really close.

Trixy: So what happened?

Leo: Some how the Metallic Organization found out about how I survived the plane crash. So they sent some guys out to the McGovern's house. At first they
asked all nicely that I should volunteer for an experiment they were doing. I said, no then they left. Later, they came back and
started wrecking the house, I was out with Lisa at the time. We got back to find them They then threatened the McGovern's. (Leo sighed again) I
gave in. They then took me to their facility and started the experiment, training us so that we could handle the Metallic Wristband

Trixy: Oh, So have you tried to get back in touch with the McGovern's since you escaped?

(Leo glanced down at his other wristband, the one that had a crystal embedded into it. His eyes lost focus. A single tear then leaked from his eye.)

Trixy: What's wrong?

Leo: (quietly) I did.

Trixy: What happened?

(Leo sat there in silence for a moment then spoke.)

Leo: When I arrived there, they were gone.

Trixy: Maybe they just moved.

Leo: No they didn't. You see back before the Metallic Corporation arrived, me and Lisa found two special kinds of crystals. Whenever they were near each
other they would start glowing. The closer they were to each other the brighter they glowed. So we had one embedded into the spine of a diary, and the
other... (he held up the wristband with the crystal embedded into it.) We hid them in under a loose floor board. When I arrived
at their house after escaping from the metallic Corporation, I found the wristband in the hiding spot, but the diary was gone.

Trixy: But that doesn't prove that they didn't just move.

Leo: well I originally thought that too. But when I checked I found out that the Metallic Corporation bought the house.

Trixy: Ok. So those two that attacked you, do they have anything to do with that?

Leo: Yes, They work for Jensen. I took something from him and he wants it back, but I won't till he tells me where Lisa is.

Trixy: Why would he know?

Leo: He's the head of the Metallic Corporation.

Trixy: But I thought that Dalton guy was.

Leo: No, He's only second in command.

Trixy: So what's your plan?

Leo: I'm going to finish this.

Trixy: but are you afraid he'll kick you out of eWe? I mean you do have your Triple threat match coming up.

Leo: I'm under contract. Don't worry I'll save some fight for the ring.

(The scene then fades.)

(The scene opens up to an alley way at night. Leo stands there holding the case the power unit was in. A car pulls up and out steps Jensen and a body guard.
The two walk up to Leo.)

Jensen: So your here to make an exchange?

Leo: Yes, You simply tell me what you did with Lisa McGovern.

Jensen: I'm afraid you have been misinformed. I have know Idea where or who she is.

Leo: Liar.

(Leo opened the case and pulled out the power unit.)

Leo: You tell me where she is or I'll smash it.

Jensen: I don't know who she is.

Leo: Don't lie to me.

Voice: I'm afraid he's telling the truth Leo.

(Out walked Dalton and John from an connected alley.)

Leo: Don't you try to trick me. You told me that he was in charge.

Dalton: Only to get you off my trail or at least to get you out of my office, you were threatening me. So I quickly fed you the lie.

Leo: But you showed me papers.

Dalton: Fakes, I'm afraid. I knew you'd try to go after me, so I made them just incase. It was a stall tactic till we could put up our new security system, which we have.

Leo: But John said he was working for Jensen.

(John snickered.)

John: You'll believe anything won't you.

(Leo stared at John, then to Jensen, then to Dalton.)

Leo: Fine then. I guess I don't need this any more.

(Leo threw the power unit towards the ground. But suddenly a wind seemed to sweep by. Leo looked down in disbelief. then he looked up to see Lindsey with the
Metalic substance covering her, standing by Jensen with the power unit in her hands.)

Lindsey: Drop something?

(Leo looked at the group. Then he took off.)

Lindsey: Should I go after him?

Jensen: No. I'll deal with him later. But...

(Jensen turned to where Dalton and John where standing but they were gone. Jensen looked at the spot for a moment then turned to leave.)

Jensen: Lets go.

(Then scene then fades as Jensen and Lindsey head toward the car.)

(The scene opens up to Leo's locker room. Leo was sitting in a chair looking at the floor. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.)

Leo: Come in.

(in Walks Jensen.)

Jensen: Well, that was quiet a show last night.

(Leo turns back to look at the floor.)

Jensen: Well I've took some time to decide what to do with you. First, You break into my office, Second, you steal from me, then
you get confused and think I'm in charge of some company that I'm not and threaten to destroy what you stole if I don't tell you information that I don't
have. So that still leaves me with leverage over you, with the surveillance cameras.

(Jensen paused and walked closer to the door.)

Jensen: You now wrestler for me. Understood?

(Leo continues to stare at the floor.)

Jensen: (voice louder) I said is that understood?

Leo: (in a whisper barley heard) Understood.

Jensen: Good.

(Jensen walked out of the door and closed it behind him. Leo then sat there for another few seconds. He then stood up and slammed his fist into his locker.)

Leo: Just you wait Jensen. Just you wait.

(the scene then fades.)

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Re: Leo Vs Mathew Frost Vs Eli Hogan

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:35 pm
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