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Company Changes

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:32 pm
(The scene opens to a press conference right outside the Metallic organization. Dalton is standing behind a podium. By his side is a guy wearing a black shirt over a blue one, black jeans, and a black cap. He also had a sword strapped to his hip. The guy was obviously younger than Dalton.)
Dalton: (Into the microphone on the podium) Hello, I thank you all for coming today. Now There has been a rumor going around that my company is thinking about changes what it does. Well I'm here to inform you that you are correct. We at the Metallic Organization have decided to go into the security field. We will be offering Security systems not only for other businesses but for your homes as well.

(One of the reporters raised their hands.)

Helen: Helen Martin from the Print. Are you concerned about how your new security business will be affected by the fact that you were broken into a few weeks ago?

Dalton: Now I'm not exactly sure how that information was leaked but I assure you, that that little incident has nothing to do with our Security system. As I was about to say is that we have not put up are security system here at the company but I assure you that when we do, no one will be able to break in again. Now We've been thinking about going into security for some time now. We've have rigged up a test later on this week to show just how good our system is. but the main reason why I scheduled this press conference is that we as a company have decided that since we are going into security we are going to change the company's name.

(Dalton stepped back from the podium and walked toward the building. On the building where the name Metallic Organization used to be was a large curtain covering the spot. By the curtain was a rope. Dalton walked over to the rope.)

Dalton: (shouting in a loud voice.) Behold our new name.

(Dalton pulled the rope and the curtain fell off. Underneath was the words 'Metalic Corporation'.)

Dalton: The Metallic Corporation.

(There were camera flashes as different photographers took pictures of the scene. The scene fades as they do.)

(The scene comes back as it shows Dalton and the guy with the sword walking down the lobby in the Metallic Corporation, toward the elevator.)

Dalton: That was a fine turn out, don't you think so John.

(John nodded.)

Dalton: good I thought so. Now there's something I need you to do for me.

(Dalton and John reached the elevator and stepped in. Dalton then pressed the button for the top floor. The elevator doors shut and the elevator started moving.)

Dalton: Now, you were with me when I watched Leo's last video, Am i correct.

(John nodded again.)

Dalton: Now that case Leo has, I want you to get it from him. Of course more than likely Jensen will also be after it too, that's why I'm sending you in.

John: Don't worry; I'll get it for you.

Dalton: Good that's what I like to hear.

(Dalton grinned and the camera fades.)

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