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Status Report, Dr. Warlin Empty Status Report, Dr. Warlin

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:31 pm
(The scene opens to a lab. In the lab was a man wearing a white lab coat and a name tag on it that read Dr. Warlin. Dr. Warlin was leaning over a table looking at some blue prints. Just then the door to the lab opened and Jensen Walks in.)

Jensen: Warlin how could you let this happen.

Warlin: I'm assuming that your refering to the theift by Leo Kat. I don't see how I'm responseble for that since I'm not over the security department.

Jensen: That may be so Doctor, but it was you who developed the security for the case.

Warlin: So what now Mr. Jensen, Will you fire me for my incompetence.

Jensen: No. So tell me Dr. Warlin, how much longer till you complete project XD 001.

Warlin: Well that depends on when you get what was stolen back.

Jensen: Can't you just make another one.

Warlin: Hardly, The parts that were used are vary rare, but not only that but the blue prints for it were also in the case.

Jensen: What! Who's brite idea was that?

Warlin: More than likely the last person to use it.

Jensen: Fine, So how are you doining on the other project.

Warlin: Not as good I'm afraid. The units seem to get damaged vary easily.

Jensen: well get it fixed.

Warlin: Yes sir.

(Jensen left the room. and the camera fades on Dr. Warlin standing there.)
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