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Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament Empty Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:25 pm
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RP Link: ???

Show: ??? [?/??/201?]

Part 1

(The camera opens to a small room. In the room leaning against one wall is a computer hooked up to multiple screens. Sitting at the computer is a guy wearing casual clothes. There is a knock at the door.)

Spangled: Come in.

(Leo walks into the room. Leo was wearing a light brown sleeve-less shirt and black shorts. He also had on two wrist bands. One had what looked like a thing disk shaped hole on it. The other had what looked like a diamond in crested into it.)

Spangled: so how was your meeting with Dalton?

Leo Sad crossing his arms.) Turns out he's not the owner of Metallic Organization.

Spangled: huh? Hmm... Well then who is?

Leo: Some guy named Michael Jenson.

Spangled: Michael Jenson? He's the owner of Jenson Industries, as well as the Co-Owner of eWe.

Leo: yeah Dalton told me.

Spangled: So what yah going to do?

Leo: Any way I can get into Jenson's office?

(Spangled turned to his computer and started typing away. Eventually he turned back to Leo.)

Spangled: Well it will be difficult but I'd suggest a different approach.

Leo: What?

Spangled: Well probably the easiest way to get close to Jenson would be to join eWe.

Leo: That's what Dalton said too. Hmm... I guess I'll have to take Mr. Green offer.

(Leo pulled out a cell phone and a business card. He then dialed the number on the card.)

Leo: Hello, Mr. Green? I've decided to take you up on that offer.

Mr. Green: Great, You won't regret joining the eWe. Now if I could just get you to come to my office so we can fill out the necessary paper work.

Leo: Ok. I'm heading over right now.

Mr. Green: Good see you then.

(Leo closed his phone and pocketed it. He then proceeded to leave the room.)

Spangled: Have fun.

(The scene fades.)

(The scene opens up in Mr. Green office. Mr. Green was sitting behind his desk as Leo sat in a chair in front of it.)

Mr. Green: All right, all done. Welcome to eWe.

Leo: fine.

Mr. Green: Now more than likely you won't be in a match for a few weeks because Wrestle mania six is coming up. I might be able to get a hold of Jenson and maybe get you in on the Mid Eastern #1 Contender tournament. Basically you'll be put in a tournament against seven other people. If you get passed the first two rounds you'll be
Put in Wrestle Mania. And if you win you will be going up against Dean Winchester in a title match.

Leo: hmm... sounds interesting. All right go ahead.

Mr. Green: All right, now before I do that I'm going to schedule an interview with Trixie. You remember her, don't you?

Leo: Yeah, fine go ahead do you need me for anything else.

Mr. Green: No you can go I'll call you when I get the time for your interview.

(Leo nodded and left the room. the scene fades.)

(The scene opens up back in the small room where Spangled sits at his computer. Leo is all ready there. Standing with is arms crossed.)

Leo: Isn't there a faster way?

Spangled: Well you could all ways try to go into Jenson's office and steal his files? But it would be better to wait for a good opportunity.

Leo: No, I'm going tonight.

Spangled: all right. Go ahead.

(The scene fades.)

(The scene opens in Jenson's office. The lights are out and no one is around. The door to the room suddenly opens silently and Leo walks in wearing black.)

Leo: (whispering into a headset.) All right I'm in Jenson's office.

Spangled: Good now look around. More than likely his files will be on his computer.

(Leo crept up to Jenson's desk. lying on top of it was Jenson's Laptop.)

Leo: That's weird.

Spangled: What?

Leo: Jenson has a laptop just lying on top of his desk.

Spangled: that is weird. You'd think he would take it with him. Well, his lost.

(Leo walked to the laptop and slowly opened the lid, expecting some kind of trap. After waiting a few seconds Leo pressed the power button. The laptop turned on and
Displayed Jenson's name and a textbox below.)

Leo: Requires a password.

Spangled: No problem. Just plug in that device I gave you.

(Leo placed his hands into his pocket and pulled out a device that closely resembled a flash drive. Leo then located the USB port on Jenson's computer and plugged in the
Flash drive.)

