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Leo Vs Mike Shockly

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:32 pm

RP Link:

Show: HeatWave [5/16/2010]

(The scene opens up in Spangleds house. Spangled was at his computer viewing it's many screens. Just then Leo walks into the room.)

Leo: You wanted to see me?

Spangled: Yeah, I wanted to tell you that i found out what's inside the case you stole from Jensen Industries.

Leo: and you couldn't just tell me over the phone, you know i have a match coming up.

Spangled: Didn't want to take a change in someone over hearing you.

Leo: (Crossing his arms) all right then what is it.

(Spangled reached opened a drawer in his desk. He then reached in a pulled out the case. He then placed on his desk and opened it. He pointed the opened end towards Leo and lifted a small round object with a flat bottom out of it. The object had a green glow on the edge of it.)

Spangled: This here is some kind of power unit. Apperently those people in Jensen industries are not to bright because they also placed the files on it in the case to.

Leo: Ok so what does it do?

Spangled: well based on the files, it looks like it is ofcourse used like a battery to power up some kind of machinery...

(Leo grunts.)

Spangled: Let me finish. It's can last many years, without having to recharge. But it recharges by using Solar energy.

Leo: So I stole some kind of battery, huh? Well, let's hope they want it back badlly enough that they'll tell me what they did to her.

Spangled: hopefully.

Leo: Well I got to go get prepared for my match see you later.

Spangled: bye.

(The scene fades as Leo heads out the door.)

(The scene opens back up to Leo training in a public gym. Currently, he was running on a tread mill. Mr. Green was right by him.)

Mr. Green: Your doing good Leo, just a little bit more before we move on.

(Leo continues to run. After about a minute later he stopped the tread mill and started walking to the wieghts.)

Leo: What can you tell me about Mike Shockly?

(Leo selected the weight limit and layed back. Then he grabed the bar and began lifting the weights.)

Mr. Green: Not much. But I can tell you that he lost his last match to the Rock, but he one his match before that.

Leo: Hmm.(Leo continued to lift the wieght.

Mr. Green: Well I scheduled an interview with Trixy for you. Tomarrow at three.

Leo: How come you sechdule interviews with her, when I've sometimes see her going to people and hitting them up with a quick interview.

Mr. Green: Well it's...

(But before he could answer someone behind him hit him in the head. Mr. Green then collapsed on the floor. The figure then raised a gun at Leo.)

Figure: I'm here to get the case you stole from Jensen Industries.

Leo: And what makes you think that I'm going to just give it back.

(The figure cocked the gun. Leo looked the guy in the eye.)

Leo: Well, You tell Jensen that if he wants his power unit back, he's going to tell me what they did with Lisa McGovern.

(Leo quickly kicked up and knocked the gun so that it wasn't pointed at him. just has he did the figure pulled the trigger and the gun fired off into the cielling. The gun shot caused a panic to start in the gym and two muscular guys tackled the figure with the gun. Leo then got up and headed over to Mr. Green.)

Leo: I need some help here.

(An officer came up.)

Officer: What's going on here?

Leo: He was knocked out by that guy over there.

(The officer leaned over and checked Mr. Green pulse.)

Officer: Yeah It looks like he'll be ok.

(The two musculer guys walked up to the police officier with the figure, who knocked out Mr. Green between them. One of the muscular guys had the guys gun. The muscular guy handed the guy over to the officer.)

Musuclar guy 1: This guy is the one who shot the gun.

Leo: He's also the one who hit Mr. Green.

Officer: Allright, Thanks for your help, I'll handle it from here.

(The officer proceeded to hand-cuff the guy and led him outside.)

Muscular guy 1: What that guy want anyway?

Leo: Just some thug. trying to make a name for himself.

(The scene cut to outside as we see Mr. Green standing outside his car with the door opened. Leo is right next to him.)

Mr. Green: You sure you don't want a ride.

Leo: Yeah I'm sure, I have something i need to do.

Mr. Green: Well allright then.

(Mr. Green got into his car and drove off. Leo watched him go. When the car was out of site, Leo pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.)

Voice on other end: Hello?

Leo: Spangled it's Leo.

Spangled: What is it?

Leo: Well one of Jensen's goons just tried to shoot me. I'm just saying to let you know that Jensen must really want his battery thing back.

Spangled: Well that's good. Well I'll try to formulate a plan to see if Jensen will be willing to exchange.

Leo: Good.

(Suddenly something hit his cell phone knocking it out of his hands. Leo turned around quickly to see a guy standing a few feet behind him. The guy was wearing a black shortsleve shirt of a slighly longer blue shirt. he also had on black jeans, a pair of sunglasses, and a black hat. He also had a sword in a case, that was attached to his belt.)

Leo: Who are you surpose to be?

Guy with sword: Who I am is not important. But I'm here to get the object you stole for my employer.

Leo: Well, Obviously I don't have it on me.

Guy with sword: But apperently, the person on the phone has it. All i have to do is get you to tell me where he is.

Leo: Yeah right.

(The guy drew his sword and pointed it towards Leo.)

Guy with sword: I'm not giving you a chose.

(Suddenly a large crowd of peole started coming out of the nearby places as the afternoon rush began. The guy with the sword quickly sheathed his sword.)

Guy with sword: I'll be back. (Then He took off.)

Leo: hmm...

(The scene then fades.)

(The scene open up to Trixy and Leo sitting in chairs facing a camera.)

Trixy: Hello, I'm here with Leo Kat, to interview him about his up comeing match against Mike shockly So tell us Leo what do you think about your opponent.

Leo: Well, I've heard that he's got one win and one loss.

Trixy: Yeah, Well do you think that you can beat him.

Leo: Well If I didn't think that I wouldn't be here.

Trixy: Oh well, What do you say about the results of the #1 contender tournament you were in?

Leo: Well I geuss I was wrong about spider. He did have his focus in the ring, So i congradulate him.

(Suddenly Leo's cell phone rings. and Leo takes it out.)

Leo: Excuse me a minute.

(Leo gets up and walks out of the camera's site, then after a few minutes he came back in)

Leo: I'm sorry Trixy but i have to go.

Trixy: Well ok.

(Leo leaves the area and the scene fades.)


OCC: Sorry for cutting it short but i've run out of time, and i've had internet problems.
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Re: Leo Vs Mike Shockly

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:33 pm
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