Spangled: All right. Now I'll just do a little here.

(Suddenly the textbox on the screen was started cycling through random characters. The characters all stopped one by one on an asterisk.)

Spangled: hmm, five seconds, I could have done better.

(Leo hit the enter button and the laptop flashed to show the background. The background Image was a picture of the eWe logo. On the desktop was a single file labeled,
Dean Winchester.)

Spangled: Hold on a second. I can go through his computer allot faster here than you can manually there. Just wait.

(The laptop screen showed a loading sign. After a few seconds the sign left.)

Spangled: Hmm... Thereís not much on here. There's a few on Wrestle mania. Oh what's this? There are files on here about a guy named Dean Winchester.

Leo: I can see that thereís a folder on the desktop.

Spangled: yeah, yeah. Let's see. It seems like Jenson is looking. Oh, well I know why there aren't many files on the laptop.

Leo: Why's that?

Spangled: well...

(Just then a light shown from underneath the door frame.)

Leo: Hold on. I've got to go.

(Leo grabbed the Flash drive and pocketed it. As he did the door to the room opened. Standing in the doorway was Jenson. Leo quickly backs into the shadows.

Jenson: Who are you?

(Leo quickly pulls out a small disk shaped object from his pocket as Jenson draws out a gun and points it toward Leo.)

Jenson: Back away from my desk slowly.

(Leo quickly places the disk into the spot on his wrist-band as he backed away. Instantly, a black liquid-metal like substance began to spread all over Leo's body.)

Jenson: Good now head this way slowly.

(The liquid-metal finished spreading over Leo's body.)

Jenson: what the...

(Leo sprang toward Jenson. Jenson managed to fire off two shots as Leo rushed by him and out the room. A ping sound was heard as the bullets bounced off the metallic substance. Jenson attempted to chase Leo but has he entered the hall he saw Leo jump out the window.)

Jenson: What was that?

(Jenson walked over to the window and peered over. Leo was nowhere in sight. Jenson gave a puzzled look and went back to his office. The scene fades.)

(The camera fades back in back in back in the room Spangled was in. Leo came into the room the Liquid-metal was no longer on him.)

Spangled: so it looks like your metallic wrist-band came in handy. Good thing the Metallic Organization trained you so you can use it.

Leo: No it's not a good thing. The Metallic Organization is the cause to all my problems.

Spangled: Oh that's right. Well any ways before I was interrupted I was going to tell you about why there was little on Jenson's computer.

Leo: (crossing his arms) well, go ahead then.

Spangled: Well it seems that Dean Winchester guy stole all of his files. Up to the point he took all that was in Jenson's computer. So more than likely this Dean guy has the information we're looking for.

Leo: and Dean is in Wrestle Mania...

Spangled: Plus if you get into this tournament, you can face Dean. Maybe you guys can work something out.

Leo: Fine but where do I find Dean?

Spangled: No problem, I'll get on it.

Leo: Good.

(Leo walked out of the room and the scene fades.)
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Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament Empty Re: Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:26 pm
Part 2

(The scene opens to Jensen in his office staring at his computer. On the computer was the surveillance video's from last night. Jensen watched again as a strange figure, that seemed to made of a black metal, emerged from his office, dash a ways down the hall, and then jump out a window. Jensen stroked his chin.)

Jensen: What are you?

(Jensen once again replayed the Surveillance footage. This time he played it back slower frame by frame. All through out the video the figure kept his back to the cameras so Jensen couldn't catch a glimpse of his face. Suddenly, Jensen's phone rang and he answered it.)

Jensen: Hello

Mr. Green: Yes this is Mr. Green. I'm calling on behalf of my client Leo Kat.

Jensen: Yes I got the video you sent me.

(Jensen pulled up the video that Mr. Green showed him. On it was the footage of Blitz's last interview with Trixy. The one where Leo interrupted it.)

Jensen: Yes I see it. But if he was beaten that easily by Blitz he does not deserve a chance to be in Wrestle Mania s...

(Jensen stopped because looking back at the video he noticed Leo as he ran back out of the interviewing room. He quickly pulled up the surveillance video again. He compared the two images.)

Jensen: There the same.

Mr. Green: pardon me? what's the same.

Jensen: Nothing. You tell Leo that I'm putting him in the Mid Eastern Contender tournament.

Mr. Green: Thank you Jensen. You won't regret it.

(Mr. Green hung up and Jensen put down his phone.)

Jensen: No I shouldn't.

(The camera shows the two video's playing side by side. Looping through the strange metal figure's running through the hall and showing Leo exiting the Interview room. The scene reflects Jensen has he grins. The camera then fades.)

(The camera opens back up as it shows Leo walking down a street. Leo is wearing a Light brown sleeve-less shirt with black shorts as well as his metallic
wristband and another wristband with a crystal embedded into it. A ringing sound is heard as Leo's cell phone goes off. Leo takes his out phone and answers it.)

Leo: What?

Mr. Green: Leo I have good news Your going to be in the Mid Eastern #1 Contender Tournament.

Leo: Fine is that it?

Mr. Green: What's with the attitude? Did I call at a bad time?

Leo: No. My mind is else were.

Mr. Green: Ok. There is one more thing though. Your Interview with Trixy is today at three.

Leo: Fine.

(Leo hung up his phone and placed it into his pocket. Leo walked on a little ways when a black limousine pulled up beside him. The window to the limo rolled down inside was Jensen.)

Jensen: Leo Kat. May I have a word with you.

(Leo turned around and looked at Jensen.)

Leo: I'm a little busy.

Jensen: You don't seem busy.

Leo: Fine but make it quick I have other things to do.

Jensen: Please come in.

(Jensen opened the door to the limo. Leo walked up and got in the limo then he sat down. As soon as he did Jensen shut the door and the limo began to move.)

Jensen: Now I'm going to ask you what you were doing in my office last night?

Leo: Your office?

Jensen: Don't play dumb with me. I know you were their. I do have evidence.

Leo: oh really? Where is this evidence of yours?

(Jensen lifted up a panel in his arm rest and press one of the buttons there. Jensen gestured for Leo to turn around. Leo did and saw a monitor. The monitor showed an empty hall way.)

Jensen: Now as you can see this is the surveillance footage from last night. It took me a while to figure out why there was no footage of you going into my office but I found out that someone managed to put my camera's on a loop.

(Jensen pressed another button on the control panel on his arm rest. The image on the moniter fast forward for a bit. Then Jensen pressed play again.)

Jensen: Now watch.

(The image showed Jensen come down the hall and open the door to his office. A little later a gun shot is heard and it showed a metal figure emerge from the office and run down a hall to a window and jump out. Jensen then paused the video.)

Leo: That doesn't prove that I went into your office.

Jensen: Well I just have to turn this over to the authorities. They will take care of the rest.

(Leo stared at Jensen.)

Leo: what do you want?

Jensen: What I want? What I want is simple. You see last night I distinctively remember shooting you in the cest, Twice. Not only that but then you go jumping out a window. But here you are, casually walking down the street with no sign of having any kind of injury. Now I saw that you have some kind of metal armor your were wearing. You see I have this pain in my side. His name is Dean Winchester. Now I want you to compete in Mid Easter #1 contender Tournament and win. Then when you go up against Dean in the title match. I want you to use that Metal armor of yours and I want you to humiliate him. I want you to beat him and win back my title. Once your done I will gladly see that this footage will disappear.

Leo: Fine then. I'll Beat this Dean guy for you.

Jensen: Good.

(The Limo stopped and Leo got out.)

Jensen: Don't forget.

(The Limo then drove off. Leo Stood there for a second then pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. The phone rang for a bit then someone on the other end answered.)

Spangled: Yes, Leo.

Leo: Jensen Knows it's me and he wants me to beat Dean.

Spangled: Well, It's not all that bad. I mean your going after Dean anyways. I'd suggest playing along for now. After we get those files from Dean we can go find away to keep Jensen from using you. Anyways, how did he find out?

Leo: He has Surcurity footage.

Spangled: What how did he... Oh wait, I must have accidently turned off the video loop when looking through Jensen's files.

Leo: Whatever, I have an interview to get to so bye.

Spangled: later.

(Leo hung up his phone and pocketed it. He then walked off. The scene fades.)

(The scene opens up to Trixy and Leo sitting in two chairs facing the camera.)

Trixy: Hello, I'm here with rookie Leo Kat. Now Leo you've only just started here at eWe and you haven't even had a match yet, but we find out that you have a shot at being in wrestle Mania six and a shot at the Mid Eastern Champion belt, any comments?

Leo: My manager pulled it off.

Trixy: Well you must have some manager. Speaking of managers, your manager is Mr. Green, the same Mr. Green who also manages Blitz.

Leo: Yes he came to me and offered to be my manager and for me to join eWe.

Trixy: Now did this happen before or after the publicity stunt you and Blitz pulled at his last interview?

Leo: Publicity stunt?

Trixy: Yeah you know...

(Trixy elbowed Leo so the camera couldn't see.)

Trixy: Your publicity Stunt.

Leo: Fine call it what ever you want. But Mr. Green offered after that happened.

Trixy: Now back to the tournament your in, What do you say to Spider's comment when he said that you don't deserve to be in the tournament.

(Leo Turned to face the camera.)

Leo: humph. Well Spider We'll just see who doesn't belong when I mop the ring with you. I'll pin you so fast that you won't even see it coming. I saw the video of that little speech you gave. Humph pathetic. Couldn't even trash us without running out of breath. Your little show didn't impress me or anyone else.

Trixy: What do you say about Spider's claim that your focus is more on Blitz than the tournament?

Leo: Spider, your pathetic really. You make claims that your opponent's have lost their focus. That you and only you are focused on the task at hand. I'm hear to tell you that your wrong, dead wrong. So when you enter that ring, you will have in the puny head of yours that your the only one who's focused and that your opponents will be too occupied with other things. Then it will shock you that your opponent is focused on you. You see Spider. You've all ready lost. You are too self centered. You say that this tournament is yours. It's not even close. You see spider your going to be in for a surprise when your lying on your back and you hear the ref say 3. You say your going to knock me off of my cloud. Well while your looking up I'll
take you down from here on the ground.

Trixy: Do you have any comments on your other opponents? How about Rick Cage?

Leo: Rick Cage? Yeah I have something to say about him. Pathetic. You see Rick is a dying star. Sure if what he claims he used to have all those
championship belts is true fine. But that was some time ago. You've had three other chances to enter Wrestle Mania but each time you've failed. Now you
have one final chance. But tell me Rick, if you are going to have an anxiety attack just by having an interview about Wrestle Mania, Imagine what you'll do
in the ring. I hope you don't Ko yourself before the bell even rings.

Trixy: Any comment on Ivan, Vladimir, and Nikolai the Russian Mafia?

Leo: Yeah, I do hope they do good in the tournament. I hear that separate they are weak. So I'm telling them now that they'd better do better because they aren't going to have their teammates in the ring with them. But I welcome the completion if they do try and triple-team me. I'll pin them all.

Trixy: Well you're feeling pretty confident. But didn't Blitz beat you not only once but twice outside of the ring?

Leo: There's only record of that happening once.

Trixy: Don't worry. Blitz told me about it and I relayed it to the viewers.

Leo: Well, The first time Blitz beat me I was not at full strength, After all I did just fall out of a moving vehicle.

Trixy: what about the second time?

( Leo started to look ashamed of himself then he smiled.)

Leo: Like you said earlier, Trixy, It was a publicity stunt.

Trixy: Well ok any comments about Blitz?

Leo: Yeah I do. You see Blitz this time there will be no bares between us. I'll admit the first time I faced you, you surprised me. But this time I am full aware of your skills. I know that you have yet to lose a match but if you come across me I'm going to end your winning streak.

Trixy: What do you say about the last participant, L? According to Spider, He's the only one who will give him a good match.

Leo: Hmm? When I first looked at the roster on who was in this tournament I thought that his name was just a typo. That who ever entered the names had typed the first letter of mine then accidently hit enter. But with that aside I don't care if Spider thinks you are the only one to give him a good match, Spider's an idiot for thinking that and has totally under estimated me and his opponents. Next I say to L that I am no push over. If you think half as what Spider does. Hopefully, you got more brains than spider and if you find yourself in the ring with me you will not think you've all ready won.

Trixy: Now what do you say about Dean Winchester? Do you think you can beat him?

Leo: Well Dean, Here's what I say to you? I'm going to climb up this tournament and I'm going face you and when I do I'm going to humiliate you. I'm going to make you wish that you never would have got that belt. I'm going to strip you of that title.

Trixy: All right that's all we have time for I thank you Leo for joining me.

Leo: No problem.

(The camera fades out but fades back in to show that the interview camera has turned off.)

Leo: So Trixy, why are you calling what I did to Blitz a publicity stunt?

Trixy: well I'm try to help you and besides it worked out for you? so off camera what's the real reason Blitz got you the second time?

(Just then the door opened and Spangled walked in.)

Spangled: I'd better answer that for you.

Trixy: hey, Spangled. I haven't seen you since we gave Leo the M.O.O.S.E. file.

Spangled: Same here. But anyways Leo won't tell you this but the reason why Leo was stopped by Blitz the second time was because after Leo was beaten the first time, he still didn't admit that Blitz was good.

Trixy: But honestly, Leo was stopped by a kick to the stomach.

Spangled: Good question Leo, How did a simple kick to the stomach stop you?

Leo: Fine, I'll tell you? I'll admit I still wanted to admit that Blitz's first victory was a fluke. So when I came in here last time I was full of pride. I should have seen that kick coming I was blinded. After I was kicked I begun to realize that I would have to step it up if I was going to get that file back but most importantly the key to the metallic wrist-band. After I braced myself I went to go after you and Blitz. But I'll tell you. I will not make the same mistake again about under estimating my opponent.

Trixy: Man we should have gotten that on video the fans would have loved it.

(Leo gave trixy a sharp look.)

Trixy: what?

Spangled: I think we need to keep anything about the M.O.O.S.E. file on the down low.

Trixy: fine.

Leo: Spangled Why'd you come here anyway?

Spangled: Well, I was walking down the street when I spotted Rhonda. So I ducked in here, then I realized this was the place you were having your interview. So I decided to come in and say hello.

Trixy: Who's Rhonda?

Spangled: She's this girl who as this big crush on me and she won't leave me alone, no matter how many times I tell her I don't like her.

Trixy: Well, why don't you just give her a chance?

Spangled: You don't know this girl like I do.

Leo: Come on Spangled We have things to do.

Spangled: Right, later Trixy.

Trixy: bye.

(Leo and Spangle leave the room as the camera fades)

end part 2
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Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament Empty Re: Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:26 pm
Part 3

(The scene opens up in Spangled's place. Spangled is at his computer while Leo stands nearby with his arms crossed.)

Leo: You find Dean yet?

Spangled: Yeah actually, Apparently him, triple H, and Shawn Michaels, has gone on a road trip to Las Vegas.

Leo: Good, I'll head there and get the files from him. Then We can deal with Jensen's threat.

Spangled: Well, You know I've been thinking about that.

Leo: About Jensen? Did you figure it out yet.

Spangled: Well, I was thinking that we should deal with that first.

Leo: Why's that?

Spangled: I was just thinking, but there may be a way to turn this around on Jensen. That way we won't have to go through Dean.

Leo: Do you think I can't handle Dean?

Spangled: No, it's not that. You see I've got this feeling that Jensen won't leave you alone after you take out Dean.

Leo: Fine then. What do you have in mind?

Spangled: I was thinking of getting something from him, Something that's important.

Leo: Well, it seems this belt is important to him.

Spangled: Right. But we need something more.

Leo: Like what? You said yourself that this Dean guy swiped all Jensen's files.

Spangled: I wasn't talking about some file. I say we take something from his company.

(Leo looked at Spangled and smiles.)

Leo: all right then let's get to it.

(The scene fades.)

(The Camera opens up to Jensen Industries, inside of a hallway. Two employees were walking down the hall but they didn't seem to notice a figure hiding in the
shadows. After the employees passed the figured stepped out of the shadows and proceeded down the hall. The figure was Leo Kat.)

Leo: Tell me again how the security cameras can't see me.

Spangled: It's simple really. You see after the incident that happened last time, I've come up with a new way to trick the cameras. To make a long story
short I've simple wiped your pattern from the camera kind of like how green screen works. In this case, your the green screen.

Leo: Fine.

(Leo came up to a door. On the door was a label saying, 'authorized personnel only'. By the door handle was a card reader. Leo pulled out a black card from one of his pockets and swiped it in the card reader. A light on the card reader turned from red to green. Leo quickly opened the handle and went inside.)

Spangled: I guess that black card I gave you came in handy.

(Leo looked into the room. Toward the center was a case on a stand. The case was up right and it had the Jensen Industries logo on it plus it had the word 'Top Secret' written on it.)

Spangled: Hold on just a minute. Let me take out the security beams.

(Leo waited for a few seconds then Spangled came back over his ear piece.)

Spangled: Done. Just go over and grab the case.

Leo: Your making this too easy. I expect some challenge.

Spangled: Like what? when you tried to steal your M.O.O.S.E. File?

(Leo continued to walk toward the case.)

Leo: I would of had it, if it wasn't for that shock thing.

Spangled: Well if you would have known me back then you would have gotten it the first time.

(Leo picked up the case and headed back to the door. When he reached it he grabbed the handle.)

Leo: Tell me when.

Spangled: Hmm. Well the halls clear. Go ahead.

(Leo opened the door and continued down the hall and the scene fades.)

(The scene reopens as Leo enters Spangled's place with the case in hand.)

Spangled: Here let me put that in a safe place.

(Leo hands Spangled the case and Spangled places it aside.)

Spangled: You'd better get a move on. Someone might want to talk with you before the tournament starts.

Leo: Fine.

(Leo heads out the door and the scene fades)

end part 3
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Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament Empty Re: Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:27 pm
part 4

(The scene opens up in Leo's locker room. Leo is standing facing the camera.)

Leo: I've come to the under standing that some people think that I don't want to be in this tournament or for that matter to be in eWe at all. Let me sit things out for you. Yes, it's true that I originally joined eWe for a specific purpose, but that all changed when I saw your video Spider. You see, You've sparked something in me and now I plan on staying here at eWe to win not only this tournament and this title, but I will not stop until I hold the eWe heavy weight champion belt. So for that I thank you Spider. You say that I was wrong about you and that you are confident rather than self centered. Good. While it's true I have no history or record of Wrestling experience. but everyone has to start somewhere. I boasted about my abilities because I was confident in myself, that no one could best me in a fight. However, I learned something from Blitz and that is to not underestimate my opponent. When I was being interviewed with Trixy, I had forgotten that and had gone back to my old ways. But now I see more clearer. When I step inside that ring I will not under estimate my opponent.

Now on to Rick cage. Now Rick, I do hope that you will bring your best to the ring. As I saw in your videos, it looks like you will, good. I started to underestimate you when I saw your anxiety attack. It looks like I was wrong about you. I'm looking forward to facing you in the ring because I believe you will give me a good match.

As for the rest of you guys in the tournament. I will fight who ever comes my way and rather your good or not, I will fight full force.

Now Dean. I know that you must be good to get that belt. I will go all out, to win that belt.

(Leo walks over to a chair that it's back is turning towards the camera.)

Leo: Now Jensen, If your watching this and your wondering why the change of attitude. Well let's just say that thing are a little more towards my favor.

(Leo turns the chair around. in the chair lies the case with the Jensen Industries logo on it.)

Leo: Plus if you check your files you will find something missing.

(Leo Smiled.)

Leo: So Everyone at the tournament and Dean, Get ready, Because I'm ready for you.

(The scene then fades.)

end part 4
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Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament Empty Re: Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:28 pm
Results Link: TBA
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Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament Empty Re: Leo in Mid-Easter Tournament

